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0920 2020-03-15 20:26:36


I have been to vista billabong school , they follow icse syllabus , till 4th they mentioned that dey follow billabong curriculum( igsce+icsce+ cbse), and later icse.. they have a good curriculum , and teachers , principal and supporting staff are professional and approachable . Ground seems to be small .. they do offer swimming, karate , music , dance extracurricular activities. After checking npsi, babaji , orchid.. we finally chose Vista billabong.. my daughter z in 1st grade . Fee is reasonable wen compared to other schools.. one time payment - 20k And annual fee- 107000 ( includes school uniform, books, bag, shoes ) transport extra .

Vihaasmom91 2020-05-19 14:07:08


May I get review on this school.I want to enroll my son in LKG next year.

Vihaasmom91 2020-05-19 21:18:44


Thank yo so much on the information. May I know the total strength of school. Have they got affiliation.

Cornetto 2020-08-15 06:54:36


Hi ..what school did u enroll ur kid. 

Cornetto 2020-08-15 06:57:12


I am looking at vista billabong for enrollment in 6th grade.  But my kid does not know Hindi or Tamil. Does vista BB provide French as an option instead of Hindi or Tamil ? VBb parents please help with the informations 

anu39ramesh 2020-08-21 12:16:24


Hi, We are returning to Chennai by the end of September and my son needs admission in 4th standard. We are looking for international school near pallikaranai. Can anyone let me know if this school is good and will recommend it. Also he does not know to Tamil fluently just knows to read or write letters and small words. How will the admission process be? Will they accept admission at this time of the year? 

frozenbrussels 2020-08-26 21:23:09


Hi cornetto,

   Did you get any information for your query? We are also looking for the grade 6 in visata billabong ? we are in abroad will be moving to chennai jan 2021? so any tips will be useful for us.

Thanks in advance


Div1514 2020-11-16 21:40:53


Hi I see that you have taken admission for grade 1 last yr, how was their teaching methodology, can u pls share more about the school pls

rita4u 2020-11-23 16:48:45


Any heigher class parents here whose kids studies in vista billabong .. how is the coaching ?

frozenbrussels 2020-11-25 21:38:21


Hello   @  anu39ramesh,
Have you got admission in which school? We are also sailing in same boat, my daughter doesn't know Tamil or Hindi. Have you visited Vista Billabong?
Any feedback will help us...

Thank you


JothikumarTH 2020-12-10 00:58:42


Hi Parents,
Just want to know from parents who have admitted their kids in billabong, can you let me know the general feedback. on the fees structure,  curriculum and extra curricular activities and espcially the online teaching for the past 6 months.We are planning to admit our kid there next year


Shiv90 2020-12-12 16:33:03


I visited the school today and the support staff took us through the school. The school infrastructure is good however the campus is compact ( not sure whether they will expand in future ). The school ground is very small with a swimming pool. The toilets were clean and the class rooms were good and spacious. Did not get chance to meet the teachers requesting review from parents who have admitted their children.

Nan16 2021-04-09 20:14:49


Hi Frozenbrussels,

We are moving back from US to chennai next month. My kids will be entering 7 th and 2nd grade.

Would you please let me know which school you decided?


146saji 2021-04-22 22:50:25


Hi Anyone please send feedback about how the online classes are. Today saw reviews in Google and confused. We are planning to enroll my son grade 1 in vista billabong. Your feedback will be very helpful for us. Thank you.

NethraArunprasd 2021-05-11 19:03:54


Hello Nan16, I admitted my kid in sri sankara global academy, keelkattalai. School follow igcse and has French as second language. No need for third language. Check the school. Thank you


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