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Sandya 2009-06-02 10:55:49


Does anyone know about "St. Britto's academy''school which is put up in Velachery- How are the fairing in 10th and 12th? How is the education and parent teacher ratio? If anuyone has idea regarding this kindly share it here please


aruljose 2009-11-22 14:18:09


Me too interested in the info regarding this school. Even if you had heard from other parents, please give info. Thanks.


myname 2009-11-22 17:56:11



I could not find a website for this school...if anybody help  me on would be grateful.


aruljose 2009-11-23 09:34:41


myname 2009-11-23 22:30:24


Thanks aruljose!


Kavidha 2009-11-23 23:37:36


Please let me know when Stbritto's academy will issue aplication for LKG ..and also i would like to know about the school.


chiltu 2009-11-26 06:44:47



Applications are available online.. u can fill them up and then wait for their call,does anyone have some reviews about this school


Pavi29 2010-03-23 10:24:45


I would like to put my son in st.britto school for Prekg, can any one tell me about how good is school, need your some suggestion ? how does teachers are interacting with small one's?kindly share your comments ASAP.please share me your contact no who's son/daughter studing in this school like to understand some basic things.



LizT 2010-09-23 15:21:32


I am currently had a huge problem with the St. Britto's Academy school, velacheri. I had my child along with my friend's child studying there since LKG to Std 2. We used to reside in Velacheri. Now we shifted to OMR. As our residence shifted, we had to move our kids, that happened in the middle of the first term. This happened after paying the first term fees of 16K+ Van fees of about 2K for a 500 meter stop and for all school books/bags/uniforms and related accessories. We submitted the letter of TC about 2 months ago. And the officials sat on it, after asking not so interesting questions of why are u really moving and after a terse we will contact u, was silent, 2 months passed till we had to follow up, to which a rude reply was issued that we had to pay the second term fees of about 7K for TC alone. It was escalated to the principal on question what was happening for 2 months, and why was correspondence notifying the absence of the children not followed up as per CBSE regulations, the principal answer was perhaps the kids were taking a holiday. The attitude of the management leaves a lot to be desired. Now the front office staff is instructed to extract the said fees and when we ask to be escalated, pleaded us to pay the fees which might be trivial for us, and cause no problems. They were unable to produce the rules and regulations and even though the kids were missing from the class, no follow up from school was initiated. The request for appointment  with the correspondent was mentioned as unavailable since she is on foreign travel. Once mentioned, capable of making an international call, said she does not deign to talk to parents at all. The auction for TC was settled for 6K, complaint filed with CBSE and we have come out of the fiasco, with loss of money. The most disappointing behaviour seen was of the principal, the front office staff driven to lack of courtesy and  We heard that the school fees has been raised in midterm by a major percentage that have concerned parents rallying to talk to the management.
There was also an interesting incident that happened when the kids were on the KG, they hosted a primary cultural fest for kids from kg to 4th. And they also included 4th standard kids dance. Needless to say the event management was so bad, the pre-event rehearsal had the kids (kg kids) delivered to home at 10pm, starved. And the cultural fest happened without much refreshment till at about 8pm the event was a bedlam with hungry howling kids. Needless to say, the parents fled the scene to feed the howling kids. There was a meeting called the next day and we were made to listen to 4th std kids cribbing how parents didnt show their support by staying till 12 am and seeing their show. This was followed by a tirade by the correspondant, about punctuality and integrity. There is a distinct attitude about the management which shows a terrified demeanor in the staff including the prinicipal, even though the correspondent talks about cross international training of teachers. There also seem to be attrition among staff. The teachers are reluctant to provide time to discuss the ward in school. But needless to say, there are few dedicated teachers valiantly carrying the banner of education  in the school, but the general opinion in the locality is avoid the school for upper primary education and is ranked 3rd among the schools to avoid in the locality. Parents have kids go as far as alwarpet to perungudi for good schools avoiding the neighbourhood schools due to expense and quality of education. The swimming pool provides management with a gild and the school has added back building and bought the next door neighbouring plot and turned it into a playground. Income also flows from the metriculation school right across the neighbourhood.
Incidently I can provide a stellar comparitive study of the school my child is currently in. We put her in her current school after a detailed study on all the best schools in chennai. We are very satisfied with the current selection. Her english once stumbling has improved in leaps and bounds. The fundamentals are being drilled in, in a consistent manner and speech and articulation worked on. Homeworks are completed in the school and classrooms are airconditioned. Parents are notified of ward progress with use of email and blog system, so as to have no communication fallouts. The teachers make it a point to be available after school to discuss the child. Individual attention is being provided. The executive management is very courtious to the parents, and give immediate appointment for discussion. We also had a chance to attend a function hosted by the management.  The school is run by the balavidya mandir group of schools and their experience that comes from having multiple schools in their forte is visible in a quiet impressive manner.The hands on handling of the kids and parents and all the special guests were beyond par, with bottled water and refreshment distributed without reserve, a far cry from any of the events we had the misfortune to attend in Britto's. The fees and accessories (bag,books,uniform) charges were so decently priced in a no frill manner, which speak of a nonchalent affluence.
This review may not be complete if I dont mention the van service of St. Brittos. Brittos used to have a large bus and a small van, small van is so packed the small kids really suffer. The kids assume it is adventure tossed around and have come home with bruises on faces and brow, when they were in kg. They spend a 30 minutes scenary travel to reach a school 10 minutes away.
Other schools worth mentioning is the Akshaya school and Navadisha, which seems to be quietly making its mark, as the other primary schools and the newly established branches of popular schools in the city in velacheri. The playschool, Origin, stands out in public opinion for childcare. So today you do have a plethera of schools to choose from.


