DAV Public School Velachery - Pre K G Admissions - 2019-20

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AnujaRavi 2020-03-10 11:40:23


Anandkumar86I have sent the form to your mail id.

dattudintu123 2020-03-10 12:20:31


Thank you @Krishferrari

dattudintu123 2020-03-10 12:24:59


What will be the distance restrictions considered by the school between school and  home during admisssion 

Krishferrari 2020-03-10 12:46:44


If you fall within 3 kms radius from the school, high chances are there that you would get admission, however if you fall greater than 5 kms from school, high chances of rejection..

Anandkumar86 2020-03-10 13:01:31


Thank you very much...yes...I have downloaded it..

dattudintu123 2020-03-10 17:01:22


what are the chances of getting admissions for Perungudi residences....anybody from Perungudi gotr admission in previous years please?

Chai1990 2020-03-10 19:26:19


Hello sir can u please please send me the DAV admission form to chai_monu@yahoo.com

Chai1990 2020-03-10 19:31:23


Hello mam can u please send me the form of dav velachery public school pls mam pls send it to chai_monu@yahoo.com

Chai1990 2020-03-10 19:41:56


AnujaRavi hello mam can u please send me the form for DAV velachery

AnujaRavi 2020-03-10 20:14:30


@Chai1990, Just sent to your mail id.

attasiva 2020-03-11 00:48:04


does any one have UKG admission form?

dattudintu123 2020-03-11 12:50:00


How about the Entrance test for UKG and Class I admission?

dattudintu123 2020-03-11 12:52:34


What kind of Questions and activities we can expect in kids Entance test for class 1 admission...How long the test will be there normally

Krishferrari 2020-03-11 16:02:02


There are some students who come to school from Perungudi as well...

nsk2017 2020-03-12 06:11:55


Any info reg total count applied for pre kg admission in DAV Velachery..

mkumar80 2020-03-12 07:46:09


Dear Parents, did anyone get the SMS yet for Pre-KG? or is it going to come only tomorrow?

Karthik121 2020-03-12 09:26:30


Not yet, please post here, if anyone received SMS.

Krishferrari 2020-03-12 09:41:00


Close to 1000 have applied is what i heard..

dattudintu123 2020-03-12 10:45:12


@krishFerrary....whats your share here regarding the system of entrance test in DAV public for kids in admission for class I ...

sai08 2020-03-12 10:53:00


Anybody applied for any other schools other than DAV public for PRE KG..

Krishferrari 2020-03-12 11:02:35


Very basic tests for admissions upto II Std..all subject questions like maths, language as a single test..

Pree28 2020-03-12 12:43:07


But the number of people who came up to submit the application were very less this time. Is it close to 1000?

YuvarajShanmugam 2020-03-12 13:32:35


Anybody Got confirmation SMS from School -2020 -21 ?

Kamalavalli 2020-03-12 13:34:44



Krishferrari 2020-03-12 14:13:02


It used to be around 1000 all the previous years, especially when i applied in 2015, it was close to 1200...but am not aware of this year..

Karthik121 2020-03-12 23:36:37


R u sure, sms ll come on Friday...

nsk2017 2020-03-13 10:05:49


Is there any info on SMS .? Please share .

11ab 2020-03-13 10:20:29


yet dint receive

Krishferrari 2020-03-13 10:24:31


Keep an eye on DAVPS website announcement section..in case of any postponement of  the results, they would post the information there along with the date on which they would release the results..


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