Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan PSBB KK Nagar - Chennai 2021-2022

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Rajantman 2021-05-26 01:59:33


Well said @harinij88.......Students peace of mind is important at school and some action should have been taken lot earlier. There is one group trying to divert the whole issue elsewhere also. Opposite group is putting all the blame on one teacher and protecting the school. Ultimately, it would be great if all those guilty are punished........Also trying to understand why the admission process is taking so long. Are they creating more hype and not care about parents who are waiting and already paid application fee. Past glory has gone too much into their head I think. While many schools have already started classes for LKG, here we are made to wait for months.

Mara999 2021-05-26 13:01:16


I'm living in KK nagar. I'm happy i didn't put my daughter in PSBB.  

Vidhu17 2021-05-26 16:47:27


Anyone please tell me when l.k.g online class starts?

Harinij88 2021-05-26 18:18:28


@rajantman called psbb. They said letters will be dispatched by June but did not mention 2021 or 2022. Asked them the reason for delay and got the response 'lockdown' and the lady cut the call without giving a chance to respond. I know many here are frustrated over the last few months and would encourage them to question the authorities atleast. Compared to other schools, I believe management here is taking things for granted.

 Former member 2021-05-27 14:50:25


Hariniji- you have right to disagree. I'm not denying it's a colossal failure if proven guilty by trial. On same note, if we have to discuss on an issue that's outraged by social media and mainstream media with vested interests which I highly claim, I'm not for it.

Yes, I'm not a ardent fan or close relative of PSBB management neither I studied there. However, I'm inspired by the framework they have created for academia and of course I've no reservations in putting my kid there- where VISAKA/POSCO guidelines shall be formed and refined after this traumatic incident. 


sriram71 2021-05-27 17:01:17


My daughters study in PSBB K.K.Nagar and we are proud of the institution.
In spite of this ongoing mudslinging, I am proud to be associated with this school which has such a rich heritage.

Vicious name shaming of the Institution is ongoing in social media and I am sure the Institution will pass this crisis by taking the right action on whoever is involved and by implementing course correction wherever required.

Those in this forum who say they are relieved that their wards do not study in this school, my question is why they are in this forum first of all.

Rajantman 2021-05-27 22:42:02


Can you define what you mean by "rich heritage"?

sriram71 2021-05-28 10:25:30


You seem to be not in agreement with me, that's ok.
Please refer some dictionary to know what is rich heritage.
I have expressed my views and my beliefs.
You can express your opinion if you want, even if it is contradictory. That's it.

Lboardparent 2021-05-28 12:16:15


Even more importantly, this thread is specifically to discuss admission for 2021 -22 batch. By definition, it is filled with parents whose kids currently don't go to PSBB and who most likely aren't alumni. So in case you don't have an input towards admission, the comments don't add value. Many of us watch this space only to get to know about admission, so we don't get left out. If you feel the school's bad, just make sure your children don't go there.

 Former member 2021-05-28 12:19:49


 Lboardparent - Precisely. 

Rajantman 2021-05-28 13:40:04


I know to refer English dictionary. I wanted to know what you meant by that statement. Anyway, if you don't want to answer, so be it. Already lot happened in social media around usage of this word. Choice of word should have been "values". It's better to stop this discussion right here and post only on admissions like LBoardparent said.

Masteringmumology 2021-06-01 13:23:48



Any news on admission letters being sent out for PREKG? I heard LKG is reopening June 10th online classes.. 

Vidhu17 2021-06-01 18:40:30


Anyone please cofirm? When L.K.G online class starts?

123avi 2021-06-01 21:00:30


If you are already joined, then school will communicate to you. All of us here with no update from school and fee waiting for prekg admission. But not sure how many of us will get and how many of f us here will reject admission.

PGVA 2021-06-06 12:17:45


What happened ? Is Pre-kg admission over?? Anybody got call letter ?

Lboardparent 2021-06-07 12:51:14


Not to my knowledge. This year might be even more later than last year

ssn1989 2021-06-08 12:35:57


Called PSBB school today, they said that they have no idea when letters will be sent. 

PGVA 2021-06-08 14:09:30


I have a feeling this year there won't be prekg admissions


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