Need Suggestion for best Pre-School or CBSE school in Medavakkam

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Ibus4 2018-02-09 20:30:14


Hi All,

I have a 2.1 yr old girl baby and residing in medavakkam, Chennai. Am planning to put her in a school by coming June, so kindly suggest me which is the best option pre-school or CBSE school for 2.6 yr old kid.

Thanks in advance....

Eroshik41 2018-02-14 19:25:57


Hi Ibus,

Please check out Babaji Vidhyashram, Sholinganallur. My Children study there and its one of the most sought after schools in this location. They are however very particular about distance for KG students. Cheers!

Ibus4 2018-02-14 22:05:19


Hi Eroshik thanks for your suggestion. I too got a good feedback about Babaji Vidhyashram, but the distance is little far from my residence.

cmkp 2018-02-15 12:32:25


Hi Ibus4, 

Please check with prim buds vidhyashram, near domino, yellow bell super market, kailash nagar. its a CBSE school. 
i inquired about the school. they are having branches in north Chennai. now they have started in perumbakkam. 
I too got a good feedback  about the school from one of my friend in north chennai

papabear 2018-02-15 19:14:29


Hi Ibus4,
I just posted this on another thread and am reposting it here....there are many choices around OMR. Babaji is definitely the best but then this list has other choices that you can look at.

Here is a review I posted some time back on Parentree about Schools in and around OMR -

There are several good schools in and around Sholinganallur. I have listed them in order of my preference, you can easily visit each school and evaluate -

1. Babaji Vidhyashram  - A/C - reasonable fees - CBSE affiliated with playground 
2. PSBB Millenium - Non A/C - reasonable fees - CBSE affiliated with playground, toilets not hygienic
3. NPS - A/C - High range fees - ICSE affifliated without playground
4. Velammal  - A/C - medium to high range fees - not affiliated, no playground for now, factory approach to education
5. Narayana & Chaitanya - A/C - high fees - fully commercial, no playground
6. St.Johns Public School - Non A/C - medium to high fees CBSE Affiliated with playground
7. Ramana Vidyalaya - Non A/C - very reasonable fees - CBSE Affiliated with small play area - English is a major problem in this school
8.Sacred Heart - Non A/C - reasonable fees - They are just trying to convert from State board to CBSE - English is a problem, they have state board mindset in teaching methodology which is a problem.
9. Barathi Vidyala - Non A/C reasonable fees - CBSE affiliated one of the oldest schools in this locality but teaching quality is slightly better than state board.

I found that it is tough getting admission in Babaji & PSBB however both are very good. Both my children study at Babaji.

All the best in your quest.

Chasin0102 2018-02-16 07:42:37


Can you plz share fees details any admission fees are there tia

Ibus4 2018-02-16 12:14:23


Thank u all for ur suggestions.

How about the other options like SEED, Euro kids, Kidzee for pre-school in medavakkam? 

Is it a right option to choose these type of schools until UKG? Because some of my friends told that it will be difficult for these kids to cope up in Ist std in CBSE school.

Thanks in advance...


 Former member 2018-02-20 12:39:18


Be practical! If you have own house in Medavakkam, try in any of the above schools. But, Babaji is asking for very high range of fees. 

Else, go with some reputed old CBSE schools (DAV, PSBB, Chettinad, BVM, Sankara, Chimaya, and so on) by changing your residence.

papabear 2018-03-12 14:17:30


Ibus4 ,

I think it is a good idea to t he child in nearby playschool at least at Pre KG level. Iam sure child can cope up.....most of the time it is only us parents who have difficulty in providing child with enought time to adapt and cope up.

Former Member,

This year Babaji charged around 90K one time + 60K fee + all books are NCERT books & uniform (both direct purchase by parents) = 62.5K (2.5k books & uniforms put together)

Here is some other fee of A/C schools I found out in the neighborhood -

St. Johns medavakkam  - One time 1.55L + 90K fees + 15K book fees + uniform  = 2.6L +
Sishya OMR - One Time 3.0 L + 1.21 fees + 18K book fees + uniform = 4.39 L+
Gateway - One time 1.0L + 80K fees + unknown book fees + uniform fee = 1.8 L +++
NPS - ONe time (they won't reveal) + 1.25L fees + books + uniform = Minimum 2.0L +++



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