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221120 2019-01-24 21:41:17


Hi I have enquired Vista billabong school medavakkam for my daughter grade 3 admission.liked the approach but worried about the strength in higher classes particularly in grade 3.. If anyone planning to admit grade 3 plz let me know ...

Shan99 2019-02-18 12:23:32


I have admitted my 3 year old daughter in LKG in Vista BillaBong and one of the reasons is Kangaroo kids to be opened by them!!!. Hope this division also provides quality education.

221120 2019-02-18 17:45:53


Thanks for ur reply... Admitted my daughter in grade 3.. Hope soŸ™'Ÿ™'

20mani 2019-02-19 13:29:39


Hi , could you pls share more feedback about the school and fees details for Lkg. Looking for an school for my son too confused

Shan99 2019-02-19 16:26:06


The School follows ICSE syllabus, Billabong and Kangaroo kids are famous for their quality. Also, I liked the approach and content presented by Vista Billabong. The fees is around 70K for LKG including admission fees. This is a newly started school and my focus was a good school near to my area with a good day care facilities.

viv12 2019-02-22 13:15:00


We have admitted our daughter for grade one. We too were worried about the strength in the higher classes. Hoping for the best.

AKB14 2019-02-25 16:35:09


What is the fees for 1st Std. I need to admit my son in UKG

viv12 2019-02-27 10:24:21


@AKB14 : For grade 1, it is 1.07 L without transportation. But inclusive of uniforms and text books. And we need to pay one time fee of 20k. At present we have paid only 20k for admission. Fees needs to be paid after May and in 3 installments for which the details they would provide.

De123 2019-03-26 21:32:12


Hi I'm planning join my kids medavakkam billabong .. wish to Kno the fee details for IV grade .. thanks in advance

221120 2019-03-27 08:31:21


Hi... Don't know abt 4th grade..we have admitted our daughter for grade 3..fee s 1lakh 7 thousand (including books and uniforms)....

AKB14 2019-03-27 13:04:47


If I am correct in recollecting the information offered they told 1.7 is constant from 1st to 4th std

viv12 2019-04-01 10:28:40


Yes..I too remember them saying that it is 1 lakh 7 thousand until fourth standard and 20k would be admission fees.

Ilan2 2019-05-31 13:15:31


I have admitted My Son for Grade 4 Fees about 1.07 lakhs including uniforms, shoes and books... Admission fees extra 20 K... Any one joined the same class, please share your thoughts...

Venus86 2019-06-12 19:59:08


Today was the opening ceremony and I should say that it was very well organized. The school is focused on the overall development of the child and not just academics.


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