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Dsk30 2018-04-11 15:32:17


Hi all.i need recent review of the school.

vidhyavenki 2018-09-24 13:07:02


Any reviews on Manthan will help.  And I am also unsure about the Edexcel affiliation. what is the curriculum and is the affiliation recognized?

Rock123 2018-10-14 10:58:37


Hi which one is best?

MinnieMousse 2018-10-15 15:02:48



Manthan has classes from Pre KG to Class 12. Untill class 6 they follow CBSE curriculum and afterwards Edexcel.
Edexcel is UK's private curriculum and i am not sure about is acceptance. 
School is very much adheres es with the Hindu religious culture.They start and begin the day with 25 mins of prayer and it starts from pre KG.Prayer happens in non ac corridors and will be packed with kids.Junior classes will have prayer at Ground floor and senior at First floor.Children will feel tired and still teachers will shout and yell to make them recite the prayer. Coz of this kind of training kids will be well versed with all prayers by the time they reach class 2. Most of the teachers are parents of kids who study their.As school comes under no affiliation no inspection happens.So teachers or staffs are recruited as per their policies.Most of them are trained by school only after joining their.You can find English teacher teaching both Math,English,Science.You can even find recently college passed  out girls taking classes in Junior grades.Kids will have to learn Tamil,Hindi from class 1 onward. Regular exams and daily homework for 1 hours comes home from KG. Toilets are not clean mostly will smell at most of the times.Staffs doesn't have separate toilets and uses the same one.They wont take part in any outside inter school activities /competition. Its run by an elderly man and a lady .Meeting class teacher is not easy as you will have to take appointment and coordinator will talk on behalf of teacher.Most of the Saturdays are working to make students finish Homework for class 2 and above.If you are a parent who have lot of time to teach children and your kids can with stand the pressure you can look for this school.Only reading,writing happens as the school doesn't have any other facilities. Teachers will scream at class 1 student for not finishing the lunch/snacks even child feels like puking they will swallow as that is one commitment they give while you enroll your child that we will make sure kids finishes the tiffin. Each class has close to 30-35 kids with 4 fans inside a class room. Donation is 30k. 
During this competitive world if you are ok with old education system you can go for this.


Neervalur 2019-04-23 21:55:46


   I have both my kids studying at Manthan - First standard and Seventh standard. The association with Manthan started when I admitted my first child in pre-kg in 2009. I would like to make few clarifications here - yes, Manthan adheres to Hindu culture and they also teach Slokas to children. There are children studying from other religions too and so stating that "shout and yell to make them recite prayer" is not correct. I find nothing wrong in starting the day with prayer. The prayer session is only for 15 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. Actually the listening and memorising starts from prayer which means shravanam - to listen and learn. Only when we listen we learn. So reciting prayer improves our listening skills.

Manthan is an affordable school offering good education. They do not charge fees in lakhs and so providing ac rooms is not an option. If ac room is required, there are schools who charge for that also and provide them. 

Not most of the teacher's children study at Manthan. Even if they do , there is no compromise in terms of quality and education. As far as I know and have interacted with my children's teachers during report card etc, I see them as well trained in their subject giving ample inputs about my children's learning capability and improvement areas. My children's classmates parents are also do not have any issues. Teachers go extra mile to understand the child. Yes, they give homework and they also stipulate time taken for each work-sheet. A research study says children can learn more than three languages before the age of 10. 
Regarding Toilets, my children never complained. 
This year there was an Inter-school competition for volley ball , they also take part in other schools competition, parade, quiz competition etc. Yes, they are doing this and keep improving. Meeting class teacher requires an appointment and what's wrong in that?  I have met my daughter's class teacher many a times by fixing an appointment. 
Not all Saturdays are working, only first and third Saturdays. "Only reading,writing happens as the school doesn't have any other facilities" I wonder, have you attended inter-house competition ,sports day , project day , annual day? All children are given chance and encouraged to take part in activities and not student is left out.  This school also has three games period per week which no school provides as far as I know.
in my child class there are only 25 students and I believe it is the norm in that school else individual attention to children cannot be given.
The work-sheets and question papers as I see, give importance to comprehension and Application (they call it C & A ) more than bookish rote memory. This is substantiated by the school children who excel in science Olympian and asset exams. 

One can find issue in everything as a saying goes "Even God is not perfect". In this competitive world, schools like Manthan certainly provides children the required skills to take care of Life's challenges.

As a parent, I am happy to be with the school and my children do not have any pressure from the school for study etc and they are also very happy and that is the reason I am still continuing with the school.
Note: you have mentioned "scream and yell" many a times, and I verified with my child once again, that is not the case. she loves her teachers. I one thinks discipling should not be done to a child, then I think, they should not send their child to school at all.



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