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prabhabu 2019-02-14 11:06:48


We are planning to move to chennai by this month end(feb-2019) from Singapore.We have shortlisted these two schools(NPS and Sri chaitanya Peumbakkam) for my son @9th grade and daughter @5th grade.As my son is in higher grade we are really worried about his can you all suggest which one will be good?any other schools near that area?preferrably we are looking in and around south chennai only

papabear 2019-02-15 13:25:43



The locality you are looking at has several schools but very few are actually good.

It is a good idea to move into a good CBSE school before 9th grade if you are going to be looking at living and working in India. i did a lot for research for my children when I first moved into this locality.

Here is a review I posted some time back on Parentree about Schools in and around OMR -

There are several good schools in and around Sholinganallur. I have listed them in order of my preference, you can easily visit each school and evaluate -

1. Babaji Vidhyashram  - A/C - reasonable fees - CBSE affiliated upto 12th standard with playground.
2. PSBB Millenium - Non A/C - reasonable fees - CBSE affiliated upto 12th standard with playground, toilets not hygienic
3. NPS - A/C - High range fees - ICSE affifliated without playground
4. Velammal  - A/C - medium to high range fees - not affiliated, no playground for now, factory approach to education
5. Narayana & Chaitanya - A/C - high fees - fully commercial, no playground, constant exit of teachers 
6. St.Johns Public School - Non A/C - medium to high fees CBSE Affiliated with playground, there is a religion focussed approach
7. Ramana Vidyalaya - Non A/C - very reasonable fees - CBSE Affiliated with small play area - English is a major problem in this school
8.Sacred Heart - Non A/C - reasonable fees - They are just trying to convert from State board to CBSE - English is a problem, they have state board mindset in teaching methodology which is a problem.
9. Barathi Vidyala - Non A/C reasonable fees - CBSE affiliated one of the oldest schools in this locality but teaching quality is slightly better than state board.

I found that it is tough getting admission in Babaji & PSBB however both are very good. Both my children study at Babaji. I chose the school because overall it checks off all my needs and they have a very transparent system with stable set of teachers.

All the best in your quest, remember to do the hard work of visiting and evaluating all options before you decide.


prabhabu 2019-02-18 11:58:00


Thanks a lot for your detailed reply. Could you pls. share some details on Chitanya Techno School which is near to NPS School? Some of our friends left from Singapore earlier admitted into that School and I'm getting mixed feedback on that School

prabhabu 2019-02-19 08:01:33



Thanks a lot for ur valuable feed back.Since my childrens are studying in ICSE syllabus I would prefer to go with this syllabus.Could u pl. share some valuable feedback about good ICSE schools and fee structure and facilities.

prabhabu 2019-02-21 15:38:33


Hi Papabear,

You did a lot of analysis and it helps a lot on school incite. Could you pls. suggest which are the best ICSE schools in and around solinganallur?

Our children studied in ICSE curriculam and we would like to continue the same in India


 Former member 2019-02-21 15:41:06


Sir, What is your view on NPS, Gopalpuram.

Ramhan 2019-03-05 05:52:42


NPS International School has a huge playground now. They have purchased 2 acres of land next to school. The school is also planning to construct another building for early years and move them there. I am very happy with NPS for my 2 kids and so are all my friends who have come back to India. 

Nparent 2019-03-05 15:46:07


hi all. Can any of you please share  your experience on entrance exam for class 5? or in general, what kind of qns can we expect? 

Nparent 2019-03-07 13:47:58


any updates on this pls?

ann12 2019-03-12 20:56:24


Hi, Can I have a review of Hindustan International School, Karapakkam??


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