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WHOAMI 2012-03-20 17:29:36



How was your experience with the school visit ? Our's was a pretty short meeting , I had expected it to be a lot more detailed though.



Vasukiraj 2012-03-20 19:41:56


Same here. The discussion was mostly around on  what was asked in the admission form.  But no clue on whether we passed in the right vibes to them . :)  Waiting for the results .  Any Idea when they would publish the results ?


WHOAMI 2012-03-20 20:53:33


We were told that they would let us know either way the 3rd of week March. So we are expecting to hear from them by the end of this week.

They did mention that they have very limited seats which implied they cannot admit everyone they thought were a good fit.

Btw, did you get a chance to look around the campus and the classrooms ?


Vasukiraj 2012-03-21 16:44:22


Thanks for the info.We did have a glimpse of the Campus and we really love the place .Very refreshing environment .Classrooms we didn't have a chance to look at.


Srihamsa 2012-03-22 09:20:16


 The School KFI has started sending out e-mails to those admitted




Vasukiraj 2012-03-22 10:42:46


Hi Srihamsa,

             We didn't make through the admission process . Do we still stand a chance to get admitted if there are any drop out from the selected list ?


Srihamsa 2012-03-22 14:35:05


 @Vasukiraj: Sorry to know about that. But am not sure if there would be any withdrawal. If there is, there could be a wait list. I am not sure about that. 

There were only 20 seats available, since about 5 have been kept aside for RTE. Of the 20 on offer, some would have gone to teachers, siblings and alumni-children. So it was tough anyways.

There are a few other alternative or good mainstream schools like HLC International, Good Earth, Navdisha, etc. There is even a homeschooling centre in Chennai now. Hope your child would make it to a happy school. 



Vasukiraj 2012-03-22 16:53:27


Thanks Srihamsa.May be would give a try next year . Meanwhile do you know any good montessori schoolor similar to KFI's vision around Adayar,Besant Nagar?


Srihamsa 2012-03-23 19:23:17


Navdisha in Velachery is the most reputed Motessori School in South Chennai. You could try talking to Temple Tree in Jeevarathnam Nagar - they have up to UKG but there were thoughts in upgrading the school to a primary school. If you are ok with a rather non-formal school  / learning centre, try Cascade run by Vidya on Kalakshetra Road. It is run on Montessori model and has some really good teachers. Very caring learning centre. Contact them at: Tel: 044-24527644 


WHOAMI 2012-03-24 04:05:56



Thanks a lot for sharing information regarding The School. It was very helpful thru our evaluation process of various schools in the city.

We received an offer for admission earlier this week. Thanks again. Btw, is the PTA active and vibrant ? I look forward to meeting with the rest of the parents.


Srihamsa 2012-03-24 08:21:20


 @WHOAMI: Congrats! It is a great school and am sure your child will have some very good time. 

There is NO PTA in The School KFI, leave alone there being a 'vibrant' one You may not even know who the other parents are! The School believes in dealing with each child and issues concerning him / her indepedantly. Parents collectively taking up issues goes against The School's ideas.

However, parents are encouraged to interact with the class teacher (after fixing appointment, which is easy) but only regarding the specific issues concerning their children. Parents are also required to write extensive reports on their children (in terms of attitudes, abilities, use of time, etc) and the school sends reports to parents. 



saigee 2012-03-24 14:16:22


 @WHOAMI -Congrats for getting admission.We didn't make it!

Thanks Srihamsa for all your inputs it was very helpful:)


WHOAMI 2012-03-27 06:57:52



Thanks. Hope you had other alternatives.


No PTA. Very interesting. Being new to the city we were hoping to make some friends and meet people with similar views on education. Glad to know that the teachers are accessible though.


Vasukiraj 2012-03-27 12:20:45


@WHOAMI - Congrats on getting admission . 

@Srihamsa -Thanks a lot for your inputs . As a parent ,visting these School and interacting with the people running them by itself was very educative .It did really open a new horizon for us .Never knew the field of education has so many branches(Montesori ,Waldrof  etc..)  and that still there are very focused and dedicated people(Vidhya) running  the school(learning centers ) like  Cascade  and also to mention Nadhinee running Temple tree . We are planning to put our 2 year old son in Temple tree.  Srihamsa  do you by any chance know whether KFI will be opening their admission for next year for Class 2 .Also we are seriously thinking of trying for my daughter again in class 1  again if that's allowed (though she might be 6 +)  just  that the probablity of getting admission is higher in 1st class .



DESIHAWK 2012-03-30 22:54:00



You had mentioned Navadisha, Good Earth, HLC etc as good substitutes to KFI - The School. Could you also opine on the methodology / quality of teachers etc. at Abacus in Perungudi? Thanks much!

@WHOAMI: Congrats!


WHOAMI 2012-04-03 07:12:43


@ Vasukiraj : Thanks. Hope you had other alternatives.

@DESIHAWK : Thanks. Hope your relocation plans are shaping up. It is definitely challenging to weed thru the schools in Chennai.


Srihamsa 2012-04-03 09:13:52


 @Desihawk: Abacus in Perungudi is supposedly a Montessori School. Decent reputation, though I am not sure how they manage a Montessori pedagogy with an ICSE syllabus. There was, reportedly, a teacher attrition problem earlier. But I guess that can be said of any school in Chennai. Check out with someone who sends children there for a fair view. 


