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Rocky07 2022-05-04 14:05:41


Most kids seeking admission are around the age 3 or there abouts for Prekg. I have been having this conundrum since the admission process and I would like to know your opinions guys Is joining LkG directly as some schools offer, a better option or Prekg in PSBB. I still cant get over the fact that a year is lost in the process. All your insights are most welcomed.

arch1306 2022-05-04 14:25:18


Ideal age is 6 yrs for first standard. Let them enjoy unless we forcefully push them into rat race. I have no hard feelings in letting them enjoy and that's the reason I didn't opt for play school before pre kg also. And what's the hurry. Let them enjoy before competition and reality takes over

arch1306 2022-05-04 14:25:29


Strictly my opinion

Rocky07 2022-05-04 14:31:22


Thnx me 2 never opted for play school and covid was just the nail in the coffin even if I did away. Thanks @arch

1989vid 2022-05-05 11:42:14


@ arch1306 : What is your children name? some says they will call in alphabetical order . so asking . I am also waiting for F2F interview intimation . 


arch1306 2022-05-05 13:25:18


My twins name starts with v. Am more worried about not getting admission actually. Though everyone says that they don't reject but still

Saks21 2022-05-05 13:30:34


Anyone has idea about psbb siruseri branch in omr? I posted in one of the thread but didn't get reply. My kid's face to face interaction completed on 18th April but didn't get any communication from school till now. Worried now..

ts1498 2022-05-05 14:29:48


@Saks21  Did you tried to reach out to school & enquire about admission status ? It could be an option if you don't receive any help here

Sangavi9794 2022-05-05 14:57:56


Payment link is released

Saisri14 2022-05-05 15:07:04


Since payment link has been released.. jus wanted to know if all the first mails has been circulated and parents who has not received any single communication can conclude that€™s no more chance to receive any more communication.. pls post here your views

arch1306 2022-05-05 15:10:39


Now that payment link is released what's the chance for admission after face to face interaction. Very worried

Sangavi9794 2022-05-05 15:13:59


@arch1306 - They will not reject kids, do not worry ... May be this is the first set of payment link mail .. 

Sangavi9794 2022-05-05 15:16:46


@Saisri14 - Even I'm not sure ... I had been at your situation earlier with no clue ... since i didnt do any research with previous years i have no idea ... ppl with siblings quota or alumni might have an idea reg this ...

Rocky07 2022-05-05 15:39:03


Have you guys got mail for payment link cuz I dont have any in my mailbox.@ Sangavi have you got it too as we received confirmation mail only last week.

Sangavi9794 2022-05-05 15:41:01


Yes I have received ...

Sangavi9794 2022-05-05 15:41:32


I received at 2.52 pm ... Check ur spam once

Saisri14 2022-05-05 15:43:36


We have not received any intimation that€™s the most worried part.. not sure if they are sending rejection mails.. back up schools are pressurizing to pay fees.. very confused.. wat to do next.. how long we need to wait.. clueless..thanks Sanghavi for ur words.. jus sharing thoughts with parents who are on same line.. friends pls do post here if u get any information for people who has not received any mails.. thanks

Rocky07 2022-05-05 15:46:37


@saisri i suggest if you do want to put your kid in Psbb do meet the principal and make your case. May be it might be a good option as they might have overlooked with the volume of app. If it's a No then we can just be peace with ourselves and move on saying at least I made an effort. So this is just my opinion and what I would have done. Good luck

Rocky07 2022-05-05 15:48:51


@sangavi i havent received any. Is there a last day or anything mentioned.

Sharvesh1 2022-05-05 15:53:07


I have received the payment link for my twins just now. Payment last date is 9th May

ducks 2022-05-05 16:19:50


I have also received the payment link

Rocky07 2022-05-05 16:43:55


I have received it too thanks.

Saks21 2022-05-05 17:46:24


@ts1498... thanks for your concern. Just now received payment link

arch1306 2022-05-05 19:20:35


@1989vid what's your kids name and did u get the email for the face to face interview

Saisri14 2022-05-05 19:25:55


Thanks for your suggestion but the school are not even allowing us inside school premises to enquire about the application status.. jus thinking how to meet principal.. will make an attempt tomorrow .. 

gk90 2022-05-05 20:21:40


Hello all, I'm new to this thread. Congratulations to all the folks who received the payment link. Just wanted to check this: Is the payment link loading? It doesn't for me. The webpage is blank with the browser text "This site can€™t be reached. DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem." The link also had an odd format.. instead of ending with .com it ends with a 4 digit number.

Sangavi9794 2022-05-05 20:48:16


The link will be opened tonight 12 am without any issues i guess

gk90 2022-05-06 07:24:32


@ Sangavi9794 The payment link didn't work. Is it working for anyone else?

ducks 2022-05-06 08:29:38


Payment link doesnt work for me too, however checking the psbb site fee payment for other classes links to a ".biz" site. Pls add .biz to the link and it works. I hope that is the correct site.


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