Agurchand Manmull Jain School - Chennai - Review

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PandaMan 2017-09-09 06:18:51


My kid studies in AM Jain school for the past several years. the management and staff team were very good, when the students count was around 500.
Things all got changed when they got the CBSE affiliation, students count doubeld, management now became profit harvesters. they doubled the fee every year. Started building several classrooms, focused only on admission and fee collection.
Quality of education is at abysmal level now, every teacher is lowly paid as they want teachers who take only low salary.
Replaced a well versed, capable Principal in the year 2017, with a dummy zero experienced staff , who they showcase as principal, now. The current princi does not know anything to run this school, so imagine how the teaching staff will be? Next when one meets princi, the first question asked is whether you have paid the term fees, am mentioning this to make you understand that what the school is upto....
Coming to cleanliness and hygiene, we can easily mark it a 100 with a negative sign, meaning below zero, one should do a suprise check of the toilets to know what i mean.
My verdict, never think of putiing your kid in this school, save your money and child's future, better put him in a govt school, its far a better decision.


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