How good is the International Village School in Sholinganallur

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VijaiKumar 2022-02-02 20:24:20


Hello everyone ! I am looking for review on the International Village School in Sholinganallur. Does anyone know how good is the school. Any leads to parents whose kids are studying there is highly appreciated.  I am planning for admission for my son in LKG. 

papabear 2022-02-04 14:08:31



Vijaikumar, saw your other post addressed to me as well. My children study in the CBSE school run by the same management and not here. If I had this option when my kids where younger i.e., in 2nd / 3rd I would have definitely taken this option.

From couple of visits plus after speaking to some of the staff members there the school appears to be very good and professional. The main difference I found is that they have proper IB trained teachers from other countries teaching the children, this is something unique I have not seen in other schools. Many IB schools either have a mix of IGCSE & IB and usually have the same Matric / CBSE teachers trying to teach in the IB way, which I have seen does not work. I have lived abroad and have seen how teaching happens there and know the difference a good professional teacher can make to the students life. We do have several such teachers in India who are dedicated and selfless but unfortunately they are few and far apart and most of them are not IB qualified. International Village schools  seems to have sourced top professional teachers from other countries and several Indian teachers who have foreign university training and exposure / teaching license and that I think makes a huge difference.

 Will try and contact somebody who has a child there and post update later.

Good luck,


VijaiKumar 2022-02-04 18:43:44



Thank you very much for a detailed response. Do you have any idea how much importance they give for extra curricular activities. They are coming up with a new campus it seems, though they don't have a dedicated place for art dance in the present campus, they mentioned that they will have everything in the new one. 

And let me know if you get any contact. Thanks in advance. 

Reva2011 2022-06-15 19:17:35


We are planning to enroll our children there. Please give us any feedback or experience you have
Really appreciate it.

Reva2011 2022-06-15 19:17:55


We are planning to enroll our children there. Please give us any feedback or experience you have
Really appreciate it.


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