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Meera 2009-05-07 14:46:45


Hello everyone

It has been some time since I have logged on and I find that there has been a lot of discussion around schools. While on this, I was wondering what exactly it is that parents look for in schools that make certain schools be labelled as "good schools"!! There is a certain school in Chennai with branches around Ashok Nagar , Kodambakkam and T Nagar which is a highly sought after CBSE school. I have heard from many parents that for children to stay in this school it is imperitive that they score an overall % of 60% or above in all subjects!! Otherwise the kids are asked to leave! Now isnt this unfair? If all kids could score 90% then what is the effort that the school is to take? Is it 100% first class results that a school should look for or cretaion of a learning environment where teachers ensure that all children are able to learn? Are all schools meant for high performers? I strongly beleive that every child is unique and marks are not the benchmark to determine intelligence. Having said this I would also like to mention that unfortunatley with the public exam system being determinant of a child's future education trajectory, we need to give it the due importance and not the undue importance that it currently receives. I find that so called first rank holders in many of the schools fall way below in knowledge levels - what are we expecting schools these days - Production centres for high marks or centres of learning? 

Any thoughts on this?




kn0609 2009-09-17 23:23:07


Hi ...

I totally agree with you.. though a bit late I guess. I believe its only people like you and me with similar thoughts on our education system can feel pity for the current scenario. This is why I welcome the HRD minister's move to introduce grading system in our exams... 


mango_mama 2009-09-18 10:23:13


Yes, with you on this.

To me, in general,  a "good school" is one that creates an environment for each child to flower to her potential. Help kids and parents discover their talents and encourage those.

The competition is within you. You have to find what you are good at and truly enjoy and go after it. If schools support and encourage that. That is good to me.


ravipreethi 2009-09-18 10:36:46



    last year i applied to a school for my daughter for 1st std, i liked their application itself, they asked many question to fill the application., some of the questions are

  1. what your child to be in future, and for that what you are going to do for that, and

2. what your are expect from the school, and what your child not to learn from the school, and what is the meaning of school and acadamic like that so may questions, but my child did not get admn.




smile 2009-09-18 14:37:57


Hi ravipreethi kindly let me know that it's for which school.....


ravipreethi 2009-09-18 15:22:27


hi smile,

      the school name is THE SCHOOL - KFI and it is in adyar.(Krishnamurthy Foundation of India), which is icse school and the every standard strenght will not be more than 35



Meera 2009-09-19 07:42:41


Hello Everyone


For a moment I was not sure that I had started this discussion- it was so long ago...But thanks for keeping it going!

Ravi Preethi,  I could guess even before you stated the name which school it could be ( or let me be frank, I had zeroed down the choice to 2-3 schools)

Yes, class sizes are very important for both the teacher and the student. I think there should be some strict measures implemented in schools to ensure that this is adhered to. It is good that the class 10 public exams have been scrapped in the CBSE stream. I am hoping that they do so in the ICSE syllabus too- this is a more progressive board so it should not be long before they come up with something  even better- but I just hope they do it before 2012 when my little one would do her public exams.

But I am told that many parents are horrified about the scrapping of public exams and the introduction of grading system- so who is creating demand for the so called  marks oreitned "high performance schools"?

Well it is us as parents.

On that profound note, I would like to sign off. But yes lets keep the discussion going.


Warm regards






ravipreethi 2009-09-19 13:32:43



        well educated indian parents alone created the mark oriented schools reputation and high govt. officials like IAS childrens are studying there. most of the parents are not worry about their childrens mind status and they are putting pressure on them to score high marks, because our education system is based on only marks oriented, if you get good marks then only you will get admn in iit like premier institutions,the parents are not aware of their child's in born capacities like sports, dance, drawing,music and make adventures, creativities, so our indian peoples are not able to competete in games and sports like lnternational games because

    we are mark oriented



saigee 2009-09-19 15:33:53


Very Interesting discussion!

I don't know how much the exams being scrapped would be of help.

The teachers are basically not trained to handle this sort of evaluation.  This whole thing is going to create lot of confusion. Since in our country even during the hiring process many companies eliminate candidates from applying by stating a cut-off %.

