CBSE or Montessori or Waldorf or other teaching.methods

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TSDK 2020-11-21 17:10:55


Friends, My kiddo is next year. I have been doing some research to understand the available options/schools for his admission. During my research I know about different teaching techniques/methods available for early education, like for ex, Waldorf, Montessori, CBSE etc., And what is confusing is that some schools like CPS offer both CBSE and Montessori options till 1st standard..Can someone help me.understand the differences and provide suggestions? I heard from one of my friend hat kids struggle when they move from Montessori board to CBSE, but don't know whether it is a generic feedback or varies case to case. I have planned to enroll my kid in CBSE board from class 1, so, want to make the right choice for his early education. Thanks.


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