vijinarsi 2010-09-23 17:48:07



  I am looking for my daughter's admission in Pre-KG during 2011-12. Her DOB is 29-Apr-08. She will complete 3 by Apr '11.

What is the Pre-KG age criteria in Britto's for academic year. Is it 2-1/2 as of June (like most CBSE schools have?)

I have submitted the application online and have the reference no. and also Hard copy of it.

Do they really take care about online applications? Can we expect calls? Or will they also be issuing application in school counters

Liz T, read your inputs. Wanted to know which school your kid goes to currently?



LizT 2010-09-23 19:58:40



My child was admitted in Britto's without considering the norms of most schools. She was 1/2 year below the admissible age for lkg. she was 3. Britto's are not exactly well versed in online technologies but  it would be a good idea to call up and follow up if u are considering the school for admission. They didnt have much interview process when I admitted my child, except on payment of fee on first come first serve basis.

My daughter has been admitted to BVM Global Bollineni Hillside, they have a good study curriculum for primary and she is doing very well. The perungudi branch of the same group has also opened. Shiksha is also a good option, where a collegue's child from velacheri is admitted in prekg.


aruljose 2010-09-23 20:13:57


 Hi Liz T,

Thanks for your inputs.



vijinarsi 2010-09-28 10:06:06


Thanks Liz.

Where is Shiksha school.

Did you mean Sishya (OMR) branch


preethy 2011-06-24 02:36:25


sandhya had asked about st. Britto's. The place stinks --literally. Mounds of garbage, children defacating near the school (you have to walk around them), very poor teaching quality,very poor English, inept staff(tho the KG department is quite good,everything goes downhill from there).

                       Total waste of your hard earned money



preethy 2011-06-24 03:10:32



     In St. Britto's, last year ,when my daughter studied, a teacher had fleeced large sums of money from parents(who fearing her b'cos of the child--or thinking that teacher is God had given their money).Wonder whether the Principal knew---the teacher had fooled everyone saying she had a special rapport with the Principal who trusted her with all things.

                 In another incident a child was repeatedly hit on the head by a teacher. (Neither the child nor the parents complained. Mostly parents are illiterate. I don't mean in a bad way. But people with less education eagerly undergo such hardships thinking they will go up in life.

           My child, seeing such things used to fear going to school. Later I heard that beatings are a way of life there.

          All I can say is Good Riddance.


         Later , I heard that it is very common there.


balasvrb 2013-02-04 13:14:42


Today went for the admissions to the school.... I'm very surprised that they giv the admission for UKG when I was looking up for LKG... My son is 4 now and the principal just says that she would not permit him in LKG... Is it thier choice or the parents choice to put up in LKG or UKG I'm confused.... Please do giv suggestions...


aadesh 2013-02-12 00:54:53


 hi balasvrb

i too faced the same situation at son is 4 now and the principal says she can give admission for UKG only ...iam confused can the child directly start with ukg skipping lkg .....pls help me with ur suggestions...



Dhavi 2013-02-13 17:51:20


i am also facing the same issue. My daughter is now 3.7. As on July 3 2013 she will complete her 4 yrs. But now they have put her in LKG. But she is studying LKG in other school. Simply wasting one year for kid which very valuable. The admin gus are giving irresponsible answer like what we have to if u are loosing onu yr. This is our norms. But for a child who falls as on July birth can take exams baed on grace period. No will waste  one yr becaz  of 3 days. I know even in st brittos many children there with July birth who are aheading the class.


shry 2017-02-21 18:15:33


hello mam how is ur daughter stuyding now.Is the school is good now

8261 2017-06-23 17:39:35


My son has been studying  in this school since LKG( 10 years before). It was very good when i admitted him. Now the management has changed their attitude and become money minded and the quality of education went down and there is no moral and the fee is hiked to the sky (You will feel the word "Sky is the limit" when they increase the fee every year). You may have to spend at least a lakh for a kid per year as of now. they are hiking the fees minimum by 10% every year. I paid 25K five years before, now it has been hiked to nearly 85K (it is just fee alone, rest all not included). Just imagine the rate of increase. We would have been very happy to pay this fee if the quality of education has been increased in the same speed. But the result we got is totally opposite to that and we are totally unsatisfactory. The student strength in each class is too high, 45 students per class and there is no play ground and my kids carrying almost 15 Kg bag every day. By this way, your kid will be very strong in physique in future as he has to carry a huge weight on his back. 


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