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Kanchu03 2017-02-24 21:59:05


Hi all, we have got admission for both our boys in GTA (6th and 1st std) for academic year 2017-18. We are moving from US to India before school begins.
Is this school suitable for NRI students? What about language options? my kids can read and write in Tamil...but is Hindi compulsory???
Also, are the school transportation facilities good? we might stay in Uthandi to Mayajaal area.
Plz reply if you have your kids in the school presently or planning to put them here this year.

NITHI22 2017-02-26 09:21:49


Hi, Its good .. Hindi is not mandatory. U can choose Tamil as second lang

karthiks551985 2017-07-17 22:09:58


I recently went to GT Aloha Vidhya Mandir school. Came to know from them that the Aloha is not associated with them. Now the school name is still GTA Vidhya Mandir school. Can any one let us know what is the pros / cons after this partition?

AS far as we saw, the campus has play area behind the school building, crickets nets are there, volley ball, basket ball courts are there. Buses are nice and toilet is maintained well.

Though AC is there in all the class rooms, we doubt how often they switch on them. Class rooms are having smart boards. 

Also whether all the stuff listed in their website is really happening in real time. They have put plenty of information in their website, as co-curricular and extra curicular activities, just want to know how far this is happening.

How the children feel about attending this school, also how is the communication skill set of students there.
Is studying in this school gives the real feel of being in a CBSE school. Hope more parents can understand my expectation, as to how we think about cbse schools in our school days (who studied in matric schools know).

Also is any one sending their child from areas like sakthi nagar, customs colony (Thoraipakkam), as they are saying that their buses will go all the way to shollinganallur and come to neelangarai. so 7.40 pick up from the above locations, but school is only at 8.30.


UmaKrish2905 2017-07-18 20:51:09


Hi ,

    There is nothing pros/cons, they have other educational partners like GakkenMaths and all to impart activity based learning.Yes, for bigger tournaments, they will take the students to DB Jain college in OMR for furthur practice. ACs  seems to be used regularly, I have my kid studying in LKG, She was studying in the same school from PreKG, As far as I know, nothing is exaggarated in the site. It is happening in the real time too. As far as extra curricular activities are concerned, students can pick any  2 extracurricular activities and they will be practising it in saturday . Fee is bit higher as like other CBSE schools like BVM, Vels.Communication skills of students is excellent. Before enrolling my daughter in the school, I have been to the school to look at the infrastructure. I watched 4th standard students and all , speaking very fluently and flawlessly.

  Buses are commuting for all areas, but it will come between 7.00-7.40 and it will reach school campus by 8 AM. Since it is GPS enabled, parents can get sms alerts for transport.

karthiks551985 2017-07-19 11:29:25


Thanks for your reply Umakrish2905.

You have given a clear reply on all my queries. The reason I asked about AC is after reading reviews by few parents who have posted few problems they faced, in similar threads about the school. Any ways, it is a specific issue.

I don't say that they have exaggerated in the website, but wanted to know whether it is happening at present also, as we started hearing about this school recently.

Regarding bus, hope the school is only at 8.30, from your reply I think they will reach much early, what time will they (LKG/UKG) reach back to thoraipakkam? (in case you are residing there)


UmaKrish2905 2017-07-19 15:03:25


Hi Karthik,

    I checked with Prekg mam last year regarding the AC whether it will always be switched on, she said it will be mild. I don t  know regarding bus timing at Thoraipakkam as I reside in Thiruvanmiyur. But the bus come here usually by 7 15 am, it s very early for small kids to get ready to school by that time, but anyhow that is the only difficulty to make her ready.

karthiks551985 2017-07-19 22:35:39


Hi uma So kind of u, for ur patience and time in replying to my quieres and making me get a better feel about the school. Ur clarifications are so much important in shortlisting the school. Thanks Karthik

karana 2017-11-10 14:57:40


hi. Am planning to put my son GTA next year ! 7th grade. could you tell me the fees details how much you paid?


12bij 2019-03-27 11:06:58


Put my dsughter in GTAVM after her 10th which she had completed at a hillstation boarding school. Was overall happy with school. Very down to earth and friendly principal. School can improve by reducing teacher turnover.

Meena2014 2020-02-10 14:55:57


Can the current parents of the school give feedback and also the fees structure in GT Vidhya Mandir school? Also heard that there is no playground,  so how does the school manage without one? 


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