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Mukund 2010-09-15 15:21:11


My kid is studying in Head Start School in Duraipakkam. Now they are moving to a new school in the name of HLC international in Karanai (Sholinganallur). I would strongly recommend the school to any parent who want his kid to groom very well.

I could say this because my son who is an introvert and shy has changed a lot. The system of teachingi more practical which I have not found in other schools. The books and the teaching pattern helps in a logical way of thinking which is very essential to suceed in life.

I believe that the students passing out of Head Start will be definetely different from the rest. It wil add value to his or her personal career.

I wish the school management all sucess in their new endeavour.






Lavanya 2010-09-15 18:38:01


 Hello Mukund,

Its good to hear about a good school and glad that things worked out great for your son. Parentree  allows parents to record reviews about all the schools. You could add this text as a review in Parentree for Headstart/HLC, so that it will hep other parents who are seeking reviews of schools.

Thank you,




asundy 2010-09-15 23:33:59




In what way is Headstart different  - can you give some more details ? Does it cater to the activity based learning style in children or would you classify it as a tolerant / understanding mainstream school ?





Srihamsa 2010-09-16 06:25:55


Hi everyone,

Interesting discussion on HLC International.

Several points have been raised by Mukund. I have been a parent for 4 years  and moved my child  out for a variety of reasons. I do accept that Headstart is a different school, it offers a better environ compared to several schools where the stress levels for the children are very high, but some clarity on the following points would help parents in this forum instead of general praise on the school being "good", "different" "better than other school", etc.

1. "The system of teaching is more practical which I have not found in other schools."This is a loaded statement. Which "Other schools" are you talking about - mainstream or non-mainstream schools? How is this a better evaluation/judgement than some 'other' school making the same general statement that they are "better"? How was this conclusion arrived at?

2. "Groom very well": Could you be more specific? Do they teach manners? What exactly is "grooming"?

3. "I believe that the students passing out of Head Start will be definetely different from the rest." - Is this a belief? HLC has more people leaving than passing out. Why? What exactly does an average student who passes out of HLC do that others don't? Are there data points? 

4. "The system of teachingi more practical which I have not found in other schools." Again, a loaded statement and pushes all the other schools on one side of the fence and HLC on the other side. If such is the case, this requires strong evidence. How exactly is the teaching different? Are you sure that no other school anywhere follows this "kind" of teaching? (which is what the statement implies).

I am sure HLC is trying a variety of things, some go beyond classrooms. However, several other schools are also doing similar experiments. Saying "HLC is a good school" is one thing but when loaded statements are being made comparing HLC with "all the other schools", then that requires data points, some evidence. This forum should not be turned into a propaganda for one school against "others". Else, this post should be moved to the "Review" section.  







Srihamsa 2010-09-17 10:02:07


A clarification on my statement, " HLC has more people leaving than passing out" since there have been queries on it. 

1. That statement was in response to a statement of belief by the originator of this discussion: "the students passing out of Head Start will be definitely different from the rest" and should be read only in that context that HLC has so far seen only a handful of people passing out, that too only in very recent past, and therefore such a sweeping statement cannot be perhaps made.

2. To clarify: HLC has seen more people leaving than passing out since it doesn't have affiliation an Indian board which is important, probably above all else, for many Indian parents. IGCSE, for which HLC trains students at present, perhaps offers a better learning standard in absolute sense, but it is not in the same grove as Indian boards when it comes to seeking admissions to professional colleges, fancy courses, etc in India. At least, not yet. There could be other reasons why parents take children out of HLC, but this lack of affiliation, I would think is the principal concern. This point is being brought about since the originator of the discussion doesn't mention it at all in his post.

To reiterate, I would like to stress that HLC's merits and demerits should be seen in absolute terms and my objection was essentially to the sweeping comparison with "all the other schools".





sowdhamini 2010-11-24 21:40:33



My son who is 8yrs old is physically challenged and needs a personal attender for his mobility. Can HLC support my child ?


Srihamsa 2010-11-24 23:17:05


I know for a fact that they support physically challenged children. However, in one case, the mother herself doubles up as a teacher. In another case, there was no attender required for a visually challenged child. They would be surely open to admitting your child and you could arrive at a mutually convenient and effective solution. Do get their numbers from the website and talk to them. It is a rare school in this regard - no discrimination and they genuinely look for a solution to accommodate physically challenged children.


radha1010 2010-12-31 22:54:34


Hi Mukund..could u pl. provide the fee structure for HLC:..Admission fee,term fee etc.,

Thanks in advance.



vndo 2011-01-31 17:45:28


HI Mukund and all...


