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Nivi3 2021-04-07 17:30:16


Hi All,

I have been following the discussions in this group for a year now and have been impressed by your reliable inputs. We request your sincere inputs, please.

My son is 6.5 years old and we have returned from UK. He did all his education there and now we are planning to settle in perumbakkam, Chennai. He knows English only. Yet to learn to read / write Tamil and Hindi. This is for grade 2. 

We have admission from NPS international , Campus K, Headstart. Which would be ideal ? what do you suggest. Fees also matters. 

Our views:

pros - 5 mins walk, ICSC syllabus.
Con - fees.

Campus K 
pros - IB syllabus, student-based curriculum, good infrastructure
cons - distance. 5.8 kms

pros - IGCSE syllabus, education approach
con - donation

Please give your valuable suggestions. 

Thank you

papabear 2021-04-08 14:15:06



Would recommend that you take a bit of time to review the following -

1. Is your son an Indian citizen / foreign citizen
2. Is he going to be pursuing Higher education in India / abroad
3. What is your long term budget for school and college education

These may sound like basic questions but if you are able to introspect, discuss with your family and get a good idea of your goals and plans for the near future it will help you make an informed choice.

If your child is a foreigner - It makes no difference whether he studies in CBSE (OR) International curriculum as at the time of admission to universities in India he will be treated as a foreigner and not be eligible for any benefits under Indian entrance exams. On the other hand if he is an Indian citizen it will help if you decide early that he will pursue UG in India / abroad as you can choose the correct curriculum / syllabus for him from now. Depending on your budget for higher education you can make some early plans.

These are just some suggestions and happy to help if you would like to discuss a bit more on various streams of education.

Good luck with your quest.


Nivi3 2021-04-11 13:23:46


Hi PapaBear ,thank you for your reply. He is Indian citizen , planning to pursue ug in India . Upon seeing ur valuable suggestions in other posts ,we opted for Babaji Vidhyashram. But sadly due to distance , we were rejected. We now have admissions for the mentioned schools in that region. Is there something else we should be considering. Please share us your inputs. Thank you.

Radium 2021-05-20 21:46:30


Hello Nivi3 have you visited the campus K school premises? Any input their website says IGCSE not IB anyways let me know am also looking for my daughters admission in prekg for next year, I know you might think it is early but we are moving to shollinganallur in Jan 2022 and then I won't have lot of time. I will be in chennai in end may to mid june planning to visit few of these schools.
Headstart school how much donation is asked?
NPSi on searching the net some say no playground some say there is any idea on this?

@papabear  I saw you had recommended IVS previously for international schools, do you have any inputs about KC high??Why did you decide against IVS and choose Babaji instead?

Secondly we are also looking at BVM bollineni they have done very well in recent years academics I know they had some mgmt changes but seem to have put these things behind them.
TIA both of you.

Nivi3 2021-05-21 10:02:56


Hi Radium, It's never too early for school search ! From our experience, what you are doing now is good and will be less stressful when you decide on school next year. Campus K is IGCSE Syllabus . It basically follows UK public school methodology / principle. You can visit the school and have a look around the premises , curriculum books and have a discussion , upon appointment. You can take the appointment from their website. At Headstart, 1.5 L non refundable admission fee was asked. I am unsure whether NPSI has a playground or not. Though I have heard that they have bought the land next to the school for playground , in another discussion forum. Am not sure. You can visit babaji Vidhyashram once the school admission process begins for next year , around February 2022. They will call for school visit and will in detail explain about the school infrastructure and academics. If you are impressed with babaji , be prepared to shift near the school premises. They are giving admission to children near their school only nowadays. Basically , I feel shollinganallur and around region lacks affordable good educational institution. It's either too expensive or below the expectations. So please visit schools , compare the standards , and distance too ( once things get normal , IT road will have high traffic )

Radium 2021-05-22 00:40:09


@ Nivi3" Basically , I feel shollinganallur and around region lacks affordable good educational institution. It's either too expensive or below the expectations"
The above statement is so true. We are shifting to Bollineni in Jan so apart from Babaji which by road is 7 km, I don't think any school is good without being prohibitively expensive. I have seen Babaji bus coming to bollineni but hearing it is getting increasingly difficult to get admissions there, hopefully we will get a seat for our daughter. Else we will settle for BVM as it is in our own community.
By the way where did you finally put your son in. Do tell me the details. Including the cost.Thanks,


Nivi3 2021-05-22 10:04:15


Radium , Let's be optimistic.. prekg admission in babaji should be much easier . Be prepared to say yes to shift house if they ask you in the admission panel. ( As a backup plan , have alternate pickup - drop school run . You will be asked to sign a letter agreeing to shift I guess . ) They may ask or as you said you have school bus arriving to bollineni, you need not worry . It's just for " prepare for worst" circumstance I am sharing this. We did try babaji.. wour son cleared the interview and in the final panel , they asked us to move within 3 km radius of school . Being naive Nd with no experience at that time ( it was our first interview ) , we said we can't move as elders and expenses are involved too . so was rejected. now I feel we should have said ok and got the admission and then should have planned our school runs . With pandemic around , it's online classes only now !! ( just sharing my experience so that anyone facing the same scenario won't repeat our mistake ). Please get reviews from fellow parents regarding BVM too as it's within your community and child doesn't have to spend time in travel .

