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rd15 2021-10-02 11:18:02


Hi, Is anyone looking to put their Kid in DAV new campus in Pallikaranai? Please share your views

Ar2905 2021-10-03 15:19:18


Hi, Yes i am planning to enroll my son for LKG. Archana

Ar2905 2021-10-03 15:20:24


As per many the would be teacher from other campus of DAV till this school is established is what i heard... Hoping for the best

Chaitanya2011 2021-10-04 18:17:11


Hi, I also applied today for my 2 kids.. pls post and update any further info reg.DAV pallikaranai

rd15 2021-10-07 19:42:31


I€™ve also applied. Pls update if anyone gets further communication from school

123ssb 2021-10-14 17:03:35


Hi, We have attended the interview last week for LKG admission in Gopalapuram. Yesterday we got confirmation mail for to pay the minimum fee payment of Rs. 20,000 (non-refundable) to reserve the seat. 

Can anyone please give your kind Suggestion, b/c DAV school Pallikaranai building is still in under construction(30%) and new staff also recruiting. 

Is pallikaranai branch is affiliation from gopalapuram or it is a extension of gopalapuram?


MAN1996 2021-10-17 12:08:45


Hi I am also planning to enroll my daughter in DAV Pallikkaranai and have done pre registration in their official website2 days ago. If anyone of u gets further details , please update

Chaitanya2011 2021-10-18 14:06:53


Hi,I have received mail from DAV palikaranai Reg. Entrance Exam on 27th @ Gobalapuram For- 6th Std But i didnt recieve any mail for my Second kid Reg. 1std

Ar2905 2021-10-18 15:35:52


Hi... What was the selection process? And also what is age criteria for LKG please Regards Archana

arun68660 2021-10-18 19:37:58


Hi All, My son is having entrance exam for 6th std next week. Any idea how would be the questions? Thanks in Advance


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