AGR Global School, Velachery

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Satheesh123 2019-06-11 10:26:18


I did find some parents commenting about this school negative, which is quite not so... My son is still studying in this said school, from the rise of this school, which is 4 years old school. The Principal is too co-operative and she is more dedicated to children. The monitoring of all the classes is being accessed by the principal. Student needs a good education and we need to encourage only the new growing school as the branded institutions are more money minded and very strict, not only with students but also with parents. This school is linked to NEXT EDUCATION. Their sylabus is not a tuff for kids... The skills have being taught right from the growth of each kid attaining education at this school. The school atmosphere is good and also the interation with the teacher is welcomed. When comparing to school fees, which school in Chennai collects less, other than Govt. Schools, We need to see the quality in what they teach... Even if the teachers force the children too much in writing... and if this issue is taken to the principal, she instructs the teacher not to force much and put a heavy load on Children... This happened to my Child and I sharing my experience to you all.... Self experience is the best experience and my comments share as a testimony... I see the growth of this school every year... Every year they increase the Grades.. So happy to see the rapid growth. Thanks to the principal and to the management and to all teachers and parents who made this happen for an Growing school


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