23SAM 2021-11-22 04:53:19


Hi, Would like to have suggestions on which school is better between NPSI Perumbakkam and HLC Karanai? We will be shifting back to India next year May. When will the admission process start for NPSI? hlc , i heard is from December. What kind of infrastructure facilities are available in these schools? Any info on school fees will help. Thanks in advance

Nivi3 2021-11-22 14:34:23


Hi, Would like to have suggestions on which school is better between NPSI Perumbakkam and HLC Karanai? We will be shifting back to India next year May. When will the admission process start for NPSI? hlc , i heard is from December. What kind of infrastructure facilities are available in these schools? Any info on school fees will help. Thanks in advance

Hi Sam,

Both are good in their own ways. Its quality and opinion vary from parent to parent though I find both the schools the same. NPSI admission begins in December. Please keep checking their website. Also, going to the school office would help too. Regarding infrastructure facilities, we are still in online classes, so no idea on that regard.However, you could request for school visit with the administration team. NPS costs 70k more than HLC whereas HLC has donatoion of 1.5 L .

23SAM 2021-11-22 21:32:52


Thanks a lot Nivi for your inputs. It really helps.  Will check out for December.  May I bother to see if can have view In terms of comparison:
  - Which school teaching methodology is good or better? In the sense of making the kids understand concepts rather than making them study
 - Which school gives importance to both studies as well as sports and for the overall development?
 - are there any other schools in that area, which is comparable to these 2?
 - NPSI is CBSE or IGCSE combination?  - Quality of school staff?

Nivi3 2021-11-23 13:22:36


You are welcome, Sam! I am sorry, I do not know many people so unable to compare and say. You could speak to other parents, also this group members could share their two cents. 

  - Which school teaching methodology is good or better? In the sense of making the kids understand concepts rather than making them study
## Both the schools are teaching children in simpler ways . 

 - Which school gives importance to both studies as well as sports and for the overall development? ## same, both

 - are there any other schools in that area, which is comparable to these 2?
 ## Campus K, it has a Cambridge syllabus. It's a copy of the UK public school system. My neighbour's child is in BVM bollineni and she finds BVM good. Many recommend Babaji Vidyashram as well. Pallikarnai's Sunshine school has good reviews. I checked at Vista Biollabong (cost was affordable when compared with other schools. Methodology was impressive. But there was no proper follow up so I had to drop it. )  You can visit and see that as well if its nearby to you.

 - NPSI is CBSE or IGCSE combination?  - Quality of school staff? 
## NPSI is ICSC. The staff are good. They are patient and understanding.

My opinion is sheerly based on online classes as we didn't go to school yet. So it may vary post school reopening.

My View: speak to parents, read reviews, apply for admissions, go to the school and check the infrastructure (School visits are welcome). All these should be done before Feb mid. Please check the restrooms mainly. By March, admissions would be confirmed at schools. Just keep a backup school plan as well.


jeyajeya 2021-11-26 21:15:48


hi we are also moving in a month to India. And we are seeking admission near east tambaram / medavakkam / pallikarani / scholinganallur. Whcich are the best schools, as our kids have to transition from US syllabus to indian.I thought CBSE would be good, but these kids never studied Tamil. HIndi atleast, they can try. Which schools will allow English , Hindi & any other foreign language says - German / French?
Need your valuable Inputs

23SAM 2021-11-27 08:53:09


Thanks a lot again Nivi for your valuable inputs. Helps a lot. Will check in December for the admissions

chn0 2021-11-29 00:37:38


Hi @Nivi3,

Any inputs on Chettinad sarvalokaa and Billabong (Kelambakkam branch). Even am planning to move to chennai by Jun 2022. Any inputs would be great. I have a friends place in Thiruporur, so I was thinking to reside there and Chettinad or Billabong is around 20 mins school run.

Other option was renting flat in Bollini Hillside and look for school near by. Any inputs on Bollini Hillside rent would be great and even schools are very expensive.

I am very confused which option to go with.

Kindly guide.

