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harinisdad 2010-06-07 03:20:08


 Hi all,

Can someone share their child's experience with St' John's Besant Nagar. Especially those whose child has joined LKG.....Since the school reopened last Thursday, I am curious.  Personally I feel that the class strength is too high. My daughter is in LKG A Section and the class strength is between 50-60 which is a large number. 

No hurries... I know its too early to ask....But then lets  keep posting in this discussion forum as and when our child shares the school experience.

NJ 2010-06-09 16:04:41


My friends 2 children are studying in this school. Her son is in LKG. She likes the school and the school lays a lot of emphasis on academics like DAV and also follows christian values and tradition. I have not asked her for too many details. But next time I meet her I shall ask as I also will be looking for  admission next year.

Regarding class strength, 50 to 60 students per class is the normal strength for all reputed schools. Vidya mandir, Harishree vidyalaya, DAV, PSBB etc all have this strength in a class. I have just admitted my kid in Bamboola playschool which has a class strenght of 25 students per class. When I asked the principal that the class strenght is a bit high for playschool classes, she said that all the regular schools have a class strenght of above 50. So its better that the child gets used to the competition from young age itself.

In case you feel that your child is getting lost in the crowd, unable to cope with the work load, competition, look for international school like Vaels billabong, parents choice etc. There the fee structure will be very high, but the student to teacher ratio will be very less. But they follow the IB or cambridge syllabus.


Meena2014 2019-07-04 12:05:02


Hi Can anyone pls share their experience with st.johns besant Nagar ? I'm looking for admission there

rajaselvaarajan 2019-08-06 13:38:07


I personally don't have experience with them, but I know people whose kids were studying there, as far as I know St. John's is good.

Meena2014 2019-08-06 16:05:56


Hi thanks for your response. Can you also provide some info on whether they encourage sports & do that have a playground ?


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