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Babaji Vidhyashram - Need thoughts on school location and academics

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dsenthil 2016-12-10 16:19:35


Hi Everyone,
 I've been looking for admission into Babaji Vidhyashram for my daughter for second grade for 2017. I'm seeing a lot of good reviews but no-where in parentree am hearing reviews on three aspects of the school.
1. Location of the school: When i went to the school, my first impression was that it was very good school with nice clean environment and good ambience. But the same silent ambience is also raising a concern within my mind on the safety of my kid. The route till the Classic Farms is fine. But just beside the school I see a lot of open space with marsh plants (primarily on the back side). Am worried if our kids could just go for a walk behind the school after school timings and get stuck into some marsh land. Or what if some evil guy does something to our kids post school timings. Am i overlooking too much? Wanted to hear your thoughts on that.
2. Academics: I hear good reviews on extra curricular activities and sports. But what about the core academics? My friend stays in an apartment near that school (Ceebros Belvedere) but hasn't sent her kid to that school. She was having doubts the school is bit not upto the mark on academics. Are kids getting good quality education, to be able to compete with same grade students with other schools regarding academics?
3. Teacher Attrition: Lastly my friend (who stays near that school at Ceebros Belvedere) also mentioned that the school has high teacher attrition rate. Is that true?
Kindly provide your helpful thoughts on these for am really thinking of choosing this school but for the above concerns. Hence any thoughts on those would help me to decide the right thing for my kid.
I've been comparing this school with few others near Shollinganallur. Velammal am worried that there will be a lot of academic pressure. Gateway, SJPS - am hearing is money minded. APL, CL Mehta Sishya, NPS international - seems to be very costly. PSBB Millenium, HIS - seems to be far from Sholinganallur.
Babaji seems to be closer and seems to provide good importance to extra curricular activities and above all seems to be transparent with parents and also the fees seems to be reasonable (except for the initial donation).

Hope to hear from a lot of people here. Also it would be helpful if you could contact me directly at my email address:


Raghav03 2017-01-16 15:36:36


Hi Senthil,
Have you decided?? 

I am also looking for admission into Babaji Vidhyashram for my son.
Please share your inputs, if any.


200904 2017-03-05 21:55:54


Hi frens ...have u decided n got first choice 4 my kids z babaji ....den ramana vidyaashram..kindly feed ur valuable ideas...

Vinayak1 2017-08-11 22:23:55


Hi senthil, I totally agree with ur is our first, what have u decided finally.even im on the lookout for a decent school to enrol my kid in class 5. Thx


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