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Aaru23 2022-05-08 18:26:23


Hello Everyone,

For the past one month we are researching for IB/IGCSE schools in OMR as we are soon shifting there. We visited few of them and found the following

These are our findings:
1. Gateway International School, IB and CBSE Padur: Both CBSE and IB school buildings are in the same campus.
IB classes are ok, but doesn't have a smart board also. Basic amenities are there.
Fees- 3.5L (transport extra)
Didn't see any world class eminities, then why so much high fees?

2. The Gateway complete school (IGCSE): School building din't look much impressive.
fees- Need to get their response

3. HLC international School: There is no physical school. Still classes are online though pandemic ended. Few people were inside they din't allow us inside. Don't know why the ratings are so high in the reviews given in google etc.

4. The Village International School: Even on saturdays the school is closed. Not even a single person was there. Details can be known online.

5. Chettinad Sarvalokka International School- only till grade 8. Fees very high.

6. Vellore International School- Very far from the city, only boarding available, till grade 8 only.

7. Vael International School- Very negative comments on google.

These are our findings, can anyone suggest a good IGCSE/IB school with affordable fees?
In other parts of Chennai, many Good schools are offering IB curriculum for 2L per annum fees. We fail to understand, what is it making schools at OMR so special that they are charging so high? Most of the schools are still new, don't even have proven record of their own.

Please suggest us some good schools in OMR. 

We would be very thankful to you.

Thanks in advance.

Prikar3 2022-05-16 00:42:28


Hi Archana,

I just replied to your post on a different thread and noticed that you had started a separate thread for the IGCSE and IB schools in OMR.

We have been scouting just like you for the past one month and visited various schools in the OMR area. Here's the list of schools we visited so far:

i) Gateway The Complete School
ii) Gateway IB School
iii) TIPS
iv) APL Global
v) SEED Academy
vi) Alphabet
vii) Hiranandani Upscale School
viii) Campus K
ix) International Village School
x) Horizon International Academy
xi) Trileaves International
xii) Green Valley Kriyaalaya

The last three are not on the OMR stretch but closer to the Tambaram area. Among this list, there are only three IB continuum schools - Gateway IB, Alphabet and Hiranandani Upscale School. Most of the other schools that call themselves IB schools mostly provide just the IB Diploma Programme.

Which grade(s) are you looking for? Are you interested in IB or IGCSE?

I can help you with my personal opinion about each of these schools but it's important to know what your requirements are in order to help you better.


FathimaN 2022-05-21 23:48:00


Hi Priya,

I will be moving back to Chennai from Italy in August 2022. I am looking for IGCSE schools  around OMR for my 7 year old son (who is currently in Year 2). 
I would greatly appreciate if you could share your personnel opinion (and an idea of the fee structure of the school (if you are aware)) about the IGCSE schools on/around OMR?
I would ideally prefer a school which has some open space for the kids to engage in outdoor sports as well.



Reva2011 2022-06-15 22:06:08



How is the International Village school. we are looking to enroll our children there for grade 1 and grade 5

vivekayer 2022-06-25 10:56:49


Hello We are doing the same. Do you have any feedback or opinion on the schools above?

VivekRaj87 2022-08-17 15:00:18


Hi Reva,

I do not personally know anything about the school other than parroting the good reviews it has garnered on socials. As for the fees, I enquired just yesterday for my daughter for EC 3+ (Pre kg) - they quoted admission fee of 2.5L and Tuition fee of 1.5L.

VivekRaj87 2022-08-17 15:01:04


Hope this helps, Vivekayer. 


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