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Hi Parents,

I have admitted my daughter in APL global school for LKG. I read through many positives and negative feedback about the school. I personally felt good about personalized teaching and training methodologies and decided to put her in this school. I do want few feedback about:

1. Transport facility: School is providing transport but it is way higher than any other schools. So, i would appreciate if any of the parents can provide alternate transportation facilities/details that might children be availing apart from school transport?

2. Does school have dance classes, music, etc inbuilt? Or we need to pay additional charges?

3. Does school charges money for anything apart from the initial payment we are doing and the term fees?

These are so concerning me after i got he admission and paid the fees. I would sincerely request parents to come forward and pour in your feedback/suggestions? You can email me at kavithaelangovimal@outlook.com.

Kavitha B

 Former member 2019-04-09 18:18:51


Hello Kavitha,
My kids are in APL since 2 years, they love the school and we are happy with the progress too. The staff and management are very supportive and child-centred. At least that is our experience so far and i havent heard otherwise. I'am not sure about extra curricular activities for KG, but the rest of the school does have activities part of their daily routine. they have additional club activities too. You can go through their website for more details or speak to one of their staff for better idea. they will definitely respond. 


 Former member 2019-04-09 18:26:34


sorry regarding your query on transport, depends on which area you are and if there are other parents who send their kids to APL you could discuss with them to find a better option. some people these days opt for car pooling along with their neighbours. parents take turn to pick and drop kids. 

also attend the orientation program if they have given the dates to you, it sheds alot of light and you also get to meet the mentor and other parents. 


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