I like to have more infromation,like

Its not direct CBSE board,,,does it make any issue in future to shift in CBSE school..

glad if anybody can help me and some more information related to the the safty and commute to school. ( M planning to put my daughter in LKG)

My contact number is 09940632636.


Thanx million in advnace



Thanjaisivan 2011-01-31 19:40:32


It is nice to hear about HLC.

However in Adayar /Thiruvanmiyur area  ,   you have an excellent school like Roots Montessori School, Thiruvanmiyur  and Learning Tree, Kasturba nagar , though a small school by numbers , but a far better than the socalled big schools  in imparting true inputs to the young ones.




Sreelatha 2011-02-24 10:11:28


Srihamsa, I am right now in US and setteling back to Chennai by end of this May 2011. I want to try for 2nd std admission for my daughter in HeadStart, can you please guide? I checked their website, I didt find any email address to request for information. Please suggest. Thanks - Mrs Sreelatha


Sreelatha 2011-02-24 10:16:32


If anyone else could also help with their communication with Headstart , about the email address, last date of submission of aplication for 2011-12, please email me vikasgv at gmail dot com. thankyou.


TakeItEasyMom 2011-05-20 07:48:52


Hi All....Can anybody help with the information about Headstart school. We are debating between Headstart school and APL. We have zero'd in our decision of putting our 5yr. old in UKG in IGCSE std. After staying in the US for quiet sometime now... we feel that the traditional & mainstream school's way of memorizing does not challange the kid. We are planning to leave US sometime by Oct '11...we got a chance to talk to the princpal of APL...we found her to be very friendly and forth coming with all the info. that we needed. We need some feedback from any parents... either about the APL or Headstart school.


Srihamsa 2011-05-20 10:48:27


It is not clear if you are seeking information on HLC on an absolute basis or if you need info comparing it with APL. Both have established reputations - with APL's first batch of A Level students passing out this year, one of them scoring 100 percentile! HLC, on the other hand, is managed by good people vastly more experienced in education. HLC has also sent out a couple of IGCSE batches with good scores.

My suggestion: Since you have met APL's  Geetha Jagan (presumably), try and meet up with HLC management too. And then take a call.


NJ 2011-05-20 10:57:22


A few basic questions on IGCSE syllabus-

 With IGCSE syllabus can students thrive in Indian job market? If so, please explain- does it help for competive professional exams? or is it that the children who pass out of 12th have to do their graduation only in overseas universities

You mentioned HLC has also sent out couple of IGCSE batches with good scores. Any idea what the children are doing now. Usually children report what they are doing to their former schools. Hence asking this.


Srihamsa 2011-05-20 12:37:29


Indian job market is based on college qualifications. So which school one passed out from has no relevance unless one is talking about mega brand schools like Doon, Mayo's, Lawrence, etc. These schools do help create a networking effect for decades. Rest dont count in job market.

IGCSE exam is viewed as superior to CBSE or ICSE exams in terms of testing conceptual clarity, depth of understanding, etc. In a sense, it does help to seek admission with ease in colleges abroad, if one aims for that.

To crack exams like IIT JEE or National Law School entrance in India, one has to work extremely hard in cracking the patterns of the papers, besides being smart. IGCSE offers no advantage here. However, the flexibility of exam schedule in IGCSE (at least with some schools) frees up lots of time for aspirants for competitive exams. For eg. one can take IGCSE exam by Oct/Nov of the previous year and then devote rest of the time till May next year for intensely preparing for entrance exams.

The problem is not with IGCSE but with entrance exams (fixed patterns) and the admission process for higher education in India. You may not be able to get admission in local medical or engineering colleges (the perennial hot courses) with IGCSE scores though the IGCSE candidate may actually possess better academic strength. A person from the state board with 99% score in Class 12, with or without conceptual clarity, will march over an IGCSE student easily. This does not hold good colleges that award pure science, commerce and arts streams. They accept good scores in IGCSE for admission.

In short, go for IGCSE if your focus is on learning and not marks and if you live without heartburns if your child doesnt make it to IIT, engineering or medicine. If the latter bother you, skip IGCSE and plunge for ICSE or CBSE.

I have seen a few students of CBSE who have also cracked IGCSE  - as private candidates. That is an option too, though there will be considerable strain on students.



niketan 2011-05-20 23:20:35



Your discussions are quite interesting.  IF you dont mind me asking you, which school your kids/kid go to? 



TakeItEasyMom 2011-05-21 04:54:12


My take on putting our kid on IGCSE std. is to skip the rote memorizing and be easy on the kid and let him concentrate on the conceptual development as Srihamsa metioned. Eventhough I studied from CBSC board and byhearted lot of laws of physic and chemical equation, now I'm working in IT field.... thinking back my foundation was not strong. You never know, if physic was thought in a more practical & interesting way I would have picked a different field...

