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Madhanvs123 2019-12-03 14:04:34


I am planning to enroll my kid on Vels Vidhyashram  - Tholambur location, for Grade 5.
Any feedback is highly appreciated.
Parents please help me in :
1. How good is the teaching there 
2. Number of Students in each class
3. How is the school transportation.
4. Other curricular activities in the school?

Thanks a lot.

Irenesekar7 2019-12-04 21:03:03



This school Strictly follows all the CBSE norms. Hence CBSE syllabus is followed.

The teaching is good... they focus on overall development, both academically as well as physical education is given equal importance. There are a variety of inter-school competitions held every year starting from Olympiad, spell bee, Talentx, etc, inter-school sports competitions and tournaments happen.

The staff and teachers are exceptionally well qualified and trained and they are very cooperative.

Fee structure is very nominal for the advanced infrastructure.

Vels makes it a point to cover every location for transportation. Many school vans are currently running on different routes.

School management is excellent as it caters to the needs of the students and parents expectations and requirements.

Yoga, Karate, Western music, Indian music are part of their curriculum in the regular timetable ,and apart from that, after school activities like keyboard , guitar, violin - certified courses and skating, football, silambam etc are available.

As of now the total strength of grade 5 is 20 for both the sections . One to one interaction and teacher student ratio is excellent.

Vels Vidyashram provides the best platform for ultimate education.

My children are studying here for the past 6 years after returning from U.S. and it is the best place for their academics as well as physical education.



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