October Born Losing a Year in Academics

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anusuriya 2010-07-14 15:45:50


My daughter is born on 20th October 2008. When is the right age to put her in pre-Kg. Many ppl say that she will be loosing 6 months in her academics..I dont understand that. If so what can be done tominimise the loss. Someone pls guide me .

deepasanthosh 2010-07-15 09:50:43


So what.? 6 months in a 17yr school life is hardly going to make a difference. Infact it would help your daughter to perform better if thats your concern.

We joined our daughter early and had so much trouble because she was expected to understand concepts that were hard for her at that age. But now after compensating and putting her in the right class she is doing so much better!





aanchal 2010-07-15 11:21:32


agreed with deepa..my son is sept2007 born..we put him in playgroup when he turned 1.9 in june 2009. now he is in nursery in the same playschool. as suggested by his school principal and many others, next year he will repeat his nursery in the mainstream school. this will help him adjust in the mainstream school format without having to learn too many new things..he will lose 9months, but thats better than being the youngest in the class. beign youngest in the class has many disadvantages. and as deepa pointed out, 6-9 months do not matter much in 17years of schooling..confidence matters more than age when it comes to learning!!


roses 2010-07-16 08:53:54


Very well put ...in a 17 years of school life 6-9 months is very insignificant. You'd rather have him ahead in the class as a good grasper rather than the one struggling.

Recently I overheard a parent mention that with their first son they went through so much of struggle by being overzealous parents and pushing him in a class ahead. With the cut-off date for school year changed their younger son will be pushed back by a year and they are all too happy for it.


anusuriya 2010-07-16 11:57:29


Dear all,

Thanks for your boosting replies. Your confident replies really makes me feel good.

I was really upset about this when my relatives told about this.Now it doesnt feel to be an issue.



BAN 2010-07-17 17:25:17


hi all,

my confusion is same as anusriya, my son is nov 16,2008 born and was thinking to put him to playgroup from this year. i had almost made up my mind but than i am gettng confused again


roses 2010-07-18 11:32:47


Ban - My son is Nov 18th 2008 born and I am happy that he will be the older one of the pack. Both my husband and I were the youngest in our respective classes. I can speak for myself...I always found myself to be the shy and youngest in development when it came to the other girls. Now on hindsight I realise why but then I used to think that my (physical) development was delayed.  

I will be putting him in a playschool next week if not Monday. I think he should be ok when it comes to interacting with other children. It is only finding himself without 'momma' initially which will be a real shock for him!


BAN 2010-07-18 14:17:33


thanks a lot roses.........

i m happy u posted a reply..... so ideally it is ok to put them to playschool this year right!!!!!!!!! u wont believe i am havng sleepless nights thinking about his school addmission.......... 


BAN 2010-07-18 18:34:15


hi roses... i went thru ur write-up once again...... u have said ur on is nov18, 2008 born........... but how come he will be older of the pack coz there will be kids of jan 2008 born in his class toooooooo!!!!!! so he will be the youngest!!!! and not the oldest.

I have kids in n around my area who are sept, oct , nov 2007 born n will be going to playschool from this year so this make our kds born in nov 2008 'the youngest".

n so the confusion continues..........this year or next year or other option is to repeat 1 class before he goes to 1st std......



roses 2010-07-19 01:57:30


For a moment you had me confused….and concerned!!

Ok here it is:

Just to highlight it from our case: My son and my neighbor’s son are in the same playgroup just now with the Toddler group. Both are 2008 born and my neighbor’s son (I’ll call him Jay) is 4 months older to my son (July 7th 2008 born). They play together and their milestones are similar.

But when it comes to formal pre-school environment here, he will be in the 3 year old toddler group next July while for my son can only join Toddler group in 2012.

With the school cut-off date for KG as August 31st , my son who is Nov 18th 2008 born  will not be admitted in KG school year of July 2013. In July he will be 4.8 yrs old. While Jay who is born on July 7th 2008 will join KG in 2013.

He will of course have my other neighbor’s son who is April 2009 (I'll call him Neel) born for company but will find Jay a year senior to him in school even though they were born in the same year and were together in the same playgroup initially. 

In terms of company, Neel is still a baby and has just about learnt to walk !

Therefore, he will be with kids who were born from Sept 1st 2008 - August 31st 2009 which makes him among the older few kids in the group.




roses 2010-07-19 02:43:04


I am happy though. Rather than have a kid who is shy and will take time to shine in class, I'd rather have him comfortable and at ease in his group even though he may be bored and I will need to keep him challenged in the initial years.

Studies show that Grade 4 onwards children catch up with their peers and that is when your child's performance shows. Until then I will have to either keep him busy with additional load or in extra-curriculars.. so be it...I prefer that to a slacker! 