In my Opinion the exams are stressful ONLY because the students do not have very many options left if they don't do very well in the board exams.If the students have options whether they score well or not, I'm sure learning would be an enjoyable experience for every student.






Meera 2009-09-20 12:43:11


I think there has been a general increase in "competetiveness" among parents which is causing the schools to follow suit- I dont think we should blame IAS officers for sending their children to such schools- poor things they are usually posted in way out places where their children have to cope with very mediocre schools ( I can speak from my experiences in my childhood)- I think there is an obsession with slotting children into categories which is what parents would like. We should be willing to understand and accept if our child is not going to be an engineer and doctor. Neither my husband nor I are doctors or engineers but we are both highly respected professionsal- so the idea is to do what you are good at  and enjoy it to the hilt!!! If only schools and parents could accept it then life would be so much easier and "highperformance" schools would close down...

Have a great weekend.




Pavith 2009-09-21 10:33:46


Hello Friends,

I went through this discussion and it sounds interesting and happy to participate in such threads...

Actually even I used to think in the same way.. In wat way teachers can prove their skills by admitting bright students? As Meera said each and every child is unique and we cant expect the same..

Iam totally happy with the grading system introduced by CBSE. This is really gr8 idea as the students would be releived from board exams. They gain nothing from these exams.. they could be only book worm, which is of no use..

Not all of them working with MNC's are  first or state rank holders.. Its only how they present themselevess, their boldness, language, interpersonal skills..etc...

Even the big institutions like IIM's and IIT or any other B schools for that matter dosent look behind the academic records.. they consider the students apptitude and communication for admitting them

But all the parents should first understand this.. Not all of them are happy about this grading pattern... It is not that they dont like this but most of the parents are ignorant about the present trend..So the schools should take the responsiblity to educate the parents by explaining them wat exactly it is all about..




kn0609 2009-09-21 21:49:33



I am glad that this discussion has reached so far. I am also glad to find that there are so many like minded people in Chennai. Before my marriage .... and to a great extent after it also I thought Chennai respects only Engg and doctors. I had to cut my career short coz my in laws we unwilling to accept me working in the area of my interest (which is not medicine or engg). Though it was a personal decision .... my belief that Chennaites can not look beyond this was reaffirmed. But reading the threads in this discussion I am glad that I have found so many like minded people.

Secondly.... I agree with Meera coz its we  parents who  create a fearsome environment for our children regarding board exams...! I do not agree with scrapping of the exams.. but yes grading system will boost the confidence of our children. Why cant we parents make our children realise that a board exam is nothing but a set of papers issued and corrected centrally for all the children in the respective boards. Its just like having another exam. Why to treat it differently. I dont remember getting so worried about board exams during my 10th and +2 exams... I wonder why are our children facing this!!

At the end of the day we will be recognised only by our service to the society and not merely the knowledge of some currculam books.



Meera 2009-09-22 11:00:24


Hello Everyone and Good morning.

I sometimes wonder if  our group here is the trend or are we a "miniscule minority"?  While I can relate to everyone who is in this group and in other disucssions, I sometimes wonder if we are part of such groups because we think differently? The same is the case when I think of my daughter and her peers at school- we are a parent group in an alternate thinking group! So kn0609 much as I agree with you, I think we are a minority group! Chennai still respects only medicine and engg degree holders- otherwise how can we account for the huge demand for the very expensive private medical and engg colleges  located so far away from Chennai to which parents send their children on a daily basis? I have seen colleagues taking bank loans to send their children there and seen their children coming home exhausted after a 2 hour return trip from college!! All in the hope that they would make thier child a "doctor" or an "engineer".  Children have to often living with feelings of failure when they dont make it to these places. And as someone had mentioned earlier it does not mean that the people who pass out of these institutions are great in any way..

