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pramoo 2010-06-26 11:20:35


Dear all,

I admitted my girl child to A- school anna nagar west.  The school is opening on june 28, 2010.  Upto march 2, the timings are 12-00 to 2.00 p.m.  After that what will be the timing.  Anybody of this branch has any transportation to this school. Parents of this branch pl clarify.




Brightstarforever 2011-02-07 11:18:30


hi pramod,

i am planning to get my kid enrolled in A school anna nagar can u help me with the details of the fee how much u had to pay and how u feel all aobut the school treating ur kid.. pls that would really help me as i have been looking for reviews and i have not found any for A school anna nagar my kids is suppose to go for UKG this year june so pls send accross the details i would really be thankful to you..






pramoo 2011-02-07 16:30:20



My daughter is studying in A school, Anna Nagar West branch.  Initially I paid admis fee of 9000, materia fee of 5000 and I st term fee of 9000 totalling 23,000.  The school is clean and hygenic.  They conducted the cultural show at the headoffice building at Rani Seethai Hall named galaxy where kids from all branches participated.  It was very nice.  The school is clean and all of them from decent upper class kids are studying in our branch.    My kid is in Ist std now, she is going to IInd this year june where the main school will be in Mogappair where they will inform later on.  Teachers are friendly and polite.  You can go and have a visit to the school before joining your kid there.





gingli 2012-05-23 21:14:04


Hi Pramod,

Hope i could still get things clarified though it is a log time since you last posted. I have put my kid in A School in Annanagar West into I std this June.  Could you plz tell me whether they strictly follow the CBSE syllabus from std I onwards? In some of the reviews i heard that if the students in Std I are very less, they are combined with the lower classes.  Is it true? Looking forward to your valuable comments and thanks in advance



 Former member 2012-06-12 21:37:06


Please dont opt for A school. I had a bitter experience with Annanagar branch. They dont have a main school and will keep saying it will be ready soon. They told this 2yrs back and still they dont have the main school

With our bitter experience in 2010, we enrolled our daughter in a different school. my friend did not have any problem then. His daughter completed 2 years in A school and now they are struggling to get admission for 1st std in other school, as some schools dont take in new admissions for 1st,2nd stc etc. and they have their own students who completed UKG in their school

I am happy that my child did not get admitted in A school.


gingli 2012-06-13 01:25:12


 Thanks Vidhy for your review.  I was about to put my daughter for her pre kg.  But i am opting out now.  Since I already paid the fee for my son for std I, I dont have any other option other than to continue this year.  Hoping to get admitted in Std II in some other schools near by. 



 Former member 2012-06-13 09:34:53


You are welcome.Where are you put up? Decide on one school where you like your child to study and enroll them in prekg there. Education has become a business and you have to shell out the donation each time you change school...


gingli 2012-06-13 20:24:25


Hi Vidhya,

I am put up in Thiruvaluvar Colony 23rd st, 1st, block, just behind A School.  Actually I am new to Chennai and thats why all this muddle.  But thanks to you I spared my daughter. Actually I tried  schools like Spartan and St. Michael's Adayar but I did not get the admission for Std I.  As of now, we came across a school by name British school which is also close by and the fee structure was the least for pre-kg (Rs. 20,000 per annum inclusive of uniform, study materials and admission fee). So I thought of putting my daughter there for pre-kg and try in SBOA next year for LKG and II std. for my son. If you have any suggestions, plz do let me know. I am actually really confused. Your suggestions mean a lot to me. And ........ thanks a lot in advance.


harshas 2012-06-14 15:27:39


For Pre kg Rs.20,000/- is ok.  In most of the cbse schools are admitting the child in LKG only.  In Anna Nagar SBOA, DAV, CHINMAYA VIDHYALYA  are admitting the child in LKG only.   I am in Korattur and I put my son for Prekg in BLOSSOM Play school which is nearer to me and the fees structure is Rs.19750/- exclusive of uniform.


For SBOA CBSE - This year they have collected the donation for LKG minimum of Rs.50,000/- to Rs.70000/- Max. In SBOA the donation is high comparatively other schools but fees are not that much higher and education wise also it is very good. If possible get an recommendation like State Bank high officials are some source.  It is tough to get an admission for 2nd. You start contacting the school from October onwards for next year for LKG.

Are you tried Chennai Public School.U can able to spend more money you can try this school.  They have a class from Pre KG to 12th and they have started just 2 years before. I heard that the school fees is very high.

I hope this will help you.