@Whoami: I think you can try again for Class 1 if you don't mind that and the child also does not mind that. Vacancies in class 2 are rather rare unless people move cities after admitting children in class 1. 


DESIHAWK 2012-04-06 01:42:06


@WHOAMI : Thanks for the wishes. It is easily the most important part of the move. Of course, we're still considering the 'hail mary' ... wait it out for a year and hope our boy gets into KFI ... either way, I am of the firm belief that it all works out in the end. Let's see if India puts that belief to the test!

@Srihamsa : Thanks much for your response. It appears that admissions are winding down in June for most schools, but Abacus seems to have a September admission as well. So, we're looking into that.


neevk 2012-04-07 15:02:04



My child has got admission in KFI this year, but my concern was the relocation of the school to another campus. Do you know where they are considering shifting?

Any input on that would be helpful.



Srihamsa 2012-04-07 21:56:23


 @neevk: The relocation process seems to be in southern direction (along ECR, OMR stretches). But one cannot be certain about this. If a great property is available on say, the GST Road, am sure KFI will take it.

The School has a decent budget, but is constrained by their inability to follow the usual practices in realty sector such as payment of certain portion in cash. Big developers would love a school like KFI within their townships but the school cannot offer quid pro quo in terms of seats for residents of the township. There are many such constraints which narrow the scope of relocation.

My bet is on some location beyond Sholinganallur on OMR or Akkarai on ECR. I could be proved completely wrong.




WHOAMI 2012-04-24 07:22:58



Any possibility of the school re-locating to someplace that is not ECR/OMR/GST ? It may be tough to find a large parcel of land with the constraints that you have mentioned. Since they seem to have a fairly decent budget they may get a smaller pie if they chose to move to a well established neighbhorhood. Is the preference to have a big campus in the outskirts or an urban building in the core city areas ?


Srihamsa 2012-04-24 09:03:36


 @Whoami: I guess, this is purely a guess based on available info, that the possibility of the school relocating to a place that is not on OMR/ECR/GST is remote. The budget may be 'decent' only in relative terms - does not look 'decent' if one is looking at a couple of acres within the city. I also think KFI will not prefer a concrete building in the city as a 'school'. A reasonably big campus is an integral part of the KFI education model. Also, to get ICSE recognition for the new campus, it must be of certain size, with playground, etc.




DESIHAWK 2012-04-26 01:06:56


I am still hopeful that the KFI location on Greenways Road is in consideration. It would be a GREAT location for the school (if my recollection is correct).


Srihamsa 2012-04-26 06:48:25


@Desihawk: Vasant Vihar is NOT in consideration, as explained in a parents' meeting. Even if the trustees agree, they cannot do much since a kind of 'no change in future' clause has been put in earlier. KFI has is bound by that. Another piece of land belonging to a temple trust on Greenways Road has been in consideration, but that comes only for 30 years lease and KFI seeks permanancy at the location it is moving to.



DESIHAWK 2012-04-26 19:44:57


That's unfortunate ... thanks for the info.Surely, they'll do the best they can given all constraints.

I'm curious to see where they land as well, since (as someone pointed out recently), the best educational opportunities can be undone by a 2 hour daily commute at such a young age.


Srihamsa 2012-04-26 21:32:17


@Desihawk: True. I share your concern on potential long commute for children to and fro the new campus, particularly since I share the compound wall with The School KFI... 

That said, Valley School in Bangalore, a KFI School, had been a long commute for any city resident. Few seem to have complained perhaps because children ended up in a 100-acre green campus after the long commute from the city. If The School KFI were to have a great, green campus at the new location, I guess one would not mind the commute. But given the crazy land prices, and KFI's intention to seek a permanent campus, this seems unlikely.

Schools which have moved out of the city to distant suburbs, like HLC International, have created attractive campuses and buildings. Many of the parents who like the kind of education the school offers, and would not hear of alternatives, will perhaps relocate residence - after all, all kinds of super-luxury homes are available on OMR, ECR and GST stretches. But quite a few may be put off by the thought of long commute and may look for a mainstream school closeby. Some say that no school has actually effectively relocated  - when 'relocation' happens, actually a 'new' school happens; new parents come in, and existing ones sort of...unbundle.

I have also heard attempts by progressive school managements to get kids to watch good videos, have packed breakfast during the long commute. Depends on the kind of vehicle, I guess. And sometimes, long commutes provide enough time for kids to spend great time with their peers, friends and classmates, without teacher supervision! Could even be the main reason for some to like school, who knows!






DESIHAWK 2012-04-27 19:27:08


Thanks for your thoughts, Srihamsa.

I would also be equally (if not more) concerned about losing the teaching talent from the old school location. I would imagine that teachers with experience at established - and reputed - schools such as The School would be prime pickings for the newer schools that are coming up around their original locations. Additionally, it may not be as easy to attract good teachers the farther one goes from the city.

Again of course, I'm sure keener minds than I are seriously considering all of these issues in planning the move. Since my son only qualifies for KFI in 2014, I'm hoping they'll have some of these issues resolved by then (and of course, that we manage to get admission! ).


Lakme 2012-12-18 18:59:36



I wish to discuss with you in person to know more about few schools before I proceed with my daughter's school change and my residence change . If you dont mind, please send me your contact no to the below email id ''





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