I dont know how we can change the way Chennai thinks but I am glad that I am in group that thinks differently...






kn0609 2009-09-22 19:19:38


Hi Meera, and everyone else

Yes.. I do agree that we are probably a very small group of people who think differently.... but I am sure these thoughts will make our children ---the Gen next also to think differently. By then this small group woould have become a large group who think out of the box...!!




splinetol 2009-11-18 13:03:35



I have some thoughts on this subject.  The formal education system in India is a borrowed bureaucracy. It was basically formed in the developed countries of the 19th century to meet the needs of industrialism. Therefore you have the concept of a school uniform(to handle labour), working to the sound of a bell(an assembly line task), high importance to punctuality(if u were late the whole assembly line would hold up work), being good at math and languages(if u could count, thats the only thing that mattered). All of the above are salient to a FACTORY WORKER. It was basically a conditioning process to train that kid to work in a factory. ...and it worked coz these were the guys who pumped in the money. So whoever is hiring and paying ur salary is atop the value chain.

Cut to the 21st century...the way we do business has changed. no longer are skills needed that were needed back then, but we continue to train FACTORY WORKERS. Our kids in school now will work for the next 50 yrs yet nobody knows what 5 yrs from now will be. Change is the only thing which is sure. how do we deal with preparing them for life???

I think the answer lies with creativity!! it is the need of the hour. when i refer to creativity i am not referring to art and its careers... i am saying the ability to innovate...the ability to learn, unlearn and re-learn. Innovation and creativity is the only thing that drives humanity and gives us the ability to adapt as well as makes us who we are.....otherwise we would be animals.

how do we train the kids to be creative.....thousands of ways....but in my observation...THE ARTS. yet in any school system we place it at the bottom of the pile. It truly is the largest stream that helps us do what we do in math, sciences doctor etc etc ....only better. The largest misconception i have seen is that arts is something that u have or dont, sort of like GOD gave this dude a gift...and i dont understand all this feeling and form and abstract stuff....coz if u cant count it, it doesnt count. Thats the most ridiculous arguement. We run our companies stigmatizing mistakes and therefore our education systems. If u dont try how do u innovate? How do we expect innovation?

If india truly want to capitalize on it young ...we need art in school...in the form of theater, dance, debates, creative writing, visual art...all of it. coz finding talent is a journey. u never know what might surface.





goputty 2009-11-19 12:22:08


hi everyone.u know its a wonderful discussion going on.v people in india only created this type of education,i can be changed only through us.....................


thank u


Abel 2009-11-20 02:12:09



  Hello Friends,   **** LKG Admission Query, **** We are recently relocated to Chennai. My son is 3.5 now: DOB: 04th May 2006, currently attending nursery at Euro Kids.   We are put up near Ambika Empire, 100 Ft road, Vadapalani.   I’m really confused about school admission in Chennai, when few schools issue application other schools completes admission, real dilemma to choose school. My job is transferable and I will be in Chennai for max 2 years.   Please provide rating some of the schools mentioned below, good infrastructure in school is important to me.  
  1. Scharam Academy, Anna Nagar (They will provide notification in first week of DEC )
  2. PSBB Millenium, GST Road (they told they have transportation facility to our locality, I need to make complete payment for admission by 23rd Dec, 2009. Really confused to accept admission offer or reject it considering distance, since other schools just start admission process at this time )
  3. Chennai Public School (They asked to contact in Jan 2010, I prefer this school, but it is too late, I fear if I decline PSBB millennium and my son does n’t make it to CPS interview, that will be worst case )
  Pls. add other good schools, if any and provide valuable suggestion in complex decentralized Chennai school admission process to choose right school.        

splinetol 2009-11-20 12:58:28


I think the grading system is a welcoming thought, but it deals with only easing the pressure on an irrelevant archaic system. We need to think beyond 'REFORM'. More on the lines of affirmitive thought as opposed to...boss how do we 'FIX' this. Its easier said than done obviously...given the current eco-system in private as well as public education....but only awareness and growing awareness can stimulate a market in that direction.

We have a young country....lets not get to the point of having to "FIX" them after its too late....


Akil 2009-11-20 14:44:00



This is Akila, i would like to join your group to discuss about the school and studies. My son is studying in Maharishi Vidhya Mandir UKG. Read all the comments all mothers discuss.





Akil 2009-11-20 14:49:22



Read your enquiry abt your child's admission, as u r located at Vadapalani, i would suggest you to apply at Maharishi, i feel the best school, especially kindergarden is excellent. My son is studying there and he is the outstanding student. The way they bring the child is very good. I should thank to his class teacher for her excellent coaching. During this month end or Dec 1st week, forms will be issued.