Thank you.

Nivi3 2021-12-01 13:42:44


Hi Chn0,

I am sorry that I do not have much knowledge on that part of the city. Christhood is considered to be affordable and provides good education. Sadly, the OMR belt has very expensive schools with not much quality education. Near Bollineni, you have Babaji Vidyashram which has good reputation and impressive infrastructure. 

I would suggest you to raise your question in the forum explaining your children age, class they are going to join and your preferences. Many people would be able to see and response might be more. 

Good luck with your search !


Nivi3 2021-12-01 14:14:09


Hi Jeya,

You have Vista Billabong in Medavakkam ( please check for reviews and parents feedback as its literally new and mostly gone in online sessions ),  NPS International in Perumbakkam (good educational approach, easy for foreign returns as its easy to adapt to their teachings with Hindi can be chosen as a second language but fees are little higher ). 
May I ask you what is the age group of your children? If they are in younger classes, they can easily adapt to CBSC standards. 

Which schools will allow English, Hindi & any other foreign language says - German / French? 
## You have KC high, HLC, mostly all international schools have foreign languages. Campus K has an option for Spanish. I wouldn't recommend Chaitanya though they said they have an option for Japanese (Which is literally like Tamil in complications) and raised the cost once they understood we are abroad-return which did not go well with us.

I have shared what I knew. Please check with other sources for more details. 

Thank you!

chn0 2021-12-01 18:14:27


Thank you @Nivi3

jeyajeya 2021-12-01 21:55:18


Thanks much @Nivi3My kids are in 13 & 7 yrs old.
I am keen about my elder son, as he is entering 8'th, we dont have much time before he appears for 10'th. He is saying, English and Hindi are fine as he studied from UKG to 2'nd grade in Pallavaram Naranaya, before we leave to USA.
I am aiming for good technical college after 12'th for him. Which schools are best for that. Is there any schools in outer give coaching for IIT / JEEE ? i heared many schools in city provide it - like chettinad vidyashram, DAV / Asan memorial, though getting admission there is tough I believe for 8'th. 
Pls give your suggestion for good school on these criteria or should we move to city ? Any good coaching center there ?

Thanks Jeya


Nivi3 2021-12-14 17:14:07


Hi Jeya, Sorry for the delayed response.. Couldn't reply sooner due to a personal loss. For teen children, I do not have an idea. I haven't explored schools and educational approach for that age group. My son was just six years old when we moved to Chennai so I searched more for his age group. I am sorry , I am not much help regarding this. however, you can post your query ( copy paste the same) as a new query and the group members may help you with valid information. Thank you and good luck with your search

23SAM 2021-12-21 08:57:10


Looks like for HLC, they have only admissions available for PreKg, LKG, and Grade 3. Any view on whether they will accept admissions if someone comes from overseas in the middle of the ferm?

Nivi3 2021-12-21 10:33:58


You could check with them through the mail or contact details given in their site. I do not have an idea , sorry. If the school is nearby to you, I would suggest you to visit in direct and request the principal / headmistress ( she seems to be understanding and kind ) . If you are unable to meet the principal, ask the admin / receptionist to pass on your handwritten letter. ( We have to leave no stones unturned if we need the seat :) )

23SAM 2021-12-21 12:20:23


Thanks again for your response. Mailed them on the same. Will need to check again by end of December.

Nivi3 2021-12-21 13:51:25


All the best.. please follow up within this week preferably as Xmas nd new year holidays begin and responses may not be quicker.

Nivi3 2021-12-21 13:59:27


Sorry if you find me nagging or forcing you for quicker actions.. the schools don't worry about missing an admission.. some school boards even see how much efforts we put in to get into their schools. That is the reason I am asking you to contact them sooner as they will hesitate before saying a direct no.

jeyajeya 2021-12-22 06:20:00


We got admission in Narayana, as we have very less choice - being transferred in the middle, no prior Tamil learning - so we ended up in narayana. But my son is saying he likes the class. will see in next year if any schools open the door. Thanks @Nivi3 for your help and guidance. 


Nivi3 2021-12-22 08:27:06


Thank you for your update , jeyajeya ! Am sure your son will do great in life for his no complaints and adopting nature !! Narayana helps children to prepare for technical courses in colleges ! No complaints on their educational approach and I have heard they prepare kids for Olympiads as well . Best wishes ! Wise choice from your end.

23SAM 2021-12-22 15:48:55


Absolutely not. Thanks for being of great support always. I already contacted the school and they told to check again in their website by end of December. May be I didnt put it clearly. Also, saw in another thread that NPS increases the fee by 10% every year. Is it true? Heard its around 1.75 lakhs per annum from the school.


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