TATVA Primary School, Polachery Campus

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nsureshn 2018-10-08 15:20:07


Hi All,

I am looking KG admission for my kid's (currently 2 years 8 Months ) in polachery branch.  Please help me with more info about TATVA school, (Like Student Teacher ratio, teaching, etc...). Especially the admission age for LKG. 


Venkatesu 2018-10-11 12:26:45


Hi , It's a good school in my opinion. Mostly they maintain 1:15 teacher:student ratio here. sometimes it goes up to 1:18. but not more than 20.
They follow practical way of teaching. Waldorf method to be specific. As far as I know, uptil 2nd grade, students dont learn science through text books but via planting and gardening and they love it too.
PreKG - > 2yrs 6 months
JrKG (LKG) - > 3 yrs 6 months is the cutoff.

Karthika16 2019-01-06 15:25:43


Hi All, I'm planning to shift my Kid from Maharishi to Tatva for grade 1. Over all I'm much satisfied and 90 percent convinced with my thoughts. Can someone clarify below points 1.Wanted to know whether they are letting kids to participate in interschool competition like Spellbee,Olympiad etc., 2. How about clearing competitive exams like NEET other JEE exams during their higher grades. 3.How about extracurricular activities like cricket,music,dance etc

Saasvatha 2019-02-11 14:17:39


Hi I'm planning to put my kid in tatva ponmar Branch for grade 1. I just wanted to Know about their admission procedure fee structure and I also go with karthika's clarification of 2 points.awaitng for ur valuable feedback Thanks I advance

20169 2019-03-07 16:44:42


I was looking for Velachery branch Tatva. I liked their methodology and curriculum. Only thing that worries me no CCTV at their premises nor inside the classroom. Are you aware of this?


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