Sri Chaitanya Group of Schools, Chennai

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msenthil79 2016-03-17 19:24:46



Anyone knows about Sri Chaitanya Schools in CHENNAI...pls share your feedback

parent3 2016-05-07 19:30:09


......just happened to visit the school in pallavaram and would like to share the link below about Chaitanya who are known to run the school without even recognition. Even I am sure they will not get the government recognition for Pallavaram which is a HOSPITAL building taken over from DEEPAM HOSPITALS........The school building regulations cannot suit the design of a Hospital and am sure they will not get the be careful and think twice before putting your child in CHAITANYA Pallavaram........I am not sure about the other branches......

123cool 2016-05-09 12:13:10


Just think twice before putting your kids in such entrance exam oriented schools. They offer coaching for entrance from a tender age itself, when kids can't figure out what exactly is their interest and whether they have flair for engineering etc. Probably, if you discover your kids have penchant for science and can pursue engineering without any remorse, then admit them. Till then, give them good exposure to arts, humanities and science. Discover their strengths and interests before forcing JEE coaching from std 2/std 5!

Manoranjan 2016-05-12 18:19:04


I am planning to put my son for LKG in OMR branch. Pls let me know if somebody is planning the same branch

veena 2016-11-17 14:41:58


Hi All,
Anybody who have their children already joined in Chaitanya Chennai, Please give your feedback. Heard the pressure on kids is more and also they are doing coaching only for IIT. 

Sanmsk 2016-11-17 18:40:45


Dear Parents,

I enquired about many schools in last few weeks. what I conclude is always get the review from the parents whose kid studied in that school for several years. 1st thing identify what is your kids interest. Whether he studies more or more playful and search the school on his interest.

I look only below 3 things in the school

1) Good Education (Don't need IIT coaching and all)

2) Little bit sports activity (Most of us live in apartment and there is lack of space to play)

3) Communication

That's all. But I could not find any school with this combination. That's the sad part.

Chaitanya and Narayana schools are from Andhra Pradesh There main focus is only Academics and Zero Sports. if they have some empty space they will build few class rooms.

coming to schools like DAV etc.. they have good playgrounds in the school but no proper PT teachers and those Sports periods will be taken by other teachers to complete the syllabus.

From my research on last 2 weeks...Only 2 schools are qualifying

1) APL School, Thoraipakkam (International syllabus)

2) Babaji Vidyashram, Sholinganallure(International syllabus)

3) NPS, Perumbakkam


jayaramang 2016-11-17 19:20:43


Hi sanmsk,
Any idea about Primerose School , Injambakkam
Thank you


deepusa 2016-11-27 17:57:53


Hi, I am looking for my girl vll Std Admission my frds suggested new branch of Sri chanthitya techno school as launched in madhavaram ring road.. The school as good infrastructure with biggest auditorium , playground with big shadow trees, classroom with AC, smart board... They taken over a cbse school with 1 arce space..... Pls friends Suggest me about the new branch in madhavaram Thanks

raja75 2017-02-28 10:47:51


Sri Chaitanya Ayanambakkam branch..... Need to know about the teaching standard of this school. Last year only started it seems. Like to put up my kid in LKG this year. Any suggestions?? Very much confused


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