Vael's Billabong High International School Pon Vidhyashram Gardens - Chennai

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eshpre 2016-07-20 06:12:58


Can someone please give your thoughts on Vael's Billabong high in Injambakkam. We are returning to India next month and planning to enroll our son in 4th grade there.
There is no recent review about the school in any of the forums. So please parents....please give your feedback on the school.

Srivigal 2017-02-07 18:19:14


Hi everyone,

Even I'm looking for reviews about vael's Internationl in Injambakkam and also Vael's interantinal kangaroo for my younger child.i currently live in Gurgaon and relocating to chennai next year. 

Awaiting for reviews, Thanks!

eshpre 2018-08-08 12:16:23


Let me give honest review about the school. I am going to split it into pros and cons.
First the Pros:

1) Class strength is 22-28 (definitely less than 30)
2) Child-centric in the sense, nobody is rude to kids. Especially if you are comiing from abroad, your child will have no problem acclimatizing here.
3) Very comfortable uniforms. Shorts and Tshirt.
4) Good canteen facility
5) Air conditioned class rooms
6) Very friendly transport team. (Very hard to find these days considering that drivers are way too polite and accommodating)
7) The school has tied up with 'Open Door' for cycle tests and the questions asked are application based and can not be answered by rote learning

1) Though the class strength is less, majority of the teachers are unable to hold the attention of students for long.
2) They don't scold children which is a good thing but they don't even try disciplining them. If you come late no problem. early no problem, if you study well no problem if not also no problem.
3) For higher classes , some chapters are omitted at the end of the year, as the teacher is unable to complete the portions.
4) Despite charging a very hefty fees, they don't have digital boards in class rooms.
5) Kids are expected to write all the answers to the questions at the end of the chapter as homework... which usually means literally repeating the entire lesson as answers...(of-course some times work sheets are given but the questions are not of a very high standard) 
6) The 'Open door' test papers are not discussed in detail in the class room


vij 2018-08-11 14:11:07


Hi eshpre,

Thanks for the Nice detailed review.

Do you know Vaels Billabong recent 10th and 12th pass percentage? Planning to join my 9th-grade son there. Appreciate your quick reply. Thanks.


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