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keshav 2008-10-30 13:06:25


Hi chennai parents,

What is the Right age for Preschool?Some say it is 2.5 years and some say it is 3 years.In one of the informations on preschools in chennai it was stated that a 9 month baby was there in a pre school.  preschools are used nowadays  if both parents work(it can be called a creche rather than a school).A school should imbibe what it should meant for.Some of the elders say it is pure business for money making.They did not have such schols in  their days and it was directly LKG.Any views on these.


shobha 2008-10-30 15:47:40


Pre-schools can be fun for even kids below 2. For example my older one went to daycare when he was 18 months and preschool when he was 2. My younger one started going to a preschool when he was 2. It really depends on what you are looking for in a playschool. Instead of emphasising on learning their ABC's and 123's it could be treated more like a place where children meet other children, play and have fun. In the latter case the children can start going to a playschool when they are as young as 1 1/2 years. It is good keep them busy and occupied and some playschools just do that. Our intention of sending them to a preschool was for them to develop their social skills, meet other children of their age and primarily have fun.


mango_mama 2008-10-31 08:30:53


I would think that 3 is ideal. Sometimes 2.5. They are more ready. But my older one went at 18 months. I really needed a break and we thought it would be better for her to socialiize.  but in hindsight I wish had sent her a little later since she took time adjusting and would cry. :-( My younger one went at 2.5 for 3 hours to a preschool where he mostly played. He took very well to preschool.

Had read a study that it is best for little children to spend time with the mother (or another involved caretaker). There are also early childhood education studies that have some sort of well formulae that at age 2, preschool could be for 2 hours, age age 3 for 3 hours (am not sure of the numbers) but you get the idea...

I also agree with Shobha that for very little kids especially under 3 that preschool/playschool should be just fun and social stuff and NO ABCs or 123 drills. Maybe by play. Even for age 3 and up. ABCs and 123 by play and lots and lots of outdoor play. They learn by playing and playing is their "work".

Good luck



devi 2008-10-31 14:11:36


From 19 months anytime I would suggest depending on the kid.

Your kid will show clear signs that they are ready. In my case, my daughter appeared bored during the day, frequently asked us to switch on TV, take her out...

Also if possible observe your kid in the play school for  a week and conclude. If she cries while you drop and then settles quickly then it is just one of her tantrum. If they cry intermittently too in the school then it may imply that she is not ready for it yet.

And again mine was crying for 3 days and settled now... ofcourse she does cry mildly in the morning when we make her up to school. However we observed that she is quite happy and comfortable there after we drop her.

Our society generally interprets school to only "learning", I think that view should change and school should also be intrepreted as a place where you can have lot of fun!



maximus.sathya 2009-01-16 09:59:26


As you can see, there really is no "right or wrong" answer to the question of whether you should send your child to preschool or not. All parents have different opinions about preschool, and ultimately it is your decision. It depends on the child and how much you do for them at home. At a good preschool they'll have access to trained staff, other children and good equipment. But if you have friends with kids you may be providing most of that already. Some children do benefit from preschool, particularly if they are very active and easily bored. Others hate it and shouldn't be forced to go.

I had to ask myself "Am I doing this for her or for me?" and until I could honestly answer "For her." I will keep her home.


Meera 2009-01-24 16:08:47


I feel that 2.5 years is ok. Montessori recommends 2.5 years. So if it is a montessori school this age should be ok.  Pre school also gives kids an option to socialize with theri own age group which is good in today's world of single children and life in apartments with kids staying within the confines of their own homes.

But unfortunately there are many so called play schools that do any thing but give "play' time for kids. They are used more as a preparatory school to get admission into so called prestigious schools. They are made to write alphabets, learn nursery rhymes ( some of which do not have any links to our culture). They have to learn to speak english etc etc. Too much for such a little person...




mjt 2010-11-10 14:36:46


Preschool means before L..K.G. Preschool  is not different from play school.Most of playschool or preschool conducting learning with fun.Because the children below 3 years should not sit or stand.They wandering here and there and crying.First the children below 3 years separate from mom and dad.they learn to himself doing all.


mjt 2010-11-10 14:41:09


Below 3 years some children could not speak properly.then how they learn .they are playingonly


drmanu 2012-05-29 17:36:19



I would like to give a scientific answer for this question as i am a Pediatrician and a developmental consultant.

By the age of 5 the brain of the baby Weighs 90% as that of the adult.The weight of the brain increases as the neurons get connected through connecting wires called Dendrites. A preschool is the first education experience for the child enabling rapid growth of Dendrites.Also, only after the particular skill is mastered windows for learning opens for the next level of skill,i.e Learning is sequential .only after they stand they can walk, then run, then jump.So this sequence can be facilitated in a play school enviroment  also nature has build the brain in such a way that during the first 2 years of life it can talk information at an overwhelming rate after which the rate gradually falls.

so admission at school at One year and Five months is the right decision . Also Language develops on Listening to more talk which is done by play school teachers. An Additional Benift is the socialising skills which we cannot build whithout a group



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