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PoojitParent 2010-11-02 17:03:02


Yes Karti's info is 100% correct and to further add

Cost of appli. is 300/-

If you have an attested copy of birth certificate of your child and a photograph you can buy the application and fill and give it back then and there itself.




PoojitParent 2010-11-02 17:23:02


Chettinad has started issuing apllication for admission for year 2011 entry.

application issue date 01.11.2010 to 15.11.2010

last date of submission of application 15.12.2010.

Cost of application is 300/-

Take attested copy of birth certificate of ur child and photograph you can buy appli and apply then and there at one go.

Age criteria is

Pre kg 2 years as on 31.03.2011

LKG 3  years as on 31.03.2011

Montessori-I  2 1/2 years as on 31.03.2011

Fees for PreKG, LKG and UKG are between 6500 to 7000/-
For montessori it is between 9500 to 10000/-
We may have to give capitation fee of 30 to 35 thousand at the time of admission.


pluto 2010-11-03 03:22:38


hi all

anybody knows when they are issuing application forms for all these schools

1.NPS gopalapuram

2.DAV goplalapuram

3.vidya mandir mylapore

plz reply






sampath 2010-11-03 11:57:11



Any news on LKG application form at Chettinad Vidhyashram.. is it being issued on these same dates??




abhin 2010-11-03 16:54:48


Hi All,

I called up DAV Adambakam and they told that they are not taking admissions for LKG this year.


Abhi's mom



bindusri 2010-11-03 19:19:32


Hi abhins mom,

What about Gopalapuram branch? R they taking admissions for LKG? When is the appl form available. Kindly update me regarding this. Thnks


scn 2010-11-09 11:19:11


Called up PSBB KK Nagar this morning and the school authorities requested to check their notice board around 20th Nov for the exact date during which the applications will be distributed for Pre Kg.


Porkodiraja 2010-11-09 18:12:52


Regarding NPS, there is no admission for montesari.

Only LKG Admission is done.


Please Verify it.


Porkodiraja 2010-11-09 18:20:05


Regarding DAV Gopalapuram, i have heard already they have issued application form.

Please verify it.


SangeethaAnand 2010-11-09 19:51:33


Hi all,

Maharishi Vidyamandir will be issuing application form on Dec 1st . But they asked to check again after nov20th.


bomu 2010-11-10 12:31:40


 Hi All,

    Today my spouse has submitted the application for PSSB Millenium OMR branch for LKG admission, as per my request interaction is completed today itself and I have got admission also. I want to know the transportation fee, if any one kid going to this school from Pallikaranani area please let me know. 

Infrastructure wise it seems good, they have developed more when compared to two years back. I will post the photo of the school ASAP.

Fee Details : 30,000 (admission fee), + 10,600 (per term). I believe they will improve more in upcoming years.

Note: Since i have requested school principal to have the interaction data while submitting the application they have taken my request, because my native is not Chennai and my spouse and kid are living with my parents out side Chennai and i am in USA.  Interaction date is planned around Jan last week for admission for the academic year 2011-12.Please let me know if you guys need more information about this school.

With Regards




Ilamurugus 2010-11-10 16:17:33


Hi All,

      I got  the pre kg application form from PonVidhyashram - Kolappakkam- Porur. for my 3yeard old daughter. How about Kolapakkam Pon Vidhyashram School's  performance. Good or Bad? Planned to buy applicationf forms from PSBB KK Nagar & Jawahar Vidhyalaya.  Pls. suggest which one is best? This Friday i have to sumbit the application forms to PonVidhyashram. Pls. provide your thoughts ASAP.




Porkodiraja 2010-11-10 17:59:38



Any idea abou the Vidhodhaya school in T.nagar?


Howz it in terms of coaching..etc?




bomu 2010-11-10 23:33:12


 Hi Ilamurugu,

All three school you have mentioned is really good, if you  need to choose best among the three i would say go for PSBB KK nagar, but getting admission into it is really tough, all the very best. You can try in PSSB Millienium in Porur branch also.


With Regards



sijukurian 2010-11-11 02:10:50



Any inputs on options available for LKG admission in Neelankari.

Inputs on Vels, St Johns, GT aloha and Amazing Kids  will be appreciated.





MeenaSuresh 2010-11-11 10:40:31


Hi All,

Any update on admission for schram?


bomu 2010-11-12 01:00:36


 Hi All,

 Find the photos of PSSB school, i believe the security has been increased when comapred to last year,  and in many blogs i found that parents are saying this school is near Tsumani relief builidings that does not affect school permisses.

With Regards




elansuni 2010-11-12 10:37:51



Iam lookiong for admission for my daughter in DAV, velachery for pre-kg. does anyone know when they are issuing applications?


Deepabala 2010-11-12 17:30:47



Please keep me also in loop


Deepabala 2010-11-12 17:35:21


Hi, Sangeeta ,

This is going to be a big help for parents like us,as we are in  Pune presently .

We'll be shifting tio Chennai in Dec  end , Hope admissins will be open till Jan 11.



Deepabala 2010-11-12 17:40:51




Hi, Uma C

I am new to this block ,kindly update me about the admission process for LKG .My son is 2 year 6months olad and my daughter is 4 years 7 months old.

Kidly guide.





bindusri 2010-11-14 15:22:59



DAV will be issuing applications after 25th. There is no Pre Kg  admission. 


scn 2010-11-15 11:29:23


Hi All,

Any news or update from Jawahar Vidyalaya. Am trying all means to find out the dates of application issue over the phone for prekg but they refuse to give any information. We will have to visit them in person to get the details.


meetkamals 2010-11-15 12:56:31


I called Jawahar Vidyalaya, they said they would issue the app form by March first week and will issue for one day only. Asked me to check with the date by Feb end.


- Kamal


princeravi 2010-11-15 13:27:03


Anyone is aware about the application form issue date in the below schools:

1. Church park, 2. Good Sheperd and 3. Vidyodhya

Please do post if you have any updates..



srividhya 2010-11-15 19:01:23




My kids are studying in Sri /sankara Adyar. usually they will give the applications in March. Since i go to school daily , i will post it once they announce the date. Hindu school also i will found out from my friend.


srividhya 2010-11-15 19:02:58



sanakra adyar will take kids at the age of 3 for lkG. St john's also same but the crowd will be more in one class.


Sriraam 2010-11-15 19:40:22


Is there any news on admission forms issual for

1. PSBB K.K. Nagar

2. St. Johns Besant Nagar

3. Arsha Vidya Mandir Velachery


I stay in Madipakkam and please suggest any other good schools that i should consider and also feedback on the schools listed above and their admission process!


Thank in advance for all help :)


bomu 2010-11-15 22:41:28


 Hi Sriraam,

 Since you are staying in Madipakkam, please remove PSBB KK nagar from your list and getting admission into this school is very difficult. I heared other two school you have listed is good and you can give a try.

School You may consider 

1. DAV Velachery

2. PSBB Millienium - OMR (DLF carden city) - They are giving application now, you need to submit the application by 19th Nov 2010, there will be interaction to get admission. 

3. BVM OMR - Check with Adyar when they will issue application.

4. Sisya OMR - Call Adyar branch and check when they are giving application.

Note: Since i am leaving in US and family in India i have spoken to PSBB Millienium school and i requested to have interaction date for my kid on Nov 10th 2010 and i have paid admission fees also.


With Regards







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