SowmyaDoss 2012-06-14 16:20:46


 Hi Harsha's.. Your reply was so useful for me.. even i might look for the Addmission in SBOA For my Daughter.. 


gingli 2012-06-14 20:19:04


 Hi Harsha, 

Thanks for your reply, it was very informative. As per your suggestion I will try to put by daughter in SBOA for LKG and keeping my fingers crossed for getting an admission for 2nd Std. too. If the education is good, I guess I would try to get hold of some recommendation and somehow get my son into it. Hope it works out well. And once again thanks a lot for the information, atleast now I have an idea of which school I can focus on.

Sowmya, are you put up somewhere in Anna Nagar?  And what class will your daughter be going to. If you too are looking for admissions in SBOA for next year, we both are in the same boat. My wishes for your daughter to get admitted in SBOA.



SowmyaDoss 2012-06-14 21:04:38


 Hi gingli... Am Near Kolathur.. and plannig to get shifted to Anna Nagar shortly. But again  i want to decide on that based on the admission of ma Daughter'. Yeah well said sailing on the same boat... Now she at Preschool in Arise n Shine Playschool @ periyar Nagar n i made my mind to try for SBOA on top priority.. . C we parents have already started discussing abt it 5mths early..  Actually we both have to wish each other for getting the admission.

Stay n Touch.. ll be useful to share some info's we get on schools issuing App Forms or other stuffs... 


 Former member 2012-06-14 22:00:23



20000 for prekg is ok. Getting admission in sboa for 2nd std might be difficult, you can give it a try through recommendation. i heard donation is around a lakh in sboa. SBOA school doesnt ask for donation instead they give a form and ask you to fill what you can offer, they filter application based on the amount you entered. Nobody knows what amounts were selected except the parents whose kids were selected.

Chennai public school in annanagar is full and they are sending new students to thirumalisai which is quite far. their fees structure is 1 lakh/year.

Think of a school where you like your daughter to study and start trying from october. Dont change schools quite often as that costs a lot of money by paying donation to each school



gingli 2012-06-15 20:55:39


 Hi Vidhya,

What you said was too true. Now I am concentrating on puting my daughter in SBOA from LKG itself and try to get for 2nd std too through some influenze like managers of SBI.  Praying that it would trun out well. I wish i had visited this site before admitting my son in A School.  That was the greatest mistake I made and I am paying for it now. Thanks to you, at least I woke up now, before the damage done was too fatal. In case I dont get SBOA can you suggest few other schools in Anna Nagar? Chennai Public School is too costly. Looking forward to your valuable suggestions.


Hi Sowmya,

SBOA is my top priority too. I am glad I have a person to share my anxiety and will surely let you know of the progress.  Will stay in touch............ Good luck.........!!!


harshas 2012-06-16 12:26:13


hi gingli and sowmya


I am also looking admission for my son LKG in SBOA school next year. Gingli you can try DAV, Chinmaya vidyalaya.

But from last year onwards i am watching this parentree group and i read most threads for last year admission.  Donation and luck plays an important role.  We pray the god to get admitted in SBOA.

keep in touch to share our views.




yesseskay 2012-06-16 17:55:29


 hi all.. my daughter is june 2009 born.. so i understand all CBSE LKG admissions are eligible foir my daugter only for yr-2013~2014... I have shortlisted priority list-- DAV, Chinmaya.Sboa..worst case- Schram academy..

Can anyone throw ligt on the admissions details of these schools..please..it will help me to plan properly.

Can you let me know..if there are better schools than this..like montessori in tharamni ?






 Former member 2012-06-17 16:27:16



You can try Velammal (CBSE). Choose a school what you feel is good and once your kid is enrolled, dont think of changing schools again

My daughter is in Schram academy. I chose this school as it is close to home and had less than a day to make a decision.  I never tried any other school

Earlier we had an admission in A school for 2010, but when we went on the first day of school, we were told that since we paid the fees in 2009( we admitted her on Vijayadasami for 2010), the fees was for 2009(for which my daughter never went to school)  and we have to pay again for 2010. We were shocked and argued with the unorganized management, but nothing worked out. We lost about 25000+. Clearly decided that A school is never a good school and enrolled in Schram.

The play ground is very small in Schram and we dont like it, but I know there is no school called the best school. so accepted it. The class strength is less compared to SBOA which is good.



gingli 2012-06-18 19:38:40


 Hi Harsha and Vidhya,

Thanks for your input. As Vidhya said Velammal is my next priority. I am not keen on DAV because I want both my son and daughter in the same school.  But from what I saw, they say that in Velammal and DAV academics alone is the top priority and they dont give importance to extracurricular activities.  Is it true? And do you have any idea about Spartan CBSE in Mogappair? Kindly give your ideas about this school too.

