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realcool 2021-01-21 10:28:57


Dear Parents,
Please share your thoughts on the Schools HLC (IGCSE) and Babaji Vidhyashram (CBSE). I am looking for joining my Kid for UKG.

HLC seems to have high student-teacher ratio and school fees is quite high at around 1.3Lakhs for UKG with high admission fees as well. Is it really worth?
On the other hand, though Babaji is a CBSE curriculum, I believe they have more extra curricular involvement.

I would prefer the school that is less rigorous on academics while child should develop interest on education and acquire high self confidence. 

Please advise on which path to choose.


papabear 2021-01-23 15:43:04


Hi realcool,

HLC is better for children with learning disabilities and difficulties in meeting milestone. I know of a neighbor whose son could not fit in any school but finally could settle down there. My neighbor did not bother about syllabus / board as she wanted to get her child through school successfully.

Babaji is a mainstream school and is focused on a balance of academics and co - curricular activity, it is actually pretty well rounded, you can read some of earlier reviews for more info. CBSE curriculum is designed with good mix of academics and cocurricular activity,

You can just walk into HLC pay and get the seat, Babaji is one of the most sought after schools in OMR now and you have to plan and work to get admission.

Good luck,

realcool 2021-01-28 20:30:15


Thanks PB! I would probably prefer Babaji school. I would also like to check out the BVM School if it is good and child centric. Can you please share your thoughts on BVM school comparing with Babaji? Thanks!

Karthika7 2021-08-29 19:43:28


Hi Friends, I heard good reviews on Babaji vidhyashram and also can see all your good reviews in parent tree. I know well that BVS encourages students in extra curricular activities, etc...still need to know reviews about academics part in BVS since there is no much academics records( only two batches passed)..can see two batches from grade 12 have passed from BVS....could anyone tell the toppers marks in this year so that I can join my kid in BVS withv much confidence in academics part..


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