Need review on Ramachandra public school- kottivakkam

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Muku0207 2016-05-10 01:00:20


Hello Parents,
 Iam seeking to get an admission for my son and daughter into 6th and 2nd respectively. One my friend suggested Ramachandra public school which was stated and year ago and is a group of Nellai Nadar school also in the same campus on a new building. I humbly request the super parents of this forum to throw a bit of light about this school. Also I heard that the Nellai Nadar school does focus a lot on sports along side of the academics. Will highly appreciate the comments. 

Thank you,

Rani1988 2019-04-10 12:40:15


Hi Muku0207,

We have got admission for my daughter in Ramachandra school. If your kids are studying in this school, could you please tell about the school. we are new to this place so we are not aware.


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