    With the current job market, holding just one degree is not sufficient, if you want to be in the top crust. In IT field every Tom, Dick & Hary with any background gets in as a programmer. I believe if the subects are thought more interestingly the kids will have the passion to pursue it further. Having a strong foundation and extra practice can help them get into IIT or BITS ... No matter what,  I feel they will stand out from the crowd with strong foundation in there subject.

My questions about the schools were, even though both the schools share the same std. I want to know If the teachers were very friendly to the kids. When it comes to explaining the concepts were the teachers very expressive.. and which school among the 2 has good scores among the kids in there 10th & 12th grade....


Srihamsa 2011-05-21 08:10:11


My daughter aged 10 goes to The School KFI in Chennai. I also serve as a resource person there.


Srihamsa 2011-05-21 08:34:12



IGCSE is a better testing model compard to CBSE or any other Indian board. Though I can speak only about humanities which I taught in IGCSE, I guess it holds good for sciences as well. As I said, the problem is with the testing model of Indian Universities as well as institutes like IITs for admitting students. In the US, colleges prefer well-rounded personality development in students - display of leadership skills, sports, creative work, references from professors, etc. Here, for most institutes, marks alone, be it in entrance exam or board exam, count. Hence the "uselessness" of IGCSE as far as Indian Ivy League institutes like AIIMS, IIT, NIT, etc. The exams involve pattern cracking skills and dont change over years. While IGCSE method imparting conceptual clarity would be a great asset once a person is inside a great institute, it may or may not help much in gaining admission in the first place. That is my limited point.

As for friendliness of teachers, I can say with confidence that HLC has a good set of friendly and reasonably ok at all levels. My former students who passed out of APL tell me that APL too has some good teachers. HLC management tries to experiment a bit by introducing subjects like "Thinking Skills" in A levels. There is an attempt to think in terms of skills required for the future. You must check with APL to see if it matches HLC here.

My suggestion: have detailed discussions with both schools on cost, quality of teachers, their plans for enhancing learning opportunities and quality, subjects offered (in both core and extensive curricula), lab facilities, strength of class, etc and then take a call. Beyond a point, trust your instinct to tell you the better one between the two.



TakeItEasyMom 2011-05-22 05:01:49


Thanks for your input Srihamsa..definitely helps.


EvaAshley 2011-07-27 20:24:32


Hello Mukund, please provide the fee sturcture of the school :D


prakpuma 2011-08-02 22:42:46


 hi mukunt

how is the new campus in karanai(shollinganallur), i spoke to them over ph and they gave me the details of the fee structure .i think only this year they moved to karanai .

IS it the same as the other campus? 

iam looking for admission for my 2 kids , 1st grade and 4th grade.we live in U.S and trying to find a good school in OMR . We  are planning to move for next  academic year,mean while im  researching for IGCSE , ICSE OR CBSE schools.reply to prakpuma@gmail.com. thanks.puma.



EvaAshley 2011-08-03 00:12:07


puma, I am Chellam. I am also looking to put kids in HLC. I live in USA only. Please let me know know the fee structure and any other details that u know. Thanks in advance


prakpuma 2011-08-03 03:34:31



the fee structure would be $57k per annum it might change for next year, this is for 4th grade.which grade are u looking for? when r u planning to move? did u find any other schools equally good? thanks.



EvaAshley 2011-08-03 04:55:53


puma, my 1st kid is goin 2 1st std and 2nd kid is goin 2 b in LKG. We are planning to move next year. How abt you? what is the fee structure for 1st std. Please let me know, Also 57K is just term fees or it includes other fees too. Keep in touch.



EvaAshley 2011-08-03 08:17:30


forgot to mention we heard PSBB Millenium and BVM global also gud...still need to speak to some of the parents who has experience in those schools...I did start an another discussion to get the feedback about BVM global and PSBB M. let's c.


michaelrenny1 2011-08-03 13:41:03


@eva ashley:my kid goes to psbb millennium...the school is really good in all aspects....


EvaAshley 2011-08-03 17:54:31


thanks Michael. Is it gud for kids coming back from USA? Is kids can study CBSE syllabus without stress or it is tough for kids coming from USA? Please let me know, I am concerned on how the transition for them is going to be.


michaelrenny1 2011-08-03 18:21:58


@eva:it will be good only....they can adapt it without any difficulties....


EvaAshley 2011-08-03 19:11:06


thanks very much for the feedback Michael. Is ur kids stuyding in PSBB Millenium? Anyway thanks again for your reply.



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