ReshmySuresh 2010-10-04 12:03:15


 Actually I want my child to join play school next year. But C B S E  and Central govt rules  compelling me to join her L K G next( 2011-2012)  year itself. Anybody please help me to find the correct age with date to join her in L K G according with C B S E rules.



ReshmySuresh 2010-10-04 12:04:03


 Actually I want my child to join play school next year. But C B S E  and Central govt rules  compelling me to join her L K G next( 2011-2012)  year itself. Anybody please help me to find the correct age with date to join her in L K G according with C B S E rules.



anithaanthony 2010-10-04 22:25:47


hi my son is 3years old, by next Sept he will be 4years, actually i want him to join L.K.G next  year, according to CBSE stream it is told that you can admit him into L.K.G only when he is 4years old, is it ok if i could join him in L.K.G because he will be just 4months short, or shall i join him in PreKG next year.

Please advice.



evg 2010-10-18 12:55:45



My son is 3.5 yrs. Which pre school does your kid go ?

I am looking out for a good place to send him, also for a good daycare.. 

Any idea? 


aanchal 2010-10-18 15:07:28


@anitha: many of us are facing the same problem here. i have figured out one thumb-rule to keep my doubts clear. my son is also sept2007 born and he will be 3.9 in june 2011. some schools might take him for LKG and some may not. so i have decided to keep my options open to both LKG and nursery. if the school gives leeway of 3-4 months and there are many kids who are 3.8-3.9 in LKG, then i will also put him into LKG. but if no kid is 4 minus except  my son, then i will reconsider. so the decision depends not only on the school's willingness to take your child, but also on the average age of the class kids. your son should not be too young. in LKG, writing (alphabets, numbers)starts more formally than in nursery. very young kid may not be able to cope with it.


AartiR 2010-10-18 16:44:06


Read below article before concluding that your child is losing a year, you always earn a year every year -




aanchal 2010-10-18 21:46:56


aarti: very true..and the opening line by deepa in the beginning of the discussion --'whats 6 months in the 17years of education'-- makes a lot of sense.


Chinju 2010-10-21 10:37:26



My kid born on Jan 2007 was not allowed in most of the CBSE Schools for academic 2010-2011. I need to try now this year for LKG. She is now going to Kindergarden...

Hence 6 months loosing is not a problem at all :)



somnath 2010-11-22 17:20:45


Thanks to Deepa and others who have spoken for loosing 6 monhs is not a big deal!
I completely agree with you and i'm certainly not in a hurry to put my Oct-2008 born to rush to the mainstream schhol. But the crazy thing is she shouldnt be considered over-aged by the school when we go for LKG or 1st standard admission. Can you please shed some light how do schools behave in scenarios like this?



huchi 2010-11-22 20:23:07


Most schools who follow ICSE/CBSE have some sort of rules abt the ages of the children at term-time, so they shud not treat you differently as your child will not be the only one!!

We cannot plan kids thinking of the school term-times!!!

And I totally agree with the others, its better to be over-age in a class, specially at lower classes as its always advatageous,if not for us, but definitely for the child.



nirmalmani 2011-01-25 13:19:30


Hi All,

I am also sailing in same boat... Need ur suggestion...

My daughter is 24th sept 2008 born and she will be completing 2yrs 8mnths by ths MAY 2011..at presidency age cut off is 2.8yrs and rest of the schools its 3yrs... though some of the schools r nt strict abt the age criteria... When i approached cambridge school k r puram they initially rejected to give me adm form but she told me to meet the H.M. When i met the H.M. of the school she first calculated the age n told me we would take but she falls three months shorter than the age criteria list... for whc my hubby said she would be 7 mths older in the next bactch... for whc the H.M. replied 7mnths is not a bad age it falls under the criteria n she will be more smarter than the other kids in the class... Though it sounds good... i am in dilema as to put her in PH now or the next yr...??? If i put her ths yr in PH  i am scared if she could manage in her higher classes along with her mates being the longest in the class??

Pls suggest...


HappyMum 2011-01-25 14:10:18


In any school, the difference between the youngest and the oldest child is always bound to be 12 months (or even more) - whatever the cut off date - June to May or Jan to Dec....

So even if the child is eligible as per the school cut off, he/she may be the youngest in the class. Somebody's child has to be the youngest and somebody's child has to be the oldest. What matters is the right environment at school - the right attitude, the ability to handle younger kids, and providing equal opportunities to the youngest of the lot. If a school states that - "Your child will be the youngest in the class" - then please stay away from that school - as they know that they are not equipped to handle younger kids. One year gap is a huge difference - a 3 yr old is definitly different than a 4 yr old. Whatever the cut off, 2.8 to 3.8 or 3 to 4, the youngest kid will always need more attention.

I would suggest - try for a Montessori near your home.



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