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smj06 2019-09-12 19:19:46


Hi, I am from Selaiyur. I would like to know about alpha International school like infrastructure, coaching, timing, fees, transport, etc. Or any other good schools in that locality.

papabear 2019-09-17 12:54:11



Saw your question, there are several interesting international schools....but I think it depends on what you are looking for. There are several schools which have the word International / global but do not offer anything close to international quality. Most of the high quality schools are concentrated in and around OMR. You also need to decide about the curriculum that you are looking for - IB & IGCSE are the dominant international curriculum. IB is considered the better and more globally accepted curriculum focused on developing thinking skills and analytical ability rather than memory based learning.

Two of the top international schools on OMR are -

1. American International School Chennai - AP curriculum with expat and Indian teachers
2. The International village School - IB curriculum with expat and Indian teachers with international teaching license

In order of lesser preference, you might want to see these other schools -

3. KC High - Curriculum not clear, not well qualified Indian teachers
4. TIPS - IB curriculum, Indian teachers & head, did not meet my standard of international school
5. Vaels International - IGCSE Indian local qualified teachers, too many children, too far and also feedback is average
6. APL global - IGCSE Indian teachers, too much classroom strength, teachers change frequently

The list can go on..... I personally like both the top schools but found that International Village school offered more value for money, please visit every school, do a personal evaluation and then take a decision.

Good luck.



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