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Sangkj 2022-11-19 21:25:01


Nope.still awaiting

160222 2022-11-19 21:31:44


My daughter also got admission for grade 9. Today they sent mail regarding fees payment which we should pay 53,500 within a week. Should we pay this whole amount compulsorily this week? Also in this school we cant pay fee as term wise? Atleast they can collect admission fee now. Remaining they can collect as term fees. Anyone pls clarify my doubts

108hrdd 2022-11-20 19:01:32


My son got selected for grade 8. Received mail for submitting detailed application form. After that need to pay 51000Rs  immediately. 
I checked with some parents. Their kids joined last year. They paid around 15 to 20k Rs. This year they are asking more amount. 

KanchiKannan 2022-11-20 20:41:12


Yes for me also for 6th asked to pay 51k. May be this is because of, no one will not withdraw once they confirmed to join the school now. Don't know about from the next year.

hema7193 2022-11-20 21:09:28


If we dont submit detailed application form like without photos and payslips, wont we get the mail for admission?

sen80 2022-11-20 22:34:34


Did anyone receive 6th std Assessment Result?

90877 2022-11-21 03:44:01


Hi , Is this admission fee? Or tuition fees for whole year? If we pay 53k for the next year, is that enough? I got admission in one more school. I have applied for 3rd standard in dav school. Waiting for call. I am thinking only for the fees as I heard, in dav it's low when compared to other schools... Please anyone could Clear on what basis we have to pay this amount.. Thanks in advance

krishal 2022-11-21 07:47:17


Hi, for 6th, it is 58K, which includes 15K Admission (Donation) fees and the remaining 36K is the tuition fees. We have to make the remaining 22K in April. In addition to this, the book fees is around 7K, which also need to be paid in April. 

krishal 2022-11-21 07:48:43


After filling the application form, has anyone got the payment link?. I have submitted the form on Satuday, later received only an email with the application form, but not the payment link. 

108hrdd 2022-11-21 07:50:45


Fees structure is based on the amount mentioned in dav pallikaranai school website. No other additional fees.  Only thing is they are collecting most of the amount now. So that our joining is confirmed and we will not go outside. 

Last week met some parents in school and enquired about school.  All gave positive feedback. Regarding fees they had paid last year around 15k rs. This time it is more.

If application is submitted successfully we will get mail. If any error and need to resubmit.... pls call school and get new web link.

108hrdd 2022-11-21 07:53:04


I submitted yesterday the application form. Got acknowledgement email. Payment link not received 

160222 2022-11-21 13:30:13


Apart from academics, they told like students have after school activities. we have to pay any amount for that ?

160222 2022-11-22 08:48:37


Anybody received payment link?

krishal 2022-11-22 09:19:11


I called DAV yesterday, we will be receiving the payment link shortly. In between, we have to sign the application form and hand it over to them in school. 

Archsr 2022-11-22 10:56:41


In the payment mail, its mentioned that "(Includes Not Refundable Registration Fees of Rs.15000/-) within a week to confirm the seat (Balance Fees to be paid during April 2023)."

Does this mean the remaining amount is refundable, in case we are not joining?

160222 2022-11-22 14:48:57


I called DAV today, they told we have to submit application form to office room after fees payment. But payment link is not received yet.

sriram07 2022-11-22 15:05:37


same here , not received yet .

dhuruv 2022-11-22 15:45:18


Hi, I had missed to apply for my son's LKG admission now the admission requests are closed, is there any other ways to try? kindly help me

160222 2022-11-22 17:45:03


In website, they mentioned like lkg to 5th admission is closed this year.

hema7193 2022-11-22 18:57:27


Any idea about interview for 1std and ukg?

Jack1991 2022-11-22 20:42:15


Just wanted to know the opinion since this thread is and big and many are waiting for their admission call eagerly. The craze is because of the legacy of the school? Or because the fee is nominal? Does this school offer something that others doesn't in that area?

23112018 2022-11-22 21:20:16


DAV has its name! Legacy is main reason. Fees comes next. No donation. There is nothing it gives which others doesn't. Nothing so special. Infact, extra curricular stuffs are not seen much in the school.


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