Akshaya Global velachery

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RamGowri 2020-06-10 22:48:39


Can somebody please pass your feedback on Akshaya Global - IGCSE.

87909 2020-06-21 11:17:38


   My kid is studying in this school. My view, the school is average in studies and worst in extra curricular activities. We haven't noticed any celebration of any festivals (including childrens day), no sports day celebration or annual day celebrations. Only event celebrated is Christmas. Apseden where the kids will be taken weekly once for play (football, tennis, badminton etc) doesn't happen regularly most of the time some excuses were given. The premium fees paid doesn't look justified to me.

  Its my opinion only you can take your decision. 





RamGowri 2020-06-26 06:46:14




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