Preschools in Thiruvanmiyur

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bharathikannamma 2017-05-31 09:50:44


Hi all, 
am new to parentree.My daughter is 2.6 years old...looking for a good preschool to start from Thiruvanmiyur.....pls guide

Madhusri 2017-05-31 18:16:55


Try Sunshine Preschool in Indiranagar. The lady who runs this school is very nice and best thing, kids are safe, secure and happy. its not all posh and stuff but very homely. All the best!!

bharathikannamma 2017-06-29 18:33:32


Thank you....recently Ive checked with The Clay school in Thiruvanmiyur.heard that the quality of education is good at an affordable price.My colleague's daughter had completed her prekg there last year.also went through their fb page.Am impressed and hv got admission there.thanks madhusri


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