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Nivi3 2021-04-07 17:30:16


Hi All,

I have been following the discussions in this group for a year now and have been impressed by your reliable inputs. We request your sincere inputs, please.

My son is 6.5 years old and we have returned from UK. He did all his education there and now we are planning to settle in perumbakkam, Chennai. He knows English only. Yet to learn to read / write Tamil and Hindi. This is for grade 2. 

We have admission from NPS international , Campus K, Headstart. Which would be ideal ? what do you suggest. Fees also matters. 

Our views:

pros - 5 mins walk, ICSC syllabus.
Con - fees.

Campus K 
pros - IB syllabus, student-based curriculum, good infrastructure
cons - distance. 5.8 kms

pros - IGCSE syllabus, education approach
con - donation

Please give your valuable suggestions. 

Thank you

papabear 2021-04-08 14:15:06



Would recommend that you take a bit of time to review the following -

1. Is your son an Indian citizen / foreign citizen
2. Is he going to be pursuing Higher education in India / abroad
3. What is your long term budget for school and college education

These may sound like basic questions but if you are able to introspect, discuss with your family and get a good idea of your goals and plans for the near future it will help you make an informed choice.

If your child is a foreigner - It makes no difference whether he studies in CBSE (OR) International curriculum as at the time of admission to universities in India he will be treated as a foreigner and not be eligible for any benefits under Indian entrance exams. On the other hand if he is an Indian citizen it will help if you decide early that he will pursue UG in India / abroad as you can choose the correct curriculum / syllabus for him from now. Depending on your budget for higher education you can make some early plans.

These are just some suggestions and happy to help if you would like to discuss a bit more on various streams of education.

Good luck with your quest.


Nivi3 2021-04-11 13:23:46


Hi PapaBear ,thank you for your reply. He is Indian citizen , planning to pursue ug in India . Upon seeing ur valuable suggestions in other posts ,we opted for Babaji Vidhyashram. But sadly due to distance , we were rejected. We now have admissions for the mentioned schools in that region. Is there something else we should be considering. Please share us your inputs. Thank you.


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