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Amudhu21 2018-03-28 19:33:30


HI, Anyone pl share review about Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Mangadu

01981 2019-07-23 00:39:15


3rd year for my son. Good School, Very good Ambience and Infrastructure , and well equipped classrooms. But teachers are not up to the CBSE standard. Temporary Teachers, Severe Punishments (50 Sit Ups for 3rd std kid). No professionalism. No ID card given yet even after 1st Term. The quality of education is not like MVM Chetpet. Management is revising school fees every year, but not in process and education qualities.

sukumarporur 2019-08-01 08:24:07


MAHARISHI VIDYA MANDIR - MANDADU CHENNAI FRANCHISE EDUCATION QUALITY AND TEACHERS ABILITY This is not a school ,this is a pakka money making corporate tution center, Not even 10 percentage of teachers are above average in terms of skill, knowledge, dedication. all of them simply use guides to write answers. I see too much of staffing on teachers, management and housekeeping, every one are less paid, that's how the output is.. Again not even 10 % teachers are fluent in English. English fluency will be a big problem for your child's future They simple will finish 3-5 lessons in a period without explanation The subject/ lessons will kept uncovered till exams,. All of a sudden a day prior to exam the entire lessons will be covered Especially maths teacher doesn't know the problems and always will ask the kids to refer guides, even a day prior to exam/test most of the maths problems will remain untought Logically all the subject has to be finished a week before exam, thus kids will have week time to revise and this is happening in over night Nursery kids get too much of home work and all the home work can be inly done by parents. Even the teacher says that the class work has to be complete at home Only and that too is parents responsibly only FEES AND CHARGES They charge heftic fees and fees is increased every year. Apart from this every now and then they collect 100's to 1000's from kids for competition participations, Sports Activities, annual day, sports day Just imagine for a small petty competition it's 100* 2000 students = 200,000. (2 lakhs) If its a annual day or sports day calculated least value - 800*1500 students= 1200000 ( 12 lakhs) Using the collected money they conduct events and give certificates and medals to the children who ever refuses/unable to pay these additional charges, those kids will not get certificate and medals So as a parent you have to pay and get a medal or participants certificate in return Average fees for class 5 Admissions fees uniform fees and etc.. during the start of academic year approx. 25,000/- (will be collected in April and and for June reopening) Term fees 15000/- * 4 term again it's 60,000/- again Including additional charges collected here and will come to approximately 100000 ( 1 lakh) a kid a year, They charge Rs.8000/- for lkg/ukg student as a book fees but the value of the books does not exceed 1000/- 8000/- as book fees for a nursery kids Does this really make sense? DISCRIMINATION Kinder garden teachers are very badly trained, not capable of handling those little buds, Even though there are multiple caretaker for kindergarten, your kids will be unattended, you cannot expect help for kids from the old age caretaker when the teacher are not available at class Every thing is just a showoff in front for the parents Relegious discrimination is the biggest problem here,. So if you are other than Hindu, pls don't admit your child here Other relegion kids who don't say their mantra" jai guru dev" will be treated badly and that will kill your kids self confidence for ever FOOD Do the management dare to tell that no non veg is allowed to school during giving admissions/application Kids are not even allowed to bring even egg in lunch, if suppose they bring they used to talk this as a sin to the child Especially the nursery kids are not properly taken care, no individual attention to kids, no kid is happily steping in the class ever Day morning Kids are not getting the enthusiasm to go to class No chips, no lays, no Wraffers, no Maggie ,no noodles,no jams,no sause No wonder.. one day they will tell no water and no food, fasting is healthy , so no food in school The real problem is with the parents Most of the young parents are both working, even they don't have time to do a study on the education system , school and the real need of the kid , they are fascinated by the brand names and easily got sold for these corporates tacts. It's high time to rectify the above said This is voice of 100's & 100's of parents who are yet to open thier mouths on these issues but will burst at any point of time. RATINGS - 1 to10 Teachers skill - 4 Management - 5 School cleanliness - 8 Parking system - 4 Canteen - 4 Parent friendly - 6 Future ready - 6 Reputation - 7 (only because of chetpet school) Academics - 5 Extra curricular - 6 Sports - 5 English fluency - 5 Parents - Teachers relationship - 4


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