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Ammu69 2017-09-14 13:00:10


Hello friends, my daughter wants to join as and a level in APL global school in chennai for her eleventh grade. We just want to know about the school from someone studying in the school. Any such parent with review ?

Rajkumark 2018-02-06 11:22:15


One of the Best IGCSE school in Chennai. As a parent I can vouch. 

Back2Chennai 2018-04-17 19:22:04


Hello All,

I am repatriating to Chennai after being abroad for 5 years. Looking for admission for my son into Class XI ( Eleven). Would like to get feedback from parents of students in higher classes.


eagle 2019-02-25 13:38:02


can anyone elaborate on the quality of academics for high shcool at APL, that is from grade 9 until grade 12?

hrithik2014 2019-12-25 16:46:38


@Rajkumar KKindly let me know your reviews on the School. teaching method etc., I am looking for my son's Grade1 admission at APL.
 Thanks in advance!

Sbala01 2021-03-16 16:01:51


@back2chennai and @Ammu,

I'm in same situation as you were few years ago.  I'm moving back to Chennai from USA.  I'm looking to enroll my daughter in 11th grade & 6th grade (IGCSE) in APL.   Please share your experience.  I spoke with admissions and looked ok.  I primarily looked at having a comfort environment and sports activities so my kids can adjust to the new environment with less stress. 

Thanks and really appreciate your inputs.


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