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jprasan1978 2017-01-17 12:29:09


Hi ,
i m new to this blog..
i want to join my daughter in velammal mambakkam in 3 rd std.
is that school agood one?
i m new to chennai & residing in madambakkam..
is there any other good schools available nearby?

probcert 2017-01-18 16:59:19


Velammal focusses more on brand building than on developing our children....... better to avoid these chain of schools..... there will be no direct regulations from the management.....they just run by the brand name.....especially if it's a new school.....they learn by mistakes.....of course using our children as samples......for them it's another school.....for us's our precious children....!! Hope you get the the best

Prom 2017-01-20 11:34:51


Thanks for the feedback. It worths alot for me.

HahaSu 2017-08-30 00:00:51


I think the management is more focused on building branches than maintaining its values. and are hiring low grade staff for cheap price and as a result the treatment parents are getting is getting worst. teaching is nothing new same methodology that everyone follows -, too much homework, most weekend there is school, SMS, notifications don't come promptly. It's yet another factory that makes CBSE, I**, etc products - all depends on a students in-built ability nothing extra . After School Activities are there - but not so seriously conducted after the fee is collected. 

Other Staff - Security, etc.. a kid needs to interact with those as well right - not just with teachers.

me and wife went to pick up our kids from school, the entrance was little elevated and she had some difficulty getting in, doesn't mean she doesn't know driving, some security person shouted at her with a harsh comment - and when i questioned he almost came close to hit me. never expected a school security chief to be so arrogant.whatever it is, why on earth was he trying to hit me.

when i complained to the senior person, he was not showing interest, and was trying to convince me . i am concerned about safety for kids . 

such a shame - if they don't fix it - they won't appear on google search result for good reasons :-).


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