Yet hoping that my kids would be placed in SBOA. 

And Vidhya, it is so shocking to hear about A School.  I just hope I get through this year alone without any hiccups. After hearing all this, I just dont know how to thank you enough for saving my daughter just in time.

Harsha, Sowmya, and Yesseskay .................. Praying that your kids too get admitted in SBOA. Will let you know of any updates............. Do keep in touch regarding the admission procedures.



harshas 2012-06-19 14:32:39


hi gingli


What you said is correct.  DAV and Vellammal are mainly concentrate on Acadamics.  And moreover the students in vellammal is having more mental stress and pressure.

Dont mistake me by  saying this - My train mate son is studying vellammal surapet branch ( way to ambattur to avadi). in I STD. He does nt like maths subject (what he is saying know always do maths, maths. I do nt like. But a lot of students are studying in Vellammal and most of the students are scored in high marks also who is in average student in the other school. As vidya said we can not change the school oftenly. Mainly we have to pay the donation each time. That is the main thing.  Think twice and decide yourself and go ahead. You can try DAV for you son and daughter as well.


You can also try Kolaperumal Chetty Vaishnav Sr Sec School, No.815 E V R Road, Koyambedu - Ph:044-23631819 -  www.kpcvs.in. I did nt know much about the school but I heard that teaching is good. 


harshas 2012-06-19 14:56:21


hi yesseskay

My opinion is in chennai schooling we wont opt for montessori education. Because it is very difficult to get admission in the middle.  As vidya said we should put our kid in LKG in good school then it will go upto atleast 10th std. you are already listed the good schools in and around Anna nagar. These are the good schools. Apart from this kolaperumal is good. Currently where are you put up. You can also try BHAVANS Kilpauk.



 Former member 2012-06-19 15:15:59


I heard Sindhi model (behind bhavans) is a good school.


gingli 2012-06-19 20:46:57


 Hi Harsha,

Thanks for your suggestion.  I will surely check out Kolaperumal Chetty School. And do you have any idea about Spartan CBSE.  They say they give importance to extracurricular activities also................. But i dont know how far its true.  Lets hope for the best.


harshas 2012-06-20 14:21:32


Hi gingli

I dont have much idea bout Spartan CBSE. But heard that the school is good and i think the fees could be little high.

Vidhya - I also heard Sindhi Model is good. But I read the other post from this site only that  they dont have play ground and the donation is high



yesseskay 2012-06-20 19:17:42


@Vidyak..am at anna nagar west dot ... well.. i ll take your advise...


can any of our group members aware about the time of admission on each of these schools.










gingli 2012-06-20 21:26:33


 Thanks Harsha

Hi yesseskay,

I too am looking for admissions in SBOA, Spartan and Schram. So will certainly let you know if I come across anything. Where are you put in Anna Nagar West? I am put up at Thiruvalluvar Kudiyiruppu, just behind UCMAS.


gingli 2012-06-20 22:00:12


 Hi Vidhya,

Good to know that you have put your kid in Schram.  Apart from the play ground, do you face any issues?  Are there any extracurricular activities or just academics only? And will they provide transport facility from Anna Nagar West? Your input would be very valuable as the schools I have shortlisted for my kids are SBOA, Spartan, and Schram in that order.  Would you also brief me about the admission procedures and about the interview they conduct for LKG so that I can get my daughter prepared? Looking forward to your post and thanks in advance.


 Former member 2012-06-21 09:23:17


Schram takes care of extra curricular activities, but how much the child learns is a question. They teach roller skating but my daughter doesnt like it much. They have appointed freshers as teachers this year. Teachers turn around is high.

Transport facilities are available. Last year the donation was 65K. not sure about this year. Try admission for Maduravoyal main school. They might give it as you are applying for LKG otherwise they give only the Nolambur branch. This is the only time you can ask, as after you enroll, they dont consider shifting locations. They charge 3000 spl fees+3000 maintanance

Reg interview for LKG, shouldnt be much. They just ask the basics, like name,animals, colors etc.

Spartan - Check if they are affiliated otherwise heard it is a good school.


harshas 2012-06-21 09:55:01


Hi yesseskay,


I too looking admission for SBOA and DAV.Surely i will let you know if i am across anything.  But all the school we should keep on eye by the month of October onwards.




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