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krel 2016-11-01 15:55:09


Hi all,
Am new to Parentree. I sent email to Navadisha and they informed that seats are available only for toddelr group (1 to 2.5yrs) and Primary Montessori section (2.5yrs to 3yrs) as of March 31, 2017. My daughter will turn 2 in Jan hence she will be eligible for Toddler group only. My question is, if she gets into Toddler Group will she be automatically through for Primary Montessori section?

Ushahsu 2016-11-02 00:04:14


Actually as of march 31 2017, my kid will turn 1 year 3 months. I recieved a enquiry form they ask us to fill it up and send via post...

krel 2016-11-02 10:44:21


@ushahsu - they have replied asking me to send child name and dob multiple times but they are not sending the enquiry form. Do i need to wait? How did it happen for you?

Dhanya1234 2016-11-02 14:15:17


I also haven't received any enquiry form. Hey just mentioned that they will get back by December 2016.

Ushahsu 2016-11-02 16:00:18 idea...i recieved mail like you...."seats are available only for toddelr group (1 to 2.5yrs) and Primary Montessori section (2.5yrs to 3yrs) as of March 31, 2017. Bla bla bla......." After 2 hrs i recieved a enquiry form....

Ushahsu 2016-11-02 16:02:24


@dhanya1234. Wats ur kid age...?

krel 2016-11-02 18:35:35


@dhanya - I replied the same email with child name and DOB, but still they are sending the same automated email
@usha - ok, let me wait and see...


Dhanya1234 2016-11-02 22:14:43


@krel - same for me too
@ushahsu - she completed 3 in September 


Ushahsu 2016-11-02 23:27:48


Dhanya i guess the opening for age group 1 to of march 2017 ur kid is crossing 3 years na...For my first kid (now he is 3 yrs 3 months) i got the same automated response...recieved enquiry form for my second kid only....

DevDuraiPoo 2016-11-03 08:08:29


Hi all,

I also received the same automatic reply. My kid will cross 3 years by March 31. I am also waiting for the enquiry form.

krel 2016-11-03 10:37:26


@usha - My daughter will be 2yrs and 3 months by March 2017, but still am yet to receive the enquiry form. No idea, how they are sending them.

sandhyasreram 2016-11-16 11:37:49


@krel and @usha Have you sent your enquiry form back to the school? Does that mean your children got selected or you have to wait till December to know the lot results? I sent an email to the school and got a reply saying seats are available only for toddler and pre primary. My daughter will be 22 months by March 2017. I have sent my daughter's name and DOB.waiting for the enquiry form.

anumitha 2016-11-19 15:33:16


Hai sandhya
     I am anumitha .I am also in the same ship.I didnt get enquiry form till. If you get further details please share with me.You can mail me through

NithyaBathru 2016-11-23 10:55:04


Hi Ushahsu..

Please help me out my DD is April 2013 born, at present she is into Nursery Eurokids. I have sent an enquiry to Navadisha for admission, but no hope.. just got that automated reply.. any ways getting information. please anyone help me out.. I badly want to get my DD admitted only into a Montessori school.. any other suggestions for Montessori school.. am new to Chennai..


sandhyasreram 2016-11-23 12:38:37


Hi @NithyaBathru, You can try Abacus Montessori school if you are considering only Montessori school. It is located in Perungudi.

NithyaBathru 2016-11-23 14:22:28


Hi sandhyasreram..

many thanks for ur reply.. I tried there, they say there is no vacancy as of now.. but still I have dropped in the enquiry for admission @ Abacus... please any other suggestions/ideas.. I feel am loosing out time


sandhyasreram 2016-11-26 11:55:12


Hi Nithya, Where are you located? There is one other Montessori called Srujana Montessori in pallikaranai. Sudar Montessori in keelkatalai, thiravukol Montessori in Madipakkam.

NithyaBathru 2016-11-28 11:23:11


Hi sandhyasreram

Many thanks for ur reply.. I reside @ Perungudi... If you can suggest some reputed Montessori Schools...


sandhyasreram 2016-11-28 12:18:15


Hi NithyaBathru
Sorry. I am not sure of the Montessori schools near Perungudi except for Abacus. As I am residing in Madipakkam, I have gathered information on Montessori schools in and around Madipakkam.


NithyaBathru 2016-11-28 13:43:05


Hi Sandhya,

manythanks, if anything more ill get in touch..


NithyaBathru 2016-11-28 14:26:42


Hi dears,

Do any one have comments/reviews on Sharanalaya Montessori...?

Many thanks in advance..


NaliniArun 2017-02-02 13:49:54


I am looking for 1st standard seat for my son who already in Montessori stream. Does the application is still available.
Thanks for your inputs



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