Narayana Olympiad school Madipakkam

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Padma567 2019-08-09 14:51:13


I have done admission in February marketing people said there is refund in our school I have paid 6000 for my two kids but I went there and ask this is telling that there is no refund this kind of school is very bad impression for us they own responding as properly. I asked to the principal regarding this they said you go and ask marketing people who have put an admission here don't ask me I have put an admission there only this kind of answer getting from the management. And they have so much of problems in this School play area is not there care taker not available in the school Teacher said that I am not a care taker to take your kids for the bathroom care taker not available she replied to me like that.

Padma567 2019-08-09 14:56:07


In Narayana Olympiad School they suggest uniform tailor in the school. Till now I did not get the uniform and many parents said that teaching was not good totally


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