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Lourdes 2010-09-06 16:28:26


hi all,

I just recently spent 4 days re searching playschool for my very active 20 month old. Planning to put in one on Vidhya Dasami 

I'm a working mom and my mom looks after her. I wanted my little one to a have a  nice place to play and friends to play with- thats my sole aim of looking for a playgorup for her.

I saw a lot of play schools. Only the following made in into my list (criteria being student:teacher ratio of 10: 1 and proximity to egmore,chetpet area where i live)

Scope, Kilpauk- got raving reviews from everyone but I was disappointed with the playschool. Probably the pre-kg is really good. But playschool ahs one big room and a small playground and really sad toilet area.

Seed,Kilpauk - this is my current favourite. I liked the old bungalow and the play area and kind teacher. The bathroom is still a disappointment. Since they started only in June it is still not crowded. So it think personal care is possible. If I dotn find anything better this is where im planning to put my daugther.

Kidzee, Kilapuk- very nice teacher, nice playrooms albit a little musty smelling. Very informal. The teacher also doubles up as admin and ensure aaya cleans up. So for 2+ its ok. But at 1.9 my little one needs more personal care.

Apple Kids - Nice place except really small playrooms. Teacher was nice but not very fluent in English.  So as daycare this would have been fine not otherwise.

I'll greatly appreciate any advcie I can get on these schholls or any otehr school i have missed. I heard there is an ALPs in gopalapuram- which is not too far off..but dont know if its worth it. There is also a Stepping Stones Montessorie school in chetpet but they take only 2.5 yrs and above.

aparnash 2010-11-16 16:39:10


 did u try enchating elves which is next to seed?



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