Seed academy at kotivakkam and thoraipakkam

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Sai2013 2016-03-31 15:21:00


Any parents whose child is studying in seed , pls give your personal review,pros and cons of the school. How is the teaching methodology and fee structure?

Ninasub 2016-04-04 19:59:56


Hi, My daughter has been studying at The Seed Academy since January 2015 and she just loves it there! And so do we, her parents! ( by the way my daughter is reading as I type and tells me that I shouldn't start a sentence with 'and'.) That in itself should tell you what great teachers she has! She is now in Grade 3 and will go onto grade 4. The teachers , Principal, admin staff are all very approachable, down to earth and make sure the children remain a priority. They are very responsive to parent suggestions. They are always available to the students. Unlike the previous schools my daughter has been in, here I feel absolutely no hesitation in voicing an opinion even if it is a critical one. I have the confidence that I will not be misunderstood. The syllabus is made more interesting with allied projects, self learning and many classroom activities. There are constant classroom assessments and a very detailed feedback regarding the child's progress is given to parents. We don't send our child to any tuition class unlike many children among our friends and family. The school is very accommodating. My daughter did not know any second language as we were living abroad. The Hindi teacher has been holding a bridge class for her while the others go ahead at their level. Personality wise, my daughter's confidence and self esteem has increased...largely due to the kind, loving and inclusive atmosphere in the school. I wholeheartedly recommend the Seed Academy.

Sai2013 2016-04-11 15:44:21


Thanks for ur reply. Can u share the fee details?

Parentkid123 2017-01-20 00:37:12


Huge fees, average teachers and infrastructure. School is run according to the management convenience. You will hear this many times frm them ' pls dont pressurise the kids'. However their teaching lacks clarity in conveying the subjects clearly to the students bcos of which the students suffer. Teachers struggle while speaking in english. And their way of conducting exams is terrible and unnecessarily tire the students and add more pressure on the students. How can a school give 17 lessons to prepare for a 1st grade exam or the entire book for an exam? Ridiculous. A parent will get prompt and proper replies frm the school only if they r in their good books. No productive learning frm extra curriculars. All r conducted on trial and error basis. Will not recommend unless the school incorporates skilled teachers along with proper school system


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