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vidhu01 2018-10-29 14:36:31


Hi- I have a 2.4 year old daughter for whom we are planning to put her in a play school kind. Can anyone suggest good schools in and around keelkattalai? How is orange tree montessori school in particular?

sandhyasreram 2018-10-29 16:36:41


Hi vidhu01, My daughter is going to orange tree Montessori for 2 years now. we are very much satisfied with the school. There's a one to one parent's meeting every 2 months where you can track your kid's progress.Siddik who runs this school is a trained Montessori tutor. He is very friendly. Every child gets the needed attention. This is a Montessori kids are not taught the old school method.I suggest you to do a research on Montessori practice. Please feel free to ask for any other details.

vidhu01 2018-10-31 11:58:19


Hi Sandhyasreram- Thanks very much for your reply.   I did a basic research and wanted to enroll my daughter in montessori system. Thats why, I met with siddik to enquire about the admission process and am satisfied with how he explained and the surroundings of the school.
He also told me that they will be providing snacks to the kids. I am particularly concerned about that. What kind of snacks do they provide and is it hygenic?

vidhu01 2018-10-31 12:00:06


Also, we are planning to enroll her in January. But he says there is limited seats(around 70) and 68 has already been filled. He is asking for admission fees to block it. I am really confused if i should pay now and block? Or rather wait till January.
Can you also tell me the fees structure? Thanks in advance.


24121984 2019-12-23 08:50:48



Would like to know more about Orange Tree School, Madipakkam. Is it good?

vidhu01 2020-01-24 18:18:17


Hi-Its a good school following montessori method.

Jhananipriya 2020-08-21 21:46:34


Hi, Came here reading about orange tree reviews, i have few questions as follows can one of you answer me please? 1. I have attended a session by Mr siddik who runs this school, I am convinced with his way of approaching children. My question is other adults or teachers are trained from AMI or IMC ? 2. Also the recent fee structure please. 3. In general from when are you planning to put the children in main stream school with CBSE or ICSE syllabus? 4. I am also fine with Montessori education till 18 years, but would like to some inputs on how college life will be there after. We are currently not located in Madipakkam, but would not mind shifting there for the reason of school. Thanks, Jhanani

sandhyasreram 2020-08-23 14:21:36


Hi Janani, My daughter goes to Orange tree since her 1.5years..she is 5 years now.. This is one of the best Montessori schools in neighborhood.. I know few teachers who are Montessori trained. I need to check on others. But all the teachers are awesome. Last year fees was 18k per term with 3 terms per year. This year the fees was raised to 20k per term. But we were asked by Siddik to continue with 18k only coz of lockdown financial crisis. My daughter is 5 years.. Which would be mainstream senior kg.. I'm planning to switch to a mainstream school from next year as we have only one pure Montessori school nearby(Navadisha Montessori and prospect of getting an admission here is less. Though I am trying). Montessori schools like Abacus or Navadisha follow icse syllabus from elementary. So it will be same for the kids from both Montessori and other conventional cbse and icse schools. All the best for your school search!!!

Jhananipriya 2020-08-25 20:28:54


Thanks much for the detailed information Sandhya :) This is helping to narrow down the search. Wish you all the best for your school search too :)

 Former member 2020-08-26 13:59:26


i have visted both orange tree and amoha(formerly varna school) in keelkattalai.. since my son was already in montessori (from 2 yrs), we prefered varna school  for pre.k.g (2.8 yrs) as syllabus was kindergarden method. They taught him writting, story telling and had an extensive subject oriented with books. Now he is in LKG in ICSE syllabus. I have no issues with rhymes and writing part(both alphabet and numbers) and it is quite easy for me to train him.  I specifically wanted kindergarden method so it will be easy for LKG. 


kamaraj6990 2021-12-28 18:17:23


Hi sandhyasreram,
I am looking for my 2.5 year old child's admission right now and I visited Orange tree recently. I am happy with the school, but I have the following questions in my mind (which makes me to slow down and compare it with other regular schools).

1) How easy to get admission for kids at regular school from Montessori School after age 5? Kindly list down some good schools that can easily take kids from Montessori School in Chennai (preferably south Chennai) from your experience.

2) Kids at Montessori start writing at approx age of 3.5/4, right? When they join a regular school, will they feel a lag compared to others?

3) Does the kid feel any stress when adapting to the regular school environment? From no desks class room to a regular class room with desk facing the teacher, etc?
If so, please share any experiences, how your kid crossed that phase.

Also it is frustrating that there only 2 schools in Chennai with Montessori till 10th/12th. I already missed Abacus Admission by a week and I am waiting on Navadisha admission.

Thanks in advance. 


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