Abel 2009-11-20 21:46:44


Hello Akila,

Thanks for the feedback. Do they have transportation facility to vadapalani?

- Abel



chennaimom 2009-11-21 15:01:41


Hi Mrs YGP is a ver good school (Mylapore)... They have transportation facility for Vadapalni... Admission starts from Dec website:http://calibrefoundation.com/




HariKris 2010-10-12 16:48:40


Chennaimom, i dont know which YGP school you are referring to? Are you talking about Calibre academy? What is it that you like about this school? Can you please eloborate?


luma 2010-10-14 20:16:04


Calibre Academy!..NO..it should be called ARROGENCE ACADEMY..

Innovative approach in teaching attracted me to the school, the promises made during the day of my kid's admission made me pay the exorbitant fees though they didnt have a proper building,CBSE affiliation and many more...

they never kept their word...bad, worse they never

addressed parent’s concerns..

Salient features:

The management…constantly  trying to prove their excellence in taking one-sided decisions and posting mails to parents. for  them parents are mere customers…and being at the receiving end are bound to obey them ..else their kids are out of the school


The correspondent…known for her unavailability and arrogance…a busy bee who considers our children her children  , but sadly never finds time to solve their problem…

Her passion: playing musical school ,

Shadow boxing ,

Boasting about the great legacy,

Flaunting non existing features(of the school) ,

Make and break promises ,


 Trustees…are so good that they even don’t know what’s the strength of the school…cool isn’t it. Lets not waste time by going deep; since they are just dummies..


PRO.. who runs ‘sugar coated words ‘ company pvt ltd. She has a degree in ‘Clarifications’(main), ‘ Shouting and Screaming’ ,’Mis management’(sub).A( not so )wonderful lady who enjoys her resolving power but leaves parents ambiguous   and wondering ‘God, why my kid is here!‘, truly.. A  Chameleon in the grass...


Head Teacher..who is very much a part of the school and not very much a part of the school. Confusing..indeed she takes care of the academics.. but how to do, what to do..and when to do…orders come from ‘above’ she just needs to obey..we parents call her a dummy H.T..pathetic indeed..

Let me not forget..she is a very good listener, what if she can’t act?  There should be somebody in the school for this job!


And finally in the list comes the receptionist of the main school…who doesn’t know even the basics of the job, but very much interested in preaching, lacks professionalism , but always ready to give away free gyan . Known for the offensive display of (non) existent superiority. Pathetic;  madam doesn’t realize she is adding fuel to fire.

Somebody there needs more! Hope this describes everything.


 Former member 2010-10-14 23:57:45


Hi guys,

Calibre Educational Foundation has turned to be Calibre Ego Foundation and this acrimonious tussle between the management and parents would be detrimental to the growth and welfare of the School and our kids eventually. Why cant the school route the fee hike through PTA which have been demanded by the parents. If the management intent is clean why they dont set deadlines and communicate this in writing. The Larger issue are utilisation of funds, Infrastructure Issues which should be redressed by the management taking parent views into account. Wordsworth Lab or Robotics Lab are not worth if the Children are made to sit on the ground.

The parents are demanding basic facilities and school should be sanitised with the feeling of caring teaching for Children. Yeah some improvements are bound to come due to Parents Association but it should end with the formation of Strong PTA. And this should high on the priority list of the management rather than collection of fees by extending deadlines. We parents have no interest in Just Kidding Workshop or visits by high profile delegates from UK unless the children are provided basic facilities. 

Hope the Management understands the issues and not tarnish the name of Mrs.Y.G.P (Padma Shree Awardee) for which all the parents have reposed there faith on Madhuvanti.

Now the Management needs to do something tangible to reclaim and regain the confidence of parents. Extended tussle will harm the growth of the school which is not in the interest of any parties involved. Let we shed our egos and think of development.





bhuvanaraman 2010-12-15 11:08:27


Pls people i plead u all not to opt for calibre academy its urrrr.... horrible..... and poor admn too



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