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Jayesh23686 2018-12-19 12:11:14


 Hi Parents,

I am trying to locate school for my kid for LKG in and around sholinganalur. I have a list of school that seems to be good. Need your advise on the same and also suggest any school other than the list displayed and also please let me know the fee structure.

List of Schools are:
1) Billabong High, Kelambakkam
2) Vista Billabong, Medavakkam.
3) BVM Global, Bollineni Hillside,
4) Trileaves International School
5) Hindustan International School
6) NPS International School

papabear 2018-12-20 14:21:15


Dear Jayesh,

Good that you brought out this question.

I did a bit of research for my children two years back, There seems to be quite a bit of confusion in parents mind about the term international and what it implies. So many schools have mushroomed, they just add the word international and charge heavily but still offer only Indian type education.

I found when I looked around that international education allows a child to easily enter into universities in Europe and US for UG courses without separate entrance exams. There are three types of curriculum I found - American, British (UK Cambridge) and IB that is considered contemporary - International Baccalaureate which has now become very preferred for top universities. 

Children who do IB during school level, do not need to take exams like TOEFL (OR) IELTS when they apply to study abroad. Additionally I found that many universities & colleges abroad prefer children with IB.

I shortlisted three international schools offering international curriculum and syllabus

The International Village School - Sholinganallur, new school with expat and Indian teachers, good infra & building, trained teachers. They have started last year.

American International School, Chennai - Very expensive but old and established school, too far from Sholinganallur. Frankly I felt that the culture may not fit me.

Aksharbol - Indian school on ECR about 4-5 Km's from Sholinganallur, the construction was still going on when I went but classes were also happening. I did not feel they had proper IB standards. Only Indian teachers am not sure of the international training.
Of the three if I wanted to shift my children from CBSE, I will choose International Village school. If it is only CBSE that you are looking for there are a lot more options than what you have listed and I will recommend a more traditional and established CBSE school.

Good luck.


Jayesh23686 2018-12-20 15:01:45


Dear PB,

Thank you for your valuable input. I will visit the International Village school immediately.

In addition, can you recommend me established CBSE school also.

Also what is your opinion on 

1) The School
2) Abacus Montessori School
3) Good Earth School

Thank you

papabear 2018-12-21 12:18:42


Hi Again Jayesh,

The School - You should read a lot about Jittu Krishnamurthis educational philosophies before you opt for this school, I have a done quite a bit of reading and feel that their system is very far removed from mainstream today. For me in many ways it did not sound practical but thats my opinion and you must research thoroughly before opting.

Abacus Montesorri - good up to 1st / 2nd but after that there seems to be a disconnect with expected academic standards for that class., i.e., child will not be able to write as much as children in other mainstream schools.........I have heard children from this school struggle after 8th standard when they switch to ICSE pattern suddenly.

Good Earth School - I have only heard about them and have not so far visited the school....frankly it is too far away from OMR for me to research and did not want to spend the time.

There are several good schools in CBSE but I found Babaji Vidhyashram and PSBB are good. Both my children study in Babaji, I preferred them because of transparency, cleanliness and overall quality of teachers.

All the best.


Jayesh23686 2018-12-21 13:57:18


Hi PB,

I appreciate your prompt response and thank you so much for the input. I will do further research on this and finalize.

Thank you once again.

010883 2019-01-28 11:10:52


Hi I am planning to admit my daughter in LKG in Trileaves school. Plz give me some reviews and suggestions about this school. its urgent.

122Veena 2019-01-29 15:00:41


Thank  you for your detailed reviews of the schools. Do you happen to know the fee structure of The International Village School?

Jayesh23686 2019-01-30 13:29:12


Hi Veena,

If you call them they will tell you the fees details over the phone itself.

Jayesh23686 2019-01-30 13:34:21


Hi 010883,

The trileaves school infrastructure is good. They have 2 boards. 1) CBSE 2) IGCSE. The fees will be different for the boards. The education is good. CBSE school doesn't have AC class rooms whereas IGCSE school has AC class rooms for students.

Jayesh23686 2019-01-30 13:35:55


Hi PB,

I have admitted my princess in Babaji  Vidhyashram for LKG. 

Thank you for your timely suggestion.

RanithaAk 2019-02-01 14:30:43


Hi Jayesh,

I have zeroed-in Babaji vidhyashram for my daughter. Hope you too have done a lot of research for your princess.

Can you please clarify my below doubts?

1. Have your daughter completed pre-kg anywhere?
2. Does Pre-kg mandatory in babaji?
3. Fees structure in babaji for kg?
4. School timings..

Thanks in advance. If possible, can you please provide your number so that I can contact you directly.

Jayesh23686 2019-02-05 11:37:00


Hi Ranitha,

Please call me at 044 - 66553073 between 10 am - 4 pm weekdays

Thanks and Regards


dush1610 2019-03-20 01:46:36


Hi PB,

Do you have any idea about the academics for higher grades in the international village school . 

dush1610 2019-03-20 01:49:09


Hi Jayesh,

Till what grade is there in the international village school? Can you give me some inputs.

harish1988 2022-04-05 22:54:59


@papabear.. Hi saw ur message regarding international Village school.. Can u pls share some info regarding admission procedure,criteria of selection and fees structure..

Deep789 2022-04-08 18:07:17


Hello , we have recently moved to chennai from UAE and looking for grade 1 admission for my kid..most of the good schools are done with their admissions & we don€™t have much options.. I feel good International schools are very expensive.
  Can you plz give your views on
Velammal new gen madipakkam 
Hindustan International school karapakkam
Gareway Complete school sholinganallur

papabear 2022-04-11 11:50:00



Since you are moving from abroad, you should take into account which board is child currently studying in as well as where you want your child to go for college. In my opinion CBSE is the best for Indian traditional colleges as well NEET, JEE etc., and this will not change as far as India is concerned for the next 2 decades at least. However if you do not mind sending your child abroad (OR) to new age Indian universities like Ashoka / Shiv Nadar, OP Jindal etc., then would definitely recommend IB school.

In my view Velammal & Gateway - both are below par with regard to quality of teachers, high staff turnover
Hindustan - seems to be average / mediocre performance.

Can offer more suggestion based on your feedback to my questions above.

Good luck,


Deep789 2022-04-12 12:35:19


Thank you for the reply
My kid did her kindergarten in a CBSE school in UAE.. 
She will continue her higher education in India.
Now since its already april we dont have much options.. 
Please suggest some better CBSE schools around Velachery, Madipakkam, Pallikaranai,Taramani


Ibiv 2022-07-31 12:49:29


Hi @papabear Thank you for your detailed feedback on various schools around OMR, that helps alot.. Have u ever got chance to look into the Athena global school, semmancheri next to dlf garden city apartment It is following IGCSE curriculum, Cambridge University I ma not bale to collect feedback from any of the parents except few which I saw in Google reviews, Couldn't see any review any other places. If nayone could pour some light on this school if ur kids r already studying there.. Thanks in advance Ÿ™


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