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jsara 2017-11-21 22:12:30


Hi Friends,

I have planned to get admission for my kid in Velammal Global mambakkam IGSCE 
KG grade 2018 
please give me any reviews feedback how is academics and pressure for the kids 
any extra amount they will collect in mid of the years ?
please help me with your reviews

Babusaonetwo 2017-12-16 08:31:27



We are planning to settle down in omr next year , hence looking out for a good Cambridge school ,sharing  the comments of couple of my friends whose wards are studying currently...

Velammal global , Mambakkam, was good last year, however the new principal did not have any clues what running within the school...

They are expensive as any Cambridge school however their quality of training is not in global standards.

There were lots of promises but nothing was kept:

1. No confirmation of Cambridge affiliation for the past 3 yrs.

2. Sports uniform not given until now..

3. No infrastructure for kids play viz NO playground .

4.Though  a/c is fixed in the classroom ... they don't work during the class hours, leading to suffocation.

5. Most of the Teachers authoritative rather than being friendly which other igcse adheres to.

6.Teachers And the principal discourage kids rather than working with them for academic improvements ... however one year back it was a positive environment where kids enjoyed schooling...

7.Projects were done by parents rather than by the kids themselves .... this hinders the individualist learning capability.

Also please share your honest feedbacks on other schools like Hlc, gateway, etc. which are in omr corridor for us to take a well informed decision 


jsara 2017-12-28 22:43:50


Thank you for the feedback.. 

so any idea how is colors intentional school ?

papabear 2018-01-04 13:20:49



Very honest appraisal. Velammal seems to be focussed on opening as many schools as they can without corresponding quality.  Their Sholinganallur branch was equally bad. I posted this in another thread sometime back, sharing this analysis here as well -


There are several schools in and around Sholinganallur, some good, few average and some bad. 

I would recommend that you research the following in the order of preference-

Really Good schools
1. Babaji Vidhyashram - CBSE Affiliated
2. PSBB Millenium - CBSE Affiliated

Average schools
3. Ramana Vidyalaya - CBSE Affiliated
4. Barathi Vidyalaya - CBSE Affiliated
5. Ayyapa Matriculation - State Board

Not so good
6. Narayana 
7. Chaitanya 
8.  Velammal
9. sacred heart

In terms of excellent teachers, infrastructure and value for money, I would say Babaji was my first preference. Both my children study there....however I looked around quiet a lot before I put my kids there and hence the full list.

Good luck with your child.

 Former member 2018-09-29 01:35:24


never come to velammal horrible choice

 Former member 2018-09-29 01:37:28


the school playground is based on open burials
i m sure if you tell municipal to excavate they ll find dead bodies
they just have to dig 10ft under the ground inside the playground close to the boundary walls


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