Hindu Senior Secondary School - Adyar - LKG Admission 2017

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sri24 2017-03-06 14:44:06


Anyone know whether the admission process over or still going on for LKG?

net34 2017-03-25 15:14:22


My daughter got admission in LKG in HSS. I recently saw this post. 
@sri24: Can you please add me to the whatsapp group? I will send my phone no to your email address. Thank you.


sri24 2017-03-25 20:37:37


Sure send it.i will add.still admission gng?

Karthika7 2017-07-25 14:51:07


Hi All,

what are the aspects they are considering to select? Can anyone please advise. any distance restriction? Should both parents go for job?

Karthika7 2017-08-11 15:01:35


what are the schools you have applied.... can we apply only Hindu & Sankara? is that enough? can you please provide me the list of docs which the school need during admission. I am planning for next year.

Karthika7 2017-10-09 16:02:18


Hi Sri24,

We are about to move from Medavakkam to Adyar next year 2018. I am planning to join my son in 2019 (LKG). if we reside in adyar, whether they will select for sure? Also what about the address proofs they need because we need to arrange those proofs next year once moved. Just taking a risk to move adyar beleiving in two schools Hindu & Sankara. 


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