PSBB KK Nagar Chennai Pre Kg 2019-20 Admission

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Madhu3010 2019-04-05 16:18:28


Hi Charu. Very glad ;) many congrats. After longggg wait! Patience certainly pays

MSuresh10 2019-04-05 16:20:01


Wow super.. !! Congrats charu Mam..

Vaishkarthik 2019-04-05 16:22:06


Even today I din get yaar it€™s so disappointing.. my child€™s tracking sheet number is 309 and we stay n west cit nagar

Nravikumar 2019-04-05 16:25:52


Super congrats @charu...
Any one from tnagar branch got it?? I too live in w.mambalam

Madhu3010 2019-04-05 16:28:05


Hi vaishnavi. Maybe u will get soon. Tomo also there. Let's c. Don't worry I know it's difficult

ShAr123 2019-04-05 16:50:21


Congrats charu... I thk no letter from Tnagar branch... If anyone got d letter please inform...

Vaishkarthik 2019-04-05 16:50:26


Hope too madhu.. it€™s so stressing .. wish my son gets a seat.. congrats Charu.. very happy for u.. 

Belief 2019-04-05 17:07:43


To inquire the status, one should visit KK Nagar or T Nagar. Will they entertain inquiry in person?

Charu1234 2019-04-05 17:22:29


Thanks madhu ,suresh sir and evening only i received tomorrow also there are chances of receiving and letter was dated on 4th of april only.

Charu1234 2019-04-05 17:24:44


Thanks gaya and ravikumar along with me there were 5 more letters from Psbb for west mambalam area.

123lucky 2019-04-05 17:39:50


Congratulations charu :-) Waiting to hear from t.nagar..

Sanjeeth89 2019-04-05 20:46:04


Waiting from PSBB t.nagar...guess it's over more letters when checked with school today..

Madhu3010 2019-04-05 22:19:29


Hope for best vaishnavi.

Vaishkarthik 2019-04-06 10:38:46


Sure madhu thank u so much

123lucky 2019-04-06 10:48:21


Got selected letter for tnagar branch.. there are many more letters in kodambakkam courier office :-)

Sanjeeth89 2019-04-06 10:58:52


Congrats 123lucky!!! It would be great if you could share the courier office number. as when I checked they say no letters.

123lucky 2019-04-06 11:07:22



Nravikumar 2019-04-06 11:16:12


Congrats 123lucky...which area do you live?

Madhu3010 2019-04-06 11:29:49


Great news!!

2019honey 2019-04-06 11:37:06


Congrats anjali

123lucky 2019-04-06 11:54:53


We live in kodambakkam

123lucky 2019-04-06 11:55:33


Thank you Madhu and Honey

Charu1234 2019-04-06 13:48:13


Congratulations Anjali.All the best for interview

Nravikumar 2019-04-06 20:37:27


I'm yet to receive the letter :(.is any one else waiting for letter?

Vaishkarthik 2019-04-06 20:47:07


I€™m waiting sir..Ÿ™‹Ÿ€™€But I lost my hopes .. sorry to disappoint u.. but don have any hopes anymore ..

Nravikumar 2019-04-06 21:07:17


Oh..that's pretty disappointing. No communication is very bad. 

ShAr123 2019-04-06 21:41:33


I m in ...still waiting for Tnagar branch

Nravikumar 2019-04-06 21:52:51


Did anyone contact the school today? I was told by the watchman it's all over 

Sanjeeth89 2019-04-06 21:59:12


They had dispatched few letters yesterday and that's the last. This is what they had informed when called. I surpass all the requirement for admission and yet no letter from the school.

Vaishkarthik 2019-04-07 12:08:19


S there chances of getting letters anymore?cos they said five batches n the five batches s done right?


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