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suhasini1 2017-10-09 16:35:45


Hi, Any parents from Bodhana Montessori School at Velachery, who can explain their fee structure and also she'd some light on how Bodhana is all about, whether the kids there are happy and other details. Thanks,

nithyavad 2017-10-10 18:51:02


Also share the age limit and few lights on montessori schools

BhuvanDad 2017-12-13 21:59:12


Hi suhasini1,
Our son is going to Bodhana Montessori School.  He is now 5 years old and we are with the school since Jan, 2016.
Fee structure:
Its 15K per year as annual fee, somewhere between 13K and 17K per term for 3 terms an year depends on the child's class / age.  I will suggest you to contact the school office directly to get more detailed information.
About the School:
The founder is Mrs. Uma Sankaran, who is deeply passionate about her work that she is doing now.  We have witnessed this with the way the school blossoms step by step.  Her linkedin profile will surprise you that she is an Engineering Graduate, worked in CTS for over 4 years, but came into the field of Education out of her sheer passion.  She had done a volunteer work for about 1.5 years through Kalvi Trust in implementing Montessori environment and methods in Corporation School in Velachery before starting her own school.  Her mentor is Mrs. Uma Shankar, who is a veteran in Montessori India.
When I write this response, I compelled myself to write about the founder of the school so as to stress that this is not just a place where Montessori is practiced like till UKG and rest is CBSE or so.  This is a school with a vision of having full blown Montessori practices to maximum possible extent.
Coming to the school, it is a humble place, operated out of an independent apartment.  So, please do not expect a very wide campus with huge play area or ground.  But the school has got its own methods to bridge these needs.  If you are keen on knowing if Montessori environment and methods are being practiced, then, I can vouch for this school.  I guess all current parents would do so.
Since the age of the school is over 5 years, the faculty team is not like 10+ years of experienced, but they are well qualified.  This school itself takes many steps in organizing and conducting montessori related meets, sessions, training programs, etc.,  And this guarantees the guidance to the school itself.
"Whether the kids there are happy":
Recent happening at a hospital when I took my niece to a doctor and our son accompanied us.  While the doctor was inspeciting my niece, my son was all conversing and talkative with the doctor the whole time.  The doctor then asked about which school he is going into and if he likes the school.  Quote "Bodhana Montessori School... I am just very happy with my school doctor.." with all gestures and stuff.  The whole thing even promoted the doctor that she enquired with me about the school for a while.  We once heard from parents of a kid that they went away from the school and joined a CBSE school, but soon after few months returned back to the school and insisted all other parents not to take away kids from Montessori system.  Parents of another kid, in Elementary community now, (they are our former neighbour - we didn't have a clue that they joined the school till we saw them at the school..!!) had gone through difficult times when the kid was in a famous CBSE school with all loads of stressful work, withdrew him half-way last year and joined Bodhana.  He expressed that he is much happier in the school right after a week of joining.
You can see teachers who have joined the school having their kids in the school.  You can also see couple of parents of the children in the school got inspired, have taken Montessori training courses and have become teachers.
Please visit and talk to the faculty directly to get more details on the school.
Hope I helped..

BhuvanDad 2017-12-13 22:03:56


Hi nithyavad,

For age limits, please refer to the Communities sections in the school's website.

As I said earlier, please visit and talk to the faculty directly to get more details on the school.

"few lights on montessori schools"

I guess this is the very crucial part at your end that you and ONLY you should put in huge effort in getting to know about Montessori systems and schools for yourself.  It will be very difficult for anyone to detail about Montessori system or schools in few sentences.  Please read and talk to people as much as possible.


nithyavad 2017-12-14 09:43:58


thanks a lot bhuvandad for detsils. sure wl visit them in person.

146saji 2017-12-14 14:10:19


Hi bhuvandad, Today we went to bodhana montissori house of children. We really liked that environment and teachers... After reading your review only we went there and we registered for our son.. Thank you

BhuvanDad 2017-12-14 15:53:38


Hi 146saji,

Am very glad that you liked the environment, teachers and had registered your kid.  Welcome to the Bodhana family.

Hope we will get to meet soon in one of the many parents#teachers#children activities that happens in the school.


146saji 2017-12-14 18:04:44


Hi bhuvandad, We just registered they said they will call us in January for admission.. we registered in navadisha Montessori School too.. Ÿ˜ƒ do you know about navadisha Montessori School... If he get admission in bodhana sure we will meet up.

BhuvanDad 2017-12-15 19:05:32


Hi 146saji,

Sorry, I thought you already got admitted. :)

Navadisha is also full blown Montessori school and I guess it has upto 10th grade.  Am not having much insights into the school though.  Please reach out of parents who are into the school and other threads in this forum as well.

suhasini1 2017-12-29 12:32:45


Hi BhuvanDad,

        Thanks a lot for such a detailed review. We had actually decided on Bodhana itself after speaking to the admin mam on the phone only. They had asked us to visit in January only, as we are planning for June admission only for my kid. But not having seen the school, I was bit worried as we were not looking at any other schools, as to whether we made a right choice. Your words gave me lot of assurance and peace of mind too. My kid would start attending Elementary from next year there then. Hopefully we will meet there

Ushahsu 2017-12-31 16:51:36


Hi My son is now 4.5 year. Pls any existing parents share the detailed fees structure. Regards Usha

BhuvanDad 2018-01-02 21:10:48


Hi suhasini1,

Good to hear on your decision to join the Bodhana community.  Yes, sure we will meet.


BhuvanDad 2018-01-02 21:13:02


Hi Ushahsu,

I had given some high level details on fee structure in my earlier post.  I will suggest strongly that you please visit the school, have a detailed discussion with the faculty.  Discussions will always bring out many factors and of course on the fee structure too.


NVV02 2018-04-10 12:28:12


I visited Bodhana last year 2017 for kid admission enquiry,but had a very bad experience.As per my experience I do not suggest This "MONTESSORI SCHOOL"

nithyavad 2018-04-11 12:13:43


hi nvv02 can you ahate your exp in detail. it will be helpful

she5 2019-03-20 18:04:48


Would be interested in brain based after school program for your child between 3.5 to 12 uears

shambk 2019-03-20 23:28:05


Hi, I went to bodhana last year and enquired about Montessori style of teaching. I asked the principal about how much easy is it for kids to switch from Montessori to CBSE or ICE or IGCSE. I was amazed with the honesty of the principal.. She told me that its not a cakewalk for kids to switch from Montessori to any of the teaching style. Students might would take time to adjust to CBSE style. Her reason was- Montessori is more of learning methodology, it was more of applied knowledge than the bookish knowledge. So when any kid went out from bodhana to CBSE would take time to adjust. She even explained what she meant by giving example that they would talk about term "division" At class 4-5 whereas CBSE would do in class 2. But Montessori will teach class 1 student on how to share 4 fruits equaly to 2 people. So yes it would be tough for students to understand the Jargons used in CBSE for a Montessori student. I would have admitted my kid there if the school was till +2 but sadly after class 8 kids will have to face issue since bodhana I believe is till class 8 only

Lekha1987 2023-11-15 15:37:23


Hello , 

Till which class your kid studied in Bodhana . I would like to know how the elementary classes in Bodhana. Your guidance and review will